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Simon and Casper go out on a date.

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“Text”= Japanese talking
“/Text/”= English talking
“+Text+”= American talking
“#Text#”= Australian talking
Simon rang Casper’s doorbell around three o’clock. He looked up at the bright blue sky above him. Hope it doesn’t rain today, he thought. The young man took in a deep breath. He imagined what Casper would be wearing today. He missed the scent of her perfume already.
The door finally slid open. Simon quickly stood up straight. Casper eyed him up and down.
“/What’s with the suit?/” she asked. “/You didn’t have to get dressed up./”
“/Yes, I did,/” he said.
“/No, you don’t./”
“/I wanted to!/”
Casper calms down. “/Okay. Fine./” Simon handed her the flowers. The hippie grew him a little smile.
“/For me?/” she asked. Her date nodded.
“/Oh, thank you!/” she said. Casper happily took the flowers. Simon gave her a little smile.
“/They’re your favorite,/” he said. The young woman looked at the lilies in her hand.
“/I see,/” she said. Her date looked disappointed.
“/That’s wrong, isn’t it?/” he asked. Casper quickly looked up at him.
“/No, no,/” she said. “/This is fine!/” He shook his head hard.
“/No, it’s not!/” he cried. Casper lightly touched his shoulder.
“/They are beautiful,/” she said. Simon looked at her with big eyes.
“/Really?/” he asked.
“/Yeah!/” his date said. He relaxed happily before her.
“/So, where do you want to go?/” the young man asked. Casper shrugged at him.
“/Just anywhere,/” she said. Her date cheered up.
“/Okay!/” he said. “/Shall we go now?/” Casper giggled.
“/Sure,/” she said.
“/Okay,/” her date replied. Then, they headed out for the afternoon.
Subject: Simon
The sun shone highly through the summer trees. Simon looked at the sky upon them. He seemed to be looking for something. What, he didn’t know just yet. Casper stretched her arms upon her head.
“/Ah!/” she said. “/Feels good to get out of that house!/” Simon looked over at him.
“/Your mum has a new husband?/” he asked. His date nodded bitterly.
“/Yeah…/” she mumbled. Both of them went quiet. Simon shuffled his feet.
“/So…/” he said. “/Where do you want to go now?/”
“/We could just go for a walk,/” Casper suggested. Simon shrugged a bit.
“/Okay,/” he said. “/Where?/”
“/Does there have to be a certain place?/”
He shook his head. “/Guess not…/”
“/Okay then, let’s go./” Casper started to walk off without him.
“/Hey wait!/” Simon cried. He raced to keep up with her.
“/Don’t goof off then./”
“/I wasn’t!/”
Casper giggled. Her date frowned.
“/Oh come on!/” she said. “/It was a joke./” Simon still frowned at her. Casper straightened up some.
“/Anyway,/” she said. “/Let’s get going./” Casper walked further down the street. Simon jogged after her.
Tokyo looked busy today. So many people out today. Simon looked around slightly confused.
“/Casper,/” he said.
“/Hm?/” she asked.
“/Is something special going on today?/”
“/No, why?/”
“/Why are all of these people here?/”
“/It’s typical of Tokyo, Simon./”
“/It is?/”
“/Of course./”
Casper turned to him with a smile on her face. Simon blinked at her.
“/What?/” he asked. His date shrugged her shoulders at him.
“/Nothing,/” she said. “/I just miss you, that’s all./” The young man nodded a bit.
“/Ah…/” he mumbled. Casper felt her soul die a little bit. He still wasn’t fully back yet. Three years since the accident and he still wasn’t fixed. This would take longer than she thought.
“/Is something wrong?/” she heard someone ask. The young woman quickly looked up. Simon’s questioning brown eyes met with her own. Casper shook her head.
“/It’s nothing,/” she said. “/Hey, are you hungry?/” Simon blinked at her.
“/No… why?/” he asked.
“/Oh,/” his date replied. “/Just…/” Then, she grabbed him by the wrist and dragged him further into the city.
