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auditions!!! :D

by lalalalaMCRlalalala 14 Reviews

need auditions for killjoys!! and fast!!!

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Fantasy,Romance - Characters: Frank Iero,Gerard Way,Mikey Way,Ray Toro - Published: 2012/02/16 - Updated: 2012/02/17 - 208 words


  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) TERRIBLETEEN 2012-02-16 06:24:49 PM

    Arite artilary is my name! well nick name.
    Killjoy name- Terribleteen
    eyes-change from brown when sad green when happy and hazle when bored.
    Hair-dark brown with forhead bangs its usually pulled up in a short ponytail.
    Description-what do you mean by that?
    What to wear? Orange converse(drawn all over) my green army jacket signed by my friends and fellow killjoys,orange tee shirt(once again drawn all over) multiple guns strapped to my back and hidden everywhere,and my orange mask on it.
    4 words to describe me- Sarcastic, Spaztic,Overprotective, and Smart (though i dont always seem so) :D.
    Backround: When i was young i wandered the desert, my father had died and i was left on my own, my killjoy found me and took care of me nursing my love for guns with whatever they had. Cuz if you need artilary im your girl :D
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) Gerard_inspires_me 2012-02-16 06:30:57 PM

    i'll take any part :)

    name: Alanna Monroe

    killjoy name: Psychotic Damnation

    eye color: Blue-grey

    hair color: milk-chocolate brown

    description: Tall, on the chubby side, long hair with great flippy bangs. Shes got a big eyes and a large-ish nose. Alanna is always very happy-seeming.

    what you want to wear: teal skinny jeans; a ratty-looking Bazinga! T-shirt, purple converse all-star hightops, and a ponytail.

    4 words that describe you (for personality purposes): take-no-shit, uber-caring, loveable, good advice (shes like the person that everyone goes to with a question or a problem)

    a little background info: verbally abused as child by her father, was in college (away from home) to become a psychologist when BLI took over, She got out as quick as possible. She grew up in a small town where everyone knew everything about everyone. people steered clear of her family, so they were all very close.

    Thank you :) i can't wait to see how this story turns out! :D
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) xxPanicFanxx 2012-02-16 08:05:31 PM

    name: Cameron Aliss Rae

    killjoy name: Sonic Angel

    eye color: Grey

    hair color: Crimson Red

    description: Red hair down to her shoulders with a fringe, grey eyes, pale skin, lip ring, 115 lbs, 5"0, big doe like eyes, heart shaped face.

    what you want to wear: : Neon pink leather pants, purple smiley t-shirt, yellow star bracelet, black fitted half vest, brown combat boots, black mask (kind of like Gerard's), yellow suspenders, red and white scarf, and an orange beanie hat. Her ray gun is orange with a white halo over a yellow lighting bolt.

    4 words that describe you (for personality purposes): Cunning, adorable/sweetheart(as many people have told her), socially-awkward, and sassy.

    a little background info: Sonic (as she likes to be called) ran away from home, after finding out her entire family was working for BL/ind, in 2014 and sought out Dr. Death Defying. After 3 years of roaming the desert, and no luck of finding Dr. D, she eventually met up with other killjoys. She has ADHD which means she's hyper ALL of the time. Since she's so small and flexible she can fit into almost anywhere, which is why she makes for a really good spy. She has trouble firing ray guns; the shot always ends up about 3 feet from where she wants it to.

    Uhm, can she be one of the killjoys that work with midnight? :)

    Can't wait to read it! Thank's for considering me! :)

  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) foreveryours 2012-02-16 08:10:42 PM

    Can I be Party Poison's friend
    Name: Luna May
    Killjoy name: Ice Venom
    Eye colour: Blue
    Hair colour: White-ish blonde
    Description: Medium height, thin, long ish hair to the waist long layers with a side fringe flopped over. Small nose and thin face but big eyes and eye lashes.
    Clothes: Black shorts, an old looking panic! at the disco top. black waist coat/vest. Red converse high tops. and gun holder on her thigh.
    4 words to describe you: intimidating, trust issues, abandonment issues,exciting.
    background: Her boyfriend was recruited as a draculoid, she hated what he had become so she became a killjoy and because of him had so many issues.
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-02-16 08:23:29 PM

    Poison's friend, if you don't mind. I'll take any part tho :)

    name; Izzy Crow

    killjoy name: Atomic Detonator

    eye color: Bright Green

    hair color: Black, with blue in it. Choppy layers, fringy. Shoulder length.

    description: Short (about 5'2), well built, pretty, big eyes, lip ring, earrings.

    what you want to wear: Gray ripped skinnys, sneakers or combat/platform boots, Neon color shirts (pick a colour, any colour), a small locket, and a jacket with a crow emblazoned on the back

    4 words that describe you (for personality
    purposes): Energeticly hyper, Destructive, Loyally-Protective (it is NOW one word ;) ), and self esteem issues.

    a little background info:

    Her boyfriend Nick and her were running away from Dracs when this all began, and he got ghosted. She wandered around until finding killjoys (whatever group you put me in) and has been with them ever since. Never takes off the locket he gave her. ever.
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) ChasingPavementsxoxo 2012-02-16 08:24:15 PM

    OH and has 3 guns, green, purple, red. She likes her guns. :)
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) patdfan01 2012-02-16 08:36:31 PM

    name; Storm Gray

    killjoy name: Adrenaline Chaos

    eye color: Stormy-grey

    hair color: Black dyed neon blue on the tips

    description: Deathly pale, thin, quiet-is, tall (about 5'9), snake bites.

    what you want to wear: has a gun that is neon green and neon blue polka dots with SUMMERTIME painted on it's right side.

