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1- Introductions

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Test your pulse and check your vitals.

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Show Me Yours, I'll Show You Mine.


"Mr. Iero, wake up." Mrs. Pierson's annoying voice jolted me awake. I looked up, finding her staring at me. She was one of the least liked teachers in the school. It wasn't just because her subject was boring either. No, she was just a bitch.

I rolled my eyes, making sure she saw. "See, this is the problem I'm having with him in class! It has to stop." Mrs. Pierson's shrill voice caused me to wince as she whined to the principal. I was currently sitting in his office with her. It seems I'd dozed off while waiting for him to arrive. Too bad I didn't sleep through the entire fucking meeting.

"I see." Principal Turner said in his slow, drawn out way of speaking. It drove me crazy, much like everything else at this school. "Well, instead of calling his parents in for the millionth time... I've decided to try something new."

I sighed heavily. What would they try this time? "Now Mr. Iero I don't want any attitude. It's getting old." Principal Turner said, staring at me with a frown forcing his lips downward. "This is what some would call a last chance. If this doesn't work then... I'll be forced to expel you. You don't listen, you don't do your work, you cause fig-" I cut him off, annoyed with the same lecture being forced on me.

"I don't need a list of all the things I do that frustrate you. I'm well aware. Why do you think I do them?" I said, rolling my eyes.

Principal Turner got up and for a second I thought he would just leave. I figured he'd given up and decided to call my parents after all. Instead he returned to the room, holding another person's hand. I'd never seen her before.

I watched, baffled, as he led her to a chair. She took a second to sit, grabbing on to the chair first. I found myself studying her. She didn't look at me. She didn't look at anyone really. Her eyes were a beautiful green yet they seemed unfocused. I looked to the back of the office, where she seemed to be staring but I could find nothing out of the ordinary.

"Frank Iero I would like to introduce you to Isabella Layten." Principal Turner said, smiling at us.

"Why?" I asked, confused as to how she was supposed to help me suddenly become good.

"Ms. Layten is new to the school. She needs someone to show her around and look after her." Isabella breathed in sharply, seemingly annoyed. She said nothing however. "You need something that you can take seriously. Instead of the usual suspension... You are to show Isabella around and make sure she makes it to each class."

So they were forcing the responsibility of some girl on me? Lovely. "It's so nice to meet you." I sarcastically said, ignoring everything Principal Turner had said.

"Enchanting." Isabella replied, smiling.

She didn't look at me though. Instead she continued to stare at absolutely nothing. Slightly annoyed I snapped at her, "I'm over here."

"Frank!" Mrs. Pierson gasped, horrified.

Why was she reacting so badly? I'd said much worse.

Isabella's hand moved, touching the arm of my chair. She moved so that she was facing me yet her eyes remained unfocused. "Is this better?" She asked, calmly.

In confusion I raised my hand, waving it in front of her face. She didn't react. "I can't see you but I can feel that you're waving something in front of my face. The motion causes air to blow in to my face." She said, in her sweetly smooth voice.

"Sorry." I muttered, dropping my hand. "So, you're blind?" I'd never met a blind person before.

"It seems that I am." She replied, amused.

"How come your eyes aren't white?" I asked, going off of what I had seen in movies.

"Not every blind person has white eyes. I was born blind... with green eyes, I believe." She said, brushing hair away from her face. "Or so I've been told."

I didn't know what to say to that.

"So, now that you kids have met... How about you show Isabella to class?" Principal Turner asked. "It's third period. You'll see that she's been scheduled in each of your classes. Remember Frank, this is your last chance."

I rolled my eyes and stood, "Sure, whatever."

Isabella remained sitting, her brows furrowing. I wasn't entirely sure as to what I should do so I reached out, placing my hand upon hers. She seemed startled as my skin touched hers. "I can stand on my own." She joked.

I pulled my hand away quickly, "Fine, then stand. It's the easiest way to start walking."

Isabella stood, taking a step forward. "Don't you have like, a cane, or a freaking dog or something?" I asked, worried she would run straight in to the wall.

