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“Come on, Luna, we’re gonna be late!” I called to her as I threw my bag up the stairs of the bus, and climbed on after May, who was busy winding Kirsty up about whether she’d brought enough make up and clothes with her. “Shut UP!” she yelled, and pushed May, a little too hard, causing her to fall onto one of the sofas, which unfortunately for her, had Spencer on it. A sleeping Spencer. Waking Spencer up was never a good idea, because he’s so grumpy when he’s woken up. “OI!” said Spencer, with one eye open. “Whoops!” May laughed, and ran up to the other end of the bus to find which bunk she wanted. Spencer growled and went back to sleep.
Anyway, you might be wondering what’s going on? Well, I’m Melody Fox, girlfriend of Brendon Urie. My best mates are Luna, Brendon’s sister, Kirsty Ross, (Ryan’s sister) and May Richter. May and Luna are in charge of merchandise for Panic! At the Disco’s tours, and Kirsty and I are supposed to be dancers, but we tend to sometimes miss practises and have separate ones with some of the nice ones, because we don’t get on with some of them. Its weird how we’re all friends, we’re all so different. Luna wears black all the time, and she’s got a lip piercing, and she has black hair with green tips. Kirsty is so girly- she loves pink, and she really doesn’t like black. She has straight, brown hair which reaches to about her elbow. May is a complete tomboy, and she’s never without her dungarees, and she hates it if anyone tries to do her hair or make up- especially Kirsty! And me, I love bright coloured jeans. My hair is short-ish, curly and black, and I’ve got a nose piercing, which Brendon always tries to remove because it gets on his nerves when we kiss.

Anyway, we always travel on Panic!’s bus, because we’re all with one of them. I’m with Brendon, Luna’s with Ryan, May’s with Jon and Kirsty’s with Spencer! I guess you want to know things about some of the other people we tour with? Well, there’s Paramore, Fall Out Boy, The Academy Is…, Fun., and Versaemerge. Then there are the dancers. Ashley, Jessie, Katie and Holly are all really nice, though we’re not best mates. Lindsay, Laura and Scarlet are complete bitches. Lindsay is definitely the worst though! Luckily, they travel on their own bus, so we don’t have to put up with them.

The first venue was only half an hour away, so we got there quickly. When we got off the bus, Brendon and Jon went to find someone from management to show them where they were meant to be going. May and Luna went off to find the rest of the merch crew, and Kirsty and I went to find the other dancers, (sadly).
“So girls, what are we doing for But It’s Better If You Do?” asked Laura, doing her terribly practised slutty pose. “Well, I thought that Melody was going to give Brendon a lap dance.” said Lindsay, smirking at me. I scowled back. “Yeah, you can laugh. Just cos your minger of a boyfriend would never let you do anything like that to him!” She hissed at me, and I started laughing. “What are you a snake now?” said Luna, coming into the room. “Get lost, stupid Goth!” screamed Lindsay, and Laura nodded in agreement. “Oh guys, for goodness sake, we need to work together!” shouted Jessie over top of all the arguing. “I’m going to find Brendon.” I said, and left the room.

Luna’s POV:
“Oi, Lindsay, can I have a word, slut?” I asked, and grabbed her shoulder to pull her outside. “Anymore stunts like that and you’ll be sorry.” Lindsay, I was pleased to note, looked reasonably freaked out. “I’m going to find Ryan. I need a good snog after that.” I turned around to leave, but decided there was something else I wanted to add. “By the way, next time you put your make up on, use foundation rather than extra cheesy Doritos!” I smirked, and she threw me the worst evils ever. I could have sworn her eyes turned red!
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