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Chapter 10

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I will find out...

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So, I know this one is short, but the bell is about to go and my free period will be over, so this is it, hopefully the next one will be longer, happy valentines day everyone!

Frank’s POV

Two days had passed since I had met Gerard, and honestly? Although he scared me more than anything ever had before… well, almost anything… they had been the best two days of my life. No one had seen or even heard from Jace since shortly after he had attacked me, Gerard still talked and flirted with me in Biology, and sometimes in the halls, but whenever he saw Mikey or Lizzie coming, he always found some reason to rush away, I couldn’t figure out why though… I liked this boy, that much was obvious, but was he safe? Would he hurt me? Could I trust him? I didn’t know… I really should stay away from him…

Soft light was filtered down through the large, dark leafed trees, small birds darted in and out of the branches as they sang out with glee at the beautiful day.
“Hey Mikey, have you met the new kid yet?” I asked him as we sat down for lunch… well, I sat down for lunch, they just sat down and didn’t eat… they never ate… no wonder they were so thin!
“What new kid?” he asked, looking up from where he lay on the grass.
“He sits next to me in Biology, he’s kinda creepy, but incredibly attractive, I think he’s gay as well!” I rushed, wiggling my eye brows, earning a laugh from Lizzie. I was always more outgoing with these two, they got me, I didn’t have to hide who I am.
“And what is this creepy, attractive gay guy’s name?” laughed Mikey as he rolled his eyes.
“Gerard,” I replied with a smile. Mikey’s head snapped up as I said his name, Lizzie gasped as her eyes widened.
“Do you guys know him?” I asked, confused by their reactions.
“I used to know someone with the same name… but I believe he is dead,” said Mikey softly. Lizzie would not meet either of our eyes, she seemed quite interested in her shoes… she was hiding something… And I was going to find out.


“Hey sugar,” purred Gerard as he sat down next to me. He had put on red eyeliner today, and god did it look hot! Wait, I can’t think about him like that! Not now! I’ve got a mission to do! I thought.
“Hey,” I said back slightly awkwardly, “uh Gerard, I gotta tell you something.”
“And what would that be darling?” he asked, a cocky grin spread over his beautiful, bright lips.
“I-I know about you…” I said, hoping he would buy it.
“Know what about me?” he chuckled.
“About you, and Lizzie, and Mikey,” I said, trying to make my voice seem as strong as possible.
He laughed… I failed.
“Oh I don’t think you do sugar, if you did, you would be running a mile,” he said with a dark smirk before he turned to the front.
What could that mean?


“Frank!” yelled Mikey from across the busy, student filled school hallway, “Frank! Over here!”
“I’m coming I’m coming,” I mumbled. As soon as I was within his reach he grabbed me by the arm and pulled me outside where Lizzie was waiting for us, ready to walk home.
“Did you hear?” asked Lizzie, her eyes wide and slightly fearful.
“Hear what?” I asked, confused at what could make her look scared, in all the time I had known her I had not once seen any expression other than confidence and happiness on her face.
“A body was found in a dumpster near your old house, the heart ripped out and throat slashed, it was drained of blood… It was Jace’s body...”

So, what did you think? please R&R? I wouyld love some feedback :)
-Sarah xx
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