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Character Recruit ^.^

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~~~~~ Auditions xDD ~~~~~

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  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) raytorosfro 2012-02-09 09:51:38 AM

    Name : Melissa Walden.
    Gender : Female.
    Instrument : Voice.
    Looks : 5'4, short brown hair with midnight blue and purple streaks, green eyes, slim.
    Personality : Outgoing. In no way shy. Flirty. Sarcastic. But very nice to people she likes.
    Music they listen to : Punk, rock, metal.
    Clothes : Different coloured skinny jeans, band t-shirts converse and hoodies. Formal: Short black dresses with black heels (incase you needed it.)
    Anything Else : Vegetarian... Hates pink... Loves reading.
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) velocity_storm 2012-02-09 09:59:35 AM

    This sounds great. I can't wait for this

    Name :Breeze Bakewell
    Part: Frank's girlfriend.(If not you can choose)
    Looks :long bright blue hair with a green streak, black snakebites, pierced tongue, pierced nose and black studs. Many tattoos including "such an awful fuck" on her wrist and the american wodow on her neck. Lightly tanned skin, moss green eyes and quite curvy physique, short(5'0) and thick black eyeliner and bright red lips.
    Personality :shy, likes to muck about with her friends, loving but untrusting. If somone says something she will argue against it. Doesn't like liars and friends and family are all that matters.
    Music they listen to : Black flack, the misfits, Green day, the smiths, iron maiden.
    Clothes : black leather jacket with red ripped jeans and black dr martens.lots of band tshirts.
    Anything Else : she bites her nails when nervous and enjoys coffee.

    So I hope I get a part, and I can't wait to read this. :3

    Velocity xo
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2012-02-09 10:48:06 AM

    Name: Apollonia Corleone

    (Band only ) Gender: Female

    (Band only) Instrument: Bassist

    Looks: -split for detail-


    Eyes: Sapphire Blue

    Height and weight: 5'11, weighs 80lbs

    Skin tone: Very pale

    Ethnicity: Sicilian/American

    Makeup: Chalk white foundation, tons of black eyeliner, tons of black mascara, either dark red or black lipstick

    Piercings: Nose ring through right nostril, lip ring, eyebrow, monroe, 9 in one ear, 3 in the other

    Tattoos: "Badass!" on inside of left wrist, "Revenge!" across knuckles, giant black angel wings covering back with "We are the Fallen Angels" down the spine in between the two wings, I want your bite. I want to feel your teeth on my neck. I want to taste the salt in your sweat. I want to rock your body all night" across right forearm, the dark mark on left forearm, the slytherin badge on left shoulder, the godfather logo on left hip, on back of left thigh, a pistol tucked into a garter around right thigh, "Say hello to my little friend!" around left ankle, on back of left hand near thumb

    Personality: Badass and a rebel, hates being told what to do, extremely intelligent, talks a lot, smokes ALL the time, does several drugs, hates homophobes, will fight for what she believes in, is a lesbian and not afraid to admit it, flirts with girls a lot, reads a lot, one of those irritating people who eats a fuck load of junk food and yet doesn't gain a pound

    Music they listen to: All sorts except from Rap

    Clothes: wears this on stage: usually wears this:

    Anything Else: she's fluent in both Sicilian, russian, japanese and english but prefers Sicilian since it's her first language

    Good luck
    Can't wait
    Hope I get picked
    Sorry if it's long I do tend to go on
    If you need any more information just tell me

    Rosie :)
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) ilovefrankieieroxx 2012-02-09 10:48:51 AM

    I forgot to put the link to what she usually wears -facepalm-

    Rosie :)
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) RestlessStars 2012-02-09 11:22:30 AM

    Name : Lissa (Bliss) Monroe

    (Band only ) Gender : Female

    (Band only) Instrument : Drums

    Looks : black hair down to shoulders with golden peekaboo highlights, layered and worn straight, a side fringe that covers right eye. 5'6, slender with long legs. Tan Skin. Mocha brown eyes. Lip ring. A bracelet with a locket tattoo that wraps around her wrist and hangs down. The locket has the name of her parents on it.

    Personality : Extremely intelligent, thoughtful, insightful, creative, not easily trusting, snarky, misunderstood, quiet. Doesn't like people coming too close to her. Polite to people she doesn't know, but keeps her guard up. Afraid of getting hurt. If she's warmed up to you, then she can be very thoughtful, protective, or a good listener. Kind of a tomboy in the sense she cracks perverted jokes or plays/watches sports, likes the stupid guy movies. Her brother and male best friend would be the two major contributing factors to this situation :P and she's very close to her older brother Shane and best friend Caden. Masters in the art of sarcasm and has a dark sense of humor. Apathetic to most situations. Hopeless romantic deep down. A good fighter too.

    Music they listen to : Red Hot Chili Peppers. White Stripes. Nirvana. Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Kimbra. Veruca Salt. Trapt. Flyleaf. MGMT. Green Day. Foo Fighters. Weezer. Animals As Leaders. Fall Out Boy. Motley Crue. Empire of The Sun. The Donnas. Evanescence. Lacuna Coil. Fireflight. Garbage. Hole. Jimmy Eat World. The Killers. No Doubt. The Runaways. Three Days Grace. 311. Yellowcard. 30 Seconds To Mars.

