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Chapter 8

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so uh yeah... sorry for the rreeaalllyyyy long wait... I was dealing with some personal stuff and wasn't really in the right headspace for writing... I feel a little better now, but I am fucked up as ever :P I'm not all that sure how well this chapter turned out... sorry if it's bad, I may be a little rusty at writing... hahaha

Frank’s POV

I was scared as hell to go back to school. Would things be the same as they always were? The jocks pushing me into lockers, kicking my stuff around? Would the popular girls, with their orange skin and bleach blond hair make mean comments about me? Or would it be worse… Could they tell what had happened? Would they tease me about it? Would they do it…? Would they try to make me… I couldn’t even think of it without wanting to cry. I could take beatings, I could take the snide remarks, the sniggering and jokes, but I knew I couldn’t take that… I was already broken, how many times could one person’s soul be shattered?

I jumped as I felt a hand on my shoulder, panic flared throughout my small body as I spun around, wide eyed to look at the person who had touched me.
“Don’t worry darlin’ it’s just me,” said Lizzie, her eyes filled with sadness over my snivelling, paranoid, pathetic state.
“T-time to go to school,” I said quietly, my voice quivering with fear.
“We don’t have to go if you don’t want to,” she said softly as she pulled me into a comforting hug.
“But we do… I need to get over this, and staying here feeling sorry for myself is not going to help,” I said as I stepped away from her, a new found determination in my voice.
“Whatever you want honey,” she said as she picked up her bag before she yelled, “MIKEY! GET YOUR LAZY ASS OUT HERE! TIME TO GO!”
“I’m coming! You don’t have to let the whole street know,” grumbled Mikey as he walked out into the room, running a hand through his messy hair.
“Let’s do this,” I said more to myself than the others as we walked through the door and towards the hell-hole that was our school.


The shrill sound of the school bell rang throughout the school as we walked through the tall, cast-iron gates. I gulped in fear. I was alone for my first three classes, how would I manage it? Mikey and Lizzie would be at the other end of the school, they couldn’t protect me; I was all alone.

“You don’t have your freaky little friends to protect you now!” yelled various mean spirited voices as jocks shoved me from side to side in the busy hallway.
Just ignore them, just ignore them, just ignore them, I thought to myself as I quickened my pace, pushing through the swarms of people to get to my classroom.

I breathed a sigh of relief when I pushed through the door to my biology class, I got here in one piece, I thought with a small smile.
“Mr Iero, may I ask what you are doing here?” asked a teacher who sure as hell wasn’t my Biology teacher, unless he had grown about two feet, gotten a sex change and had a whole heap of plastic surgery.
My eyes widened in embarrassment as I looked around the room… this was not my classroom.
“Sorry, wrong classroom,” I mumbled as I walked back out, hearing the class sniggering behind me.
As I opened the next door I prayed that this was the right one. Thank god. It was. I walked quickly up to my seat at the back of the room and sat down before the majority of the class got in. I sat alone, as always, and tried to be invisible.

“Frank Iero!” said the teacher. Looks like that plan didn’t work… “Gerard is a new student, and since you have no lab partner, you will be paired with him for the rest of the year.” I looked up, a feeling of dread overwhelming my mind, what if this guy was some typical jock? What if he hated me and made this class hell for me? Like everyone else already did?

I gasped as I took in his face. This boy, Gerard… he was beautiful, now you see I am openly gay, but I had not once been attracted to anyone this quickly, I mean I had just laid eyes on the boy! This was the first time I had seen his scruffy black hair, his beautiful, bright eyes, his dark full lips which contrasted beautifully with his almost deathly pale skin. His black, ripped skinny jeans clung to his thin legs, making the strong muscles in them more prominent, his tight black shirt clung to his slightly toned chest, which was covered by a leather jacket adorned with chains and studs, black eyeliner rimmed his large, beautiful eyes, making them stand out even more than they would have naturally. There was no doubt about it, the boy was gorgeous. But those eyes, something in their beautiful depths scared me, there was a certain hardness in them, like they had seen things that most people would not dream of in their worst nightmares. Wait, I thought, how the fuck would I be able to see that from just a glance? I must be losing it…

“Hey sugar,” purred the beautiful stranger as he sat next to me, his voice growing low and dangerous, “name’s Gerard, may I ask yours?”
“F-frank,” I stuttered, this boy scared me, but he also intrigued me beyond anything I had ever experienced in my short life time.
“Nice to meet you Frank,” he said with a dark smile, “I dare say we will be spending a lot of time together.”
“Every Biology class…” I said nervously as I turned to look at the teacher. I could swear I heard him mutter something after that, but I could not be sure, it sounded like he said “much longer than that my dear, you’ll be mine for all eternity.”

so, what did you think? I would really love some feedback on this one, what did I do wrong? what could I do to improve it?
-Sarah xx
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