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Runaways & Protective Fathers

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Frank's not so sure about the previous night... and what does his dad have to say about it?

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I am addicted. And part of me almost feels bad... because I'm updating and posting really quickly and soon I'll be back at school so I won't be able to, but you will have been misled into thinking I'm one of those writers that update real quick xD But yeah.. whatevs... gonna give you the second chapter of this xD

Frank opened his eyes and immediately regretted it. The whole room began to spin, blurring everything and causing Frank to feel nauseous, and he was glad he was lying down. That's when he noticed the room he was in, that was most definitely not his own. Poster's covered the walls, of bands such as The Smashing Pumpkins and Morrissey. The light smell of alcohol and cigarettes was hanging in the badly lit room. The room seemed vaguely familiar... but Frank couldn't place where he'd seen it before as his eyes were still swimming, blurring his vision. That's when someone moved next to him, shuffling in their sleep. And Frank remembered. He remembered Mikey telling him about his house party. Heavy music. Lyn-z's stupid game. Alcohol. So much alcohol and... Gerard. Making out with Gerard one minute, being fucked by him the next. Looking at the sleeping man next to him Frank began to panic.

'Oh my God. I slept with Mikey's brother. And we were both so drunk. I mean... obviously I wanted it... but did he? What are you saying, Frank, of course he didn't want it! You're only 17 and he's 19. Not to mention the fact he's gorgeous and sexy and you're just an ordinary, short, hyperactive kid. Shit. He's gonna wake up and kick my ass isn't he?" Frank's head was pounding so hard he was surprised that it wasn't waking Gerard, not that he wasn't thankful the man was still asleep.

Frank silently slid out of the single bed and found his boxers, along with the rest of his clothes, except his shirt, which he couldn't find anywhere, so he settled for borrowing one of Gerard's and vowed to get Mikey to return it to him. The short boy looked at Gerard, who was still asleep, a small smile on his angelic face and sighed. Gerard was the boy of his dreams. He was gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, protective and quite simply, fantastic in bed, but Frank knew that someone like him would never be interested in someone like himself, so he gathered his stuff and placed a small kiss on Gerard's cheek before silently letting himself out of his basement, tiptoeing around his sleeping friends in the living room and leaving the Way residence with teary eyes and a blinding headache.


Gerard woke up with a smile etched onto his face. Despite being a little too drunk last night, he seemed to remember getting lucky with Mikey's beautiful best friend, who he'd had his eye on for a while now. Turning on his side his smile immediately turned into frown, when he discovered the younger boy was not snuggled into his duvet like he was before they passed out. Confused, Gerard sat up in bed and looked around the room to see Frank's clothes were picked up from his floor and he let out a frustrated growl. Jumping out of bed, he threw on some clothes and flung himself into the living room, to find his friends passed out in various places... but no Frank.

He walked into the kitchen and grabbed a metal pan and a spoon, and whacked them together a couple of times. He smiled slightly as he heard the groans and 'What the fucks?' come from the next room. "Has anybody seen Frank?" He asked the sleepy teenagers.

"You woke us up to ask that?" Ray scowled, rubbing his forehead.

Gerard bit his lip. "It's almost 3pm anyway, you needed to get up. And I'm kinda worried... did he leave a note or something?"

"Doesn't look like it. Why don't you know where he is, considering you fucked his brains out last night?" Lyn-z asked, sitting up and wiping her smudged mascara.

"Yeah well..." Gerard just trailed off averting his gaze.

"Ooooh. Did Gerard get used and dumped!?" Ray mocked. "The famous Gerard Way... apparently irresistible to both men and women... has been ditched by Frank Iero!?"

Gerard looked at his feet. Lyn-z and Alicia frowned at Ray."Hey. Leave him alone, Ray. Gerard, I'm sure he just went home to take a shower or something." Alicia told him gently.

"Then why didn't he leave a note? Or at least text me? Am I not good enough?" He questioned, collapsing onto the sofa next to Mikey.

Ray's expression softened. "Hey man. I was just kidding... Alicia's probably right, give him a call." He said.

Gerard took out his crappy little brick of a phone nervously, and scrolled through his numbers to find Frank's and pressed 'call'.


After sleeping off his terrible hang over, Frank checked his phone to find he had three missed calls from Gerard, and one from Lyn-Z. He sighed and switched the device off, before jumping into the shower. As he was getting changed into some clean clothes, his father walked into his room.

"Good night last night?" He asked brightly.

Frank scowled. "I can't even remember half of it." He lied. What was he supposed to say? He'd been fucked by the boy who lived across the road but he wanted nothing more to do with him? Well... he guessed he wanted nothing more to do with him.

Frank's dad just chuckled. "If you don't remember it, it probably means it was pretty good."

Frank just grunted in response and turned around to find aclean shirt. "Woah, Frank? What happened to your back?" His dad asked, concerned.

"Huh?" Frank tried to turn his head and look, but couldn't see anything. He went to the mirror in the corner of the room and gasped. "Uhm... dad, I can explain."

"A...are those scratches!?" His dad exclaimed. "Frankie... did you get some last night?"

Frank closed his eyes. "Y... yeah."

