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It's Just Who I Am

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Clara and Andrew are members of the LGBT Community. They have different challenges and completely different lives, but there is still something that connects them.

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Woo. This isn't much, but it's what I have and I pretty much never post anything on this site, so why not.
There isn't actually sex.. There's just a character that's decently vulgar~ ... Sooo enjoy if you want to!

I hate when someone asks me what it’s like to kiss a girl. But that’s not the worst-it’s not even close. The worst is when people say that I’m going against my religion just because of my sexuality. The worst is when the guys shove my face into their crotch and tell me that I should find my girlfriend and we could have a threesome. The worst is when the words keep piling up and they don’t stop and eventually it’s just so much that you can’t take it anymore and you just want to break down and leave everything behind. You just want it all to end.
When I was 15 I got my first girlfriend. She was one of the sweetest people that I have ever met and I didn’t want to keep her from anyone. I wanted everyone to know that I found the best girl on the planet and that they couldn’t have her. At the time I didn’t even think that people would discriminate me so much just because of my sexuality.
“Clara! Get down here!” My mother screamed from the kitchen. It was the first time in months that I had heard my mother actually sound mad. “I said get down here!”
“Mom, I can’t run down the stairs in two seconds. I’m coming!”
Rushing down the stairs, I turned the corner and I could see her fuming. My ex-best-friend was sitting across from her. She was crying, but the tears were obviously fake. “You just need to help her, Christine!” So they were on a first name basis, evidently.
“Is it true, Clara? You make out with girls now? You’re letting guys take pictures of you making out with girls?”
My eyes widened and I was taken aback. I would never do that--never in my life. “Mom, do I look like I’m into that kind of thing?” I wanted to slap that ex-best-friend bitch across the face. What kind of person comes into your house and spreads lies? Just because you were dating a girl--why did that matter so much? I figured I should be able to choose who I wanted to love. It’s not like I was in love with an axe murderer. She was just someone of the same gender.
“I don’t know what to believe anymore. Ever since you started hanging out with that Rebecca girl--you haven’t been the same since. You’ve just acted strange.” My mother turned to begin washing the dishes, as she always did when she was stressed.
Now it was time for my ex-best-friend to get her say in. “That’s who she’s been making out with! It’s Rebecca! It’s so sad! Oh, Clara, you used to be so normal! What happened?”
I smiled, looking the ex-not-a-bitch straight in the eyes and gently rested my hand on hers. I whispered low enough that my mother wouldn’t be able to make out what I was saying. “See, I’m just such a hardcore lesbian for you that I decided I had to go and be friends with someone else and start to woo them in order to figure out how I could do it for you! I’m sorry you’re making up lies about me just because I dated your crush. Sucks that he dated a lesbian, huh?”
I had been so caught up in my anger that I didn’t hear my mother turn off the faucet. “You really are a lesbian,” her voice caught. I could see that she was on the brink of tears. “My daughter is a dirty lesbian! She’s selling her body for money!”
“Mom! I’m not doing any of that!” I paused. I didn’t know if I should’ve told my mother or not, but I did. “I’m in love with another girl, Mom. That’s it. We aren’t making out in public places, or at all at this point, and we aren’t letting guys take pictures of us for money! This girl,” I gestured to Ex-not-a-bitch. “This girl just wants to ruin my life because her crush asked me out and I said yes even though I knew she liked him. You know why? Because before I dated him, I thought I liked guys. Then I realized something, Mom. You know what it is?” I wasn’t expecting an answer since she was sobbing her eyes out at this point. “Guys are asses that will rape you the first second they get.”
My mother’s eyes widened at this statement and I smiled, turning to Ex-best-friend and giving her the middle finger. I then preceded to storm up to my room.
Damn, they are the most beautiful men I have ever seen. It’s not like I masturbate to them or anything--that’s too damn cliche. I’d much rather “fangirl” per say. That is, ignoring the fact that I’m a guy.
I think my favorite is Kevin. Not because some antis say he’s gay--I’d almost prefer him not to be. I don’t think the fanboy inside me would be able to stand it if he had the same sexuality as me. I just like his face. A lot.
“Andrew, sweetie, Jessica’s here!” My mom called, knocking on the door. I quickly closed the tab I had open on the internet--I didn’t mind my mom knowing that I was gay and had the biggest fan-crush on Kevin, but if Jessica knew I’m pretty sure she would tell my sister since they were best friends and my sister didn’t keep anything from my dad. Just let me tell you--Dad would never take that well.
Leaving the tab that was open to Facebook open I turned around in my chair. “Is she afraid to come up here or something? Every time she comes over she refuses to be the one that comes and gets me.”
I could hear my mom laughing from the other side of the door and Jessica pushed the door open. “I’m here, bitch!” she made an extremely dramatic pose. I laughed, which caused her to laugh. She walked over to my chair and put her hand on my shoulder. “So, Andrew. How’s it going?”
“Just looking at the book of faces,” I gestured to the computer. She glanced at it and her eyes instantly shot open. “Holy shit! Clara really is dating Rebecca! I can’t believe they made the fact that they’re lesbians public. That’s so gross!”
“It’s gross?” I turned to look at the status update. I had thought Jessica was actually accepting. If she found out about me now I think I’d lose my best friend.
Jessica smiled. “Of course you don’t think it’s gross. You’re a guy! It’s natural for you to like lesbians. Just like I love gay guys. I think it’s in our nature, right? It’s just gross to me for two girls to be sucking each others vaginas. I mean picture that! It’s so wet and sloppy, right? Yuck.”
“So you just don’t like lesbians but you’re fine with gays?”
“I know, you probably think it’s the other way around, right? But if you think about it guys shove their dicks up girls asses too if they’re straight, so what’s the problem with guys doing it? I don’t think guys scissoring girls would exactly work considering that would probably just be regular sex.”
I honestly didn’t know what to say to Jessica at that moment. I was relieved she accepted gays, but I felt as if she was being extremely selective. I didn’t see what was wrong with anyone loving who they wanted to love. Clara was really brave for coming out that she was lesbian. There was no way that she wasn’t going to hear any shit about it.
“Well! On the bright side I actually only came to tell you something since I figured you were going to be busy. You usually are,” she giggled to herself and for a second I wondered if she knew. Then she took my hands. “I’m sure you’ll find the right girl someday, Andrew, but Rick and I are going to have our first time tonight. I’m really nervous and at the same time I’m really excited. He rented a honeymoon suite and we’re not even married!”
“Are you serious? I’m,” I paused. I honestly didn’t care about her losing her virginity. Jessica was my best friend, but she interrupted me from my Man Man Ha Ni time. “I’m happy for you, Jessica.”
Jessica quickly hugged me. “Thank you so much, Andrew!” She let out what I like to call a fangirl squeal and left my room, quickly running downstairs and out the door, waving goodbye to my mom as she ran across the front lawn. I smiled to myself as I restored the tab with Kevin’s face on it.
“You’re so cute, Andrew. She is too,” My mom smiled from the doorway. I was so glad she was always there and accepted me for who I was.
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