    Clothes :

    Anything Else : A vegeterian. Nicknamed 'Bliss' by her family and friends since she was baby so it sort of stuck. Has a dependency on gum, coffee, and apples.
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) Cookie_monster 2012-02-09 11:30:03 AM

    Name : Hozzie (Hollie) Nicole Bareham
    (Band only ) Gender : Female
    (Band only) Instrument : Bass :)
    Looks : Cherry red hair shoulder-length straight with a full-fringe. Pale skin. Long nails painted red on one hand and purple on the other. Size 6 feet. Small for age. Blue eyes.
    Personality : Shy around new people, will open up more around friends. Pretty smart. Gullible. Sarcastic. Finds humour in most things. Relatively happy person. Not very good at standing up for herself.
    Music they listen to : All Time Low. Black Veil Brides. The Used. Mindless Self Indulgence. Evanescence. Three Days Grace. We Are The In Crowd. The Maine. Bullet For My Valentine. The Irish Front. Madina Lake. Sum 41. The Blackout. You Me At Six. 30 Seconds To Mars. 3oh!3.
    Clothes : Usually baggy jeans, any colour. Band tee-shirts. Converse or boots.
    Anything Else : Scared of the dark. Also plays the piano.

    Also, can I please play the part of Gerard's girlfriend? But I'll happy wherever yew put me :)

    ~ Hozzie
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-02-09 11:50:29 AM

    Name : Lucy (lu lu)
    (Band only ) Gender :Female
    (Band only) Instrument :Gutiar
    Looks :long black hair, pale skin, sea green eyes, tones of eyeliner and black eye shaddow
    Personality :chatty, loves art, very shy arround new people but warms up to them once i get to know them, love to play music, sarcastic,
    Music they listen to :All time low, Black veil brides, Bowling for soup, green day, 30 Seconds To Mars, Panic! At the disco, You me at six, Mindless self indulgence, Sum 41,Guns and Roses.
    Clothes :skinnies (any colour), Band tee-shirts, Vans or Converse.
    Anything Else :Play keyboard and I am realy scared of spiders.
    And I would like to play the part og gerard's girlfriend but if not whatever fits Thank You xoxo
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) bloodbunny15 2012-02-09 12:39:57 PM

    Name: Rosie Wilson
    Part: Girlfriend's sister or gerard's girlfriend please

    Looks : shoulder length brown hair with purple streaks, 5'5, skinny-ish, pale-ish, hazel eyes and thin pale lips

    Personality : very creative, shy and quiet but when you get to know her she's a bit of a prankster and quite bubbly but knows when too shut up and she's always that shoulder for you to cry on

    Music they listen to : green day, black veil brides, fall out boy, bowling for soup, panic! at the disco, the used, all time low, 30 seconds to mars, evanescence, falling in reverse

    Clothes : skinnies (preferably black), band tees (any from the bands above), lip ring, studded belts, band hoodies (same bands as before) and converses or vans

    Anything Else : yeah she plays guitar aswell but prefers drums and vocals, smokes, skateboards and LOVES monster and batman

    hope you like it :)
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) EmsJayify 2012-02-09 12:59:58 PM

    Name: Emma Hayes

    Part: Frank's Girlfriend, please? :')

    Looks: bright red, hip-length straight hair with a sidefringe covering the right eye, pale skin, hazel eyes, 5'5, skinny.
    She has a silver lip ring on her bottom left lip.
    She usually just wears black eyeliner for makeup and chipped black nailpolish on her nails~

    Personality: Bright and bubbly, but can be serious when needed. She's very creative and is very understanding and trustworthy; If someone needs to talk, they go to her first. She is not very easily angered, but she can easily loose her temper with stupid things.

    Music they listen to: Iron Maiden, Smashing Pumpkins, Misfits, Black Flag, Green Day, Guns N' Roses, Nirvana, The Killers, etc

    Clothes: Red/black Skinny Jeans and band shirts/hoodies. She wears a studded belt and Purple Doc Martens / Knee High, cherry red converse

    Anything Else: She's a vegetarian c:

    Hope that was okay! xo
  • Character Recruit ^.^

    (#) missfunghoul57 2012-02-09 02:13:55 PM

    Name : Eva Beck

    Looks : Very skinny, but not sickly. Around 5'4, with dark brown hair that's very straight and falls to the center of her chest. She is very pale, and has a clear complexion. Wears light make-up during the day, but knows how to get dramatic when she needs to ;) A stud in her nose, the words 'always love' tattooed on her wrists, 'forever' tattooed around her ring finger and a little sparrow on her waist

    Personality : Can come across as shy at first, but after a while you will find that she is extremely colorful, bubbly and very funny! Along with that side of her, she is extremely creative, caring, outgoing, and an amazing shoulder to cry on. Although she can get emotional, it takes a lot to get her upset.

    Music they listen to : Eva loves everything...but she can't stand rap! Sometimes, just to piss her off, her friends will blast rap to wake her up

    Clothes : Loves jeans, fun skirts, vintage dresses, band tees, sweaters, boots, converse, tank tops....she has a "leather and lace" style!!!

    Anything Else : Her father became a preacher after her mother committed suicide, but he also became abusive. She was saved by her friends, and they inspired her to be who she really is, and do what she loves everyday. Although she is so supportive, and motherly every once in a while she needs love and support too...even if she won't admit it.

    Would like to be Frank's girlfriend...or Gerard's!!!

    This story sounds amazing and I can't WAIT to read it!!! Pllllease update soon! Good luck! Thanks, XOxoxox E

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