His dad whistled. "Damn. She must've been rough. Who was it then? Must've been someone at that party... so, Alicia or Lyn-z?" He asked smirking.

"Uhm.... Er....w...well..."Frank was struggling to find the right words. Should he tell him the truth? "It wasn't either of them, dad. In fact..." Frank's dad knew he was bi... but didn't know how comfortable he'd be with him having such rough sex with another man. "In fact, it wasn't a girl I had sex with."

Frank senior's eyes widened. "What? Who was it, Frank? Right." Franks dad flung the door open to his room and stormed downstairs.

Frank felt vomit rise up in his mouth. "Dad! Dad where are you going!?"

"I'm going to find out who did that to you son. I'm fine with you being gay... but I wanna know who did that to your back!" He cried, striding across the street and banging on the Way's door. Mikey answered. "Mikey! Did you have sex with Frank last night!?" The older Iero exclaimed.

Mikey scrunched up his nose. "Um. No. That would be my brother." Mikey told him, not seeing Frank's gestures of death from behind his dad.

Frank's dad stormed past Mikey and into the living room, followed by a frantic Frank. "You!" He said, pointing at a startled Gerard. "What's your name!?"

"G...Gerard..." The red haired boy stammered. The older mans glare was very intimidating.

"Do you know what you did to my son last night? Frankie come here." Frank shuffled out from behind Mikey, blushing bright red.

Franks dad lifted the back of Franks shirt up to reveal long red scratch marks across his back. Gerard gasped. "Shit... Frank... I'm so sorry... I didn't...I..."

"It's okay." Frank mumbled, feeling humiliated.

"No it's not okay! Frank you can't let people use you like this and then-"

Mr Iero was cut off by Frank. "I liked it!"


"I said, I liked it, dad! And I couldn't care less if Gerard was using me... because for once in my life I got what I wanted, to spend the night with the boy I've fallen for. So it doesn't matter that nothing will come out of this. It doesn't matter that I have some tiny red lines on my back. What matters is just for one night, I was happy. But now you've ruined that by embarrassing me in front of all my friends, and the boy in question. So thanks a lot!" Frank cried, before storming past Lyn-z and Mikey and into the street.

"Frank!?" He heard his dad call him back but kept walking, wiping tears away furiously.

"Frank!?" That was Gerard. He still didn't stop walking. "Frank Anthony Iero, would you fucking stop!?" He heard him yell, and finally turned round.

"Why should I!?"

"So you can let me explain!" Gerard pleaded. Frank saw his dad and their friends follow Gerard from the house, looking concerned at the scene in front of them. "Who the fuck told you I was using you!? Who the fuck told you nothing would come out of last night!?"

Frank was breathing heavily. "Why would someone like you want someone like me?" He asked in a small voice.

Gerard gave a short laugh. "You're kidding right? Someone tell me he's kidding." Gerard turned to his friends and back to Frank. "Frank, you're the cutest, funniest, most beautiful person I have ever met in my life. I meant it when I asked you on a date before we... y'know. You're awesome... and I'm so fucking sorry I made those lines on your back... I was too-"

He was cut of my Frank's mouth on his, kissing him deeply. "I told you I fucking liked it."

Gerard smiled. Frank's dad cleared his throat from behind. "Does this boy make you happy Frank?" He asked.

Frank looked at Gerard and kissed him chastely. "Yes."

Frank senior nodded then looked at Gerard. "You break his heart, I'll break your face, you get that, prettyboy?"

Gerard swallowed then nodded and Mikey sniggered from behind. "It's late, you coming Frank?" His dad asked.

"Yeah... can Gerard come for dinner?" Frank asked sweetly, cuddling Gerard's waist.

"I guess so." He saw the hopeful look on the red-heads face."It'll give me a chance to get to know him." Gerard smiled and followed the pair into the house, whilst Mikey and the others just shook their heads at all the drama and went back to the Way residence.


Later that night, Gerard was saying goodnight to Frank, who looked about ready to pass out from exhaustion. It had been a long day, and after a successful meal with Frank's father, the two had spent the remainder of the evening laughing and talking on the short boys bed.

"You ready to go, Gerard?" Frank's dad asked from the doorway.

"Yeah... Frank's out cold. Was just saying goodnight." He replied, leaning down to kiss Frank's forehead gently. Frank Senior just about bit back a smile.

Gerard got up to leave when Frank grabbed his arm. "Gerard... want...stay..." He mumbled in his sleep.

Gerard looked up to the older Iero with a questioning glance. "You can stay. But no funny business right?"

The boy nodded and snuggled down next to Frank, who wrapped his arms around him and snuggled into his chest. Frank's dad briefly wondered when the last time it was he'd seen Frank this happy. "Take good care of him Gerard. He's a fantastic boy... and he's all I've got."

Gerard looked up at the man. "You know I wouldn't dream of hurting him, right? Your son's goddamn cute."

Frank senior smiled. "Good. Have a good sleep."

"You too, Mr Iero."

There we have it xD My first MCR fic that was longer than one chapter xD Sorry if there's some mistakes but I'm so tired xD If you liked this then check out some of my other Frerard's on my profile... thanks for reading xD
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