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Chapter 12

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AH! ive been so busy. ihavent had the time to even update. yesterday was my birthday and iwas able to use the laptop (yay). uh, im not sure where this is heading but ido know what to write, ithink....

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Gees p.o.v.

I was really worried about Frankie. He left school early because he wasnt feeling too good. I need to talk to him as soon as I see him. I need to talk to him now.

"Hey big bro!" said Mikey jumping out of no where.

"Oh! I didnt see you! You ready?"


"So how are things with you and Violet?"

"Um, as much as I wanna talk about her, we live in the other direction."

"Oh, I know, were going to Frankies house."

He stops dead in his tracks.

"What?" I ask a little worried.

"I dont wanna go."

"Why not?"

He stays quiet and walks the other direction. I run after him.

"Mikey, once again, whats wrong?"

"Im mad at him. I dont wanna see him."

"Why? Hes sick. What did he ever do?"

"Ill tell you when you get home. I dont want to talk to him."

He seemed serious so I just let him go.

Frankies p.o.v.

I was home already and I decided to clean. I wanted mom to come home but at the same time I didnt. I was putting things away when I heard a knock on the door.

"Hi Gee."

"Hi Frankie."

I let him in.

"I was worried about you the whole day."

"Im okay, Ray took me out to eat."

"Aw man, I miss him." he seemed upset.

"Dont worry, youll see him soon."

"Wheres your mom?" he looked around.

"Its been a couple of days since I havent seen her. I dunno where she is."

"No....thats not good...."

There was a long pause.

"Stay at my place." he suggested.

"No. I dont wanna be a bothe-"

"You wouldnt be a bother! Please! Mama wont mind. She loves you. Mikey loves you. I love you."

"Um, okay. Help me pack then."

Gee runs to my room and I run after him.

"Oh and Gee."


"I love You too."

"I know you do."

And we started to pack my clothes.
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