    4 words that describe you (for personality purposes):Shy, quiet-ish, optimistic, kind

    a little background info:

    Her father was never home and her mother was an alcoholic, abusing her. But when BL/Ind took over her mom and dad died. She often doesn't trust people too much, and is shy and quiet. It takes a while but once you get to know her she is awesome, kind, funny, and optimistic.

  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) Sarahkilljoykid 2012-02-16 09:53:55 PM

    I'll take any part :D

    name: Sarah Johnstone

    killjoy name: Sonic Sunrise

    Age: 17

    eye color: smokey grey-green with big dark rings around them.

    hair color: short, choppy black and red hair, a scruffy fringe that falls over her eyes.

    description: really short (4'9) full, dark lips, pale skin, quite thin, almost always smiling/smirking. dark purple lip stick, a fair bit of eye liner, red eye shadow, skin is pale enough not to need foundation. tattoo of a viper wrapping around her upper left arm, lip, nose and hips peirced.

    what you want to wear: black with red lace corset with matching steam-punk short skirt, fishnet stockings and knee high boots. spiked dog collar and spiked wrist bands.

    4 words that describe you (for personality purposes): hyper, tempermental, dark-humor, optimistic

    a little background info: coffe addict, no one really know where she came from, she just showed up out of no where one day. she is a vegan, bad temper, loves riding around the zones on her motorbike, good with technology and weapons. has a black and silver whip that she keeps curled around her arm at all times. always has a ray gun with her.

  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) KilljoyMinnieIero 2012-02-17 02:53:44 AM

    name: Zia Iris Baker
    killjoy name: Radio Paranoia
    eye color: dark green, almost black at times.
    hair color: White blonde, with streaks (changed colour of streaks constantly)
    description: very pale skin. short hair (longer at the front, just above chin. Shorter at the back, about cheekbone height.), long side fringe, covers one eye.  . Smudged black eyeliner. Many tattoos. Lip piercing, left ear pierced twice, right ear pierced once. Quite tall and slim.
    what you want to wear: dark green skinny jeans that have a rip in one knee, black doc martens that were once shiny but now covered in dust and stuff, black teeshirt that has a huge rip down the front (that part was replaced with green material), black leather jacket with sleeves rolled up and a musical note in green, always has a bandanna in hair, and around neck. Holster  over right thigh. A mask sort of like Party Poison's, but it's black + green. Ray gun is black and green, with white decorations.
    4 words that describe you (for personality purposes): insane, sarcastic, tough, is-a-great-person-when-you-know-her.
    a little background info: her dad left her mum before she was born, and her mum died of depression shortly after her birth. She was sent to lots of different relatives in the UK but they all hated her, and wanted nothing to do with her. Eventually, she got sent to her uncle in California (this was just as the BL/ind were taking over). He worked for Korse etc. He abused, beat and raped her so one day she ran away, but he tried to stop her so she slit his throat. Then she went and became a Killjoy!

    Hope I get the part, and good luck writing! 
    Minnie xo
  • auditions!!! :D

    (#) PartyPoisen 2012-02-24 10:41:05 PM

    Part: A killjoy who works with Midnight

    name; Aven Frain

    killjoy name: Party Bandit

    eye color: Blue gray

    hair color: black with blue fringe. Shoulder length hair that are always in pig tails or in a pony tail. her blue fringe usually covers her right eye.

    Pale skin

    hour glass body


    thick black eye liner

    ruby red lip stick she had take from a truck in BL/ind City that was taking it to be destroyed (along with other things)

    Scar that goes down the right of side of her face from the bottom of her right eye down to her right collar bone.

    snake bite piercings and stud on right side of my nostril

    what you want to wear:
    dark gray tank top
    black leather jacket
    black skinny jeans
    fingerless thin cloth gloves

    [Descise] is black with gold trimming and a black and red bandana that covers her mouth. I always have it around my neck at all times.

    4 words that describe you (for
    personality purposes):

    out going


    A thinker. (thinks everything threw and doesn't do anything unless it is know for a fact that whatever situation can and will go through).

    Stubborn and tough (I know that is considered 5 words but I couldn't choose stubborn or tough. Sorry.)

    a little background info:

    Her and her brother were raised by her their mother but she started to date someone from BL/ind and when BL/ind started to take over their Mom told them she wanted to make extra money so she wanted them to be test dummies for BL/ind and take the pills. Aven refused and they tried to call BL/ind workers to pick her up and force her part of a program. Aven heard her mother and brother talking to the BL.ind workers over the phone so she ran away. Half way out of town her brother caught u to her and tried to call for help so she grabbed one of the two knives she had with her and threw it at him and ran. His yelling stopped. She didn't know where she hit him or if he was still alive as she ran. She just ran.
    Every day she thinks about what would be different if she stayed but no matter what she sees how her life is so much better being free.

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