Metal pipes all in the sky. All in different colors. Some old. Some new. The wind made them all shake and vibrate with a hollow sound. Simon looked around still confused.
“/I don’t get it,/” he said.
“/Get what?/” Casper asked. Her date turned to her.
“/Why are we here?/”
Casper shrugged. “/Does there have to be a reason?/”
“/I don’t know…/”
The hippie gave him a little smile. “/Just enjoy everything around us./” She gave him a little kiss on the lips. He blinked at her. Casper pulled away disappointed.
Damn it, she thought. He still feels nothing. But then, she saw something in his eyes.
“/I like to kiss you,/” he said. Casper looked slightly surprised.
“/You do?/” she asked.
“/Yes,/” Simon said. Casper’s heart did a little flip in her chest.
“/Whoa…/” she whispered. Simon looked deep into her eyes.
“/Can I kiss you again?/” he asked. Casper gave him a little smile.
“/We’ll see,/” she said. The hippie turned to the pipes. Simon turned and looked at the colored metal above.
Suddenly, a powerful wind ripped through the biggest pipe there. Simon leapt up in a panic. Casper screamed as she squeezed his hand.
“/Simon!/” she cried. “/What’s the matter?/” The boy trembled all over in her hand. He quickly shook his head.
“/No, no, no!/” he cried.
The young man shook his head hard. “/No!!!/” He quickly let go of her hand. The young man raced through the path.
“/Simon!/” Casper cried. “/Simon!/” She ran after him through the maze.
Speed. The sound gets louder and louder. Simon just keeps running. It all looked the same to him in his haze. Get me out of here! Spinning. Spinning. Spinning. Simon looked around him. The wind through the pipes made things even worse. Headlights. The traffic. He didn’t see it coming! He didn’t see it coming!
No! No! NO!
Then, it all went black from there…
Hours later, Simon awoke to drips of cool water hitting his forehead. His eyes shifted to find Casper sitting over him looking worried.
“/Oh good, you’re awake,/” she said. The young man still looked confused.
“/What happened to me?/” he asked.
“/You just had another episode./” She lowered her head in misery. “/I’m so sorry!/”
“/For what?/”
“/I dragged you to the sound garden without thinking. I forgot about your accident. I just… I’m sorry! I’m sorry!/”
Simon shook his head. “/No, it’s okay./”
“/No, it’s not!/”
Her date reached up and pushed back some of her hair. The young woman closed her mouth. He gave her a little smile.
“/Why did you take me to that pipe garden?/” he asked. Casper’s eyes trailed down to his palm.
“/That place was our first date,/” she said.
Casper sat back with a little smile. “/You took me out there during our junior high year./”
“/Did I?/”
Casper nodded. “/I wondered why you did you bring me out here. I asked you this and you turned to me smiling and said,/”
“/Wait and see, something magical will happen,/” Simon finished happily.
“/That’s right./”
“/But, where are we?/”
“/Look around./”
Simon silently complied. Vines tangled with the pipes above them. He found himself lying on a bench sitting under a covering. A cool breeze floated over their heads. His eyes turned back to the young hippie.
“/Do you remember?/” she asked. Simon shook his head.
“/Should I?/” he asked. Casper smiled as she leaned in closer to him. She gently nuzzled his right cheek.
“/This is where you first kissed me,/” the hippie whispered. Her date gave her a little smile.
“/Could you show me?/”
Casper gently closed her eyes and gave him a gentle kiss on the lips. Simon closed his eyes band kissed her back. Under the vines and pipes, both of them each realized something. Simon might not fully have his memory back, but his affection for Casper still felt the same. He just had to have more of it. The young hippie herself learned that she still loved Simon and just had to same with him—even in his condition. The dates lightly pulled away. They stared at each for a long moment.
“/How was that?/” Casper asked at last.
Simon gave her a little smile. “/What do you want to do now?/” His date leaned her head upon his shoulder.
“/Can we just stay like this for a while?/”
He lightly put his arm around her. “/Sure./” The soft wind rattled through the pipes overhead. Suddenly, they weren’t so scary to Simon anymore.
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