"Usually I have my walking stick but I threw it out." She sounded cheery about it.

"Why?" I asked, watching as she followed me to the door slowly. The principal smiled in my direction, sending me a 'you better not fuck up' glance.

I held the door open, glad that the halls were empty. Everyone else was currently in class. Isabella came out, seemingly pleased with each step. "I just... don't want to get stared at anymore." She admitted. "I'd like a bit of normalcy."

"Walking with your hands in front of you makes you look like a freak. People are sure to stare." I said, realizing how cold my words were once they left my lips.

She covered any hurt feelings she had with a bright smile, saying nothing. I could tell from the way the sides of her lips twitched that she was hurt by the comment though. "I'm sorry." I sighed heavily, "I'm a douche-bag sometimes."

"Why?" She asked, sounding genuinely curious.

I'd never been asked that question before. "It's just how I am." Was all I could come up with, extremely aware of how stupid it sounded.

"Okay, we are going in to class now." I said, realizing we'd reached the door. "So, you want to seem normal?" I asked.

"That's the plan..." Isabella replied, biting her lip. I watched as her lip curled, going under her teeth. It looked sensual. Suddenly I wanted to feel her lips as well.

"Follow my lead then." I told her, reaching out. She jumped a little as my hand touched hers, my fingers entwining themselves with hers.

"What are you-"

I cut her off, "Just follow me." I said, opening the door. A girl holding her hands in front of her face was quite a scene and I knew kids in our class would be sure to make fun of it... a girl walking in, holding hands with a boy... That would just make girls jealous. Isabella wouldn't be teased so badly. Why did I care? Hard to answer. I just wanted her to feel 'normal' since that's what she wanted. Everyone deserves to feel normal, even if only for a few minutes.

I watched as people stared at us in interest. The teacher smiled, "Hello there. You must be Ms. Layten?" She asked. The class was art. The teacher was Mrs. Brighton. Things shouldn't be too hard. Except... could blind people draw? I mean, they wouldn't be able to see what they were drawing but... could they anyway? I wasn't sure.

"Isabella." Isabella introduced herself, smiling.

I tugged her hand gently, leading her to the chair next to mine at the back. People watched in interest, seeing as how I wasn't the type to hold hands. Many of my girlfriends had wanted me too... I had no interest. This was different though. She needed to feel normal. I needed her to feel normal. Deep down I knew... how much it could suck to always feel different. The difference between us was... I had the choice to be normal, she really didn't. I pulled the chair out and placed my hand on Isabella's back, guiding her to sit in the chair. She made it successfully without anyone finding the movement's between us strange.

Mrs. Brighton was still smiling, "Welcome to Art Isabella. Frank we are completing our sketches. Since you seem to know Isabella how about you catch her up?"

"Sure thing." I replied, watching as students went back to their conversations. They quickly lost interest in anything new.

Isabella was chewing on her lip as she waited for me to speak. "So, we are sketching right now..." I replied, stating the obvious. "We have free reign basically so... you can sketch whatever you'd like to." Then it got awkward.

Suddenly Isabella reached out, knocking over the board that held the paper for her to draw on. The clattering noise vibrated through the room, causing people to give us strange looks.

I got up, "I'll get it." I quickly said, since Isabella was reaching out to grab it. Once I set it back up I found Isabella's hand with my own. I heard her breath in quickly as I moved her hand over the blank paper. Then I moved her fingers to grab a pencil, making her familiar with everything in front of her. She smiled, laughing in amusement. "What's so funny?" I asked, confused.

"You." She said, happily.

"I don't follow."

Isabella began moving her hand, causing me to let go. I watched her hand move as she began lightly tracing something upon the blank paper. "You don't seem to want the responsibility of babysitting me... yet here you are, going above and beyond."

"What do you mean?" I asked, still slightly confused.

"You could let me look like an idiot Frank." Isabella explained, "But instead you're actually helping me. All you really had to do was show me to class and then take off. You're still here though."

"I am." I muttered, unsure as to why.
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