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Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge

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You know the story of the parade. One boy, one father, and the widow that marches on. But do you know the whole story?

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When I was about 9, my dad took me to see a parade. The were countless floats, all which beautiful, but the best part was the marching band. They wore black and white jackets and played original music. They had a float covered in red velvet drapery and skulls. It was the most beautiful thing I'd ever seen. That night as I slept, something changed in me. I was no longer the same dorky kid who read comic books and fell down constantly. I was still Preston Audrey, a boy ridiculed for having a horribly pretentious name, but I was different.
Another thing changed that night. That was the night that BL/ind took over. As I dreamt of a black parade, the marching band I was so fond of was arrested by the SCARECROW division, and their float was set on fire. Many were beaten out of their homes and forced into the division. Others didn't protest. The Dracs torched the city, causing the Great Fire of 2012- a fire so strong, it stretched for miles, destroying life and creating desolation. And that was it.
My father pulled me out of my bed and ran. Our house was ablaze and we could stay in the city. We tried to escape, but my father was shot. He fell to the ground and I tumbled out of his arms. He was coughing violently, so I stayed by his side until he died. He said "Will you defeat them? Your demons, and all the non-believers, the plans that they've made." And then he left me.
A Drac walked up to me, gun pulled. I sat there looking at them, waiting. I didn't have a family anymore. my father was the only person in the world I had left, and he was dead. She lowered her gun, pulled up her mask and said "Keep running."
So I did.
~7 years later~
"So, Hellion Back, tell me about that mystery woman." Victory was the nosiest Killjoy I've ever encountered.
"What's there to tell? Her name's Spark Plug. We met, we fucked, she left."
"Was she good?" I was not comfortable with this conversation anymore.
"I guess...?"
"Better than me?" Yeah- I'm not comfortable at all. She smiled, seeing my annoyance. "I'm joking."
"I know. If it makes you fell better, she went down on me and hummed the national anthem."
"Not really."
I met Hidden Victory about two years ago. She was 16, I was 14, and we were both sexually frustrated. I only wanted a one time thing, but she didn't go away. She knows I don't want to be close to anyone, but ignores it blatantly. I'm fine with it though. She's overbearing at times, but she's still my best friend.
"So, Vic, I was thinking we could hit Zone 3 today."
"Sounds cool. Let me just grab my keys." And with that, we were off.
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