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Ashley's P.O.V

Where the fuck is he?
Stef was 30 minutes late and it was fucking freezing.
I sat on the edge of the curb and waited for him.
I thought about Elena.

God,she's been through some shit.
She's been bullied,beaten and her dad left her and her family.
She's beautiful though...

"Fuck..." I whispered to myself.

I shouldn't be thinking about her like that.
She is a friend...kind of.
Plus she'd never go for me,she'd go for Stefan,like the fans do...

Speaking of Stefan,he pulled up next to me in the car,scaring the shit out of me.
"Hey,Ash" He said as he rolled his window down.
"Hi Stefan..."I mumbled as I got into the car.
"Guess who I just saw?"
"The Easter Bunny?"
"What the fuck? No,I saw Helen!"
"Oh,how was she?"
"Fine,I think.Woah,you should have seen her friends though,they looked fucking awesome!"
"Oh and guess what?"
"She's Gerard and Mikey Way's sister!"
"And she know's that we are TMB!"
"What the fuck,how?"
"The internet..."

Elena's P.O.V

I left Starbucks with Ashley and CC.
Andy,Jinxx and Jake stayed because they were in such a debate about who's coffee tasted the worst.
Bless them.
CC walked the opposite direction to me but Ashley didn't.
"So how old is this 'Stefan"?" He asked smirking.
"Um.I actually don't know" I blushed.
"Be careful,Helen.I don't want to see you get hurt" he looked concerned.
"Don't worry,Mr Purdy.I'm 19,I'll be fine and plus he's not my boyfriend"
"Okay,I believe you" he said and elbowed me in the ribs.
"OWW!" I screamed,clutched my ribs and crouched on the floor.
"Helen?! What's wrong?!" Ashley yelled and crouched next to me.
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