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You Keep Me On the Edge Of My Seat

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Title from youmeatsix featuring Oli Sykes! Gerard wants to surprise Frankie....

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Hey lovelies! :) xoxo

Franks POV
"Ughh." I groan as the bell to fifth period rings out, signalling the end of an eventful and pretty much unpredictable lunch hour. "Frank, a-are you ok?" Gerard asks me, one hand on each of my shoulder blades, his small facial features contorted in concern. "Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm-S'all good." I force out of my Larynx. I guess pretending swapping your mineral water with vodka isn't such a great idea,no matter how shitty your job is and how unpleasant your little students can be at the best of times. Sure it was a genius plan to start with but let me tell you now, it doesn't seem like a great idea after a few hours of swigging it down like coffee. And let me tell you, i can down that in a flash when i just wake up. Then again i tend to walk around with my eyes shut for the first half an hour, i could down bleach if someone left a cup of it out, thank fucking God they don't sell that in cups, that could turn out a little bad. "You seem really out of it. Come on, let's go to the Staff room, i have a free period and i can cover your lesson." He smiles warmly at me. God, i fucking hate sweet and hot people. No i don't of course, but i hat how fucking sweet and hot they can get! Especially when i can't have them, just pure frustrating, not to mention sanity erasing. Gah, he makes me crazy, well it could be him, or the fact i'm pretty much wasted right now. "Yeah, you kids have fun, thanks a bunch babe." I pat his head and walk away, well stumble away but manage to get to the staff room, colliding on my graceful entrance with a particular blonde and booby bimbo, who sends death glares my way before chasing after Gerard yet again. I shrug my shoulders and collapse on the carpeted floor, oh the joys of work.

Gerards POV
"Okay, guys settle down." I say sauntering into the room at grand prix speed to avoid that awful impersonator of Pamela Anderson mixed bred with every Playboy bunny in existence. To my horror, Franks next class is packed with non caring and arrogant Sophomores. You know, the kind that don't give a fuck about music and don't have any appreciation for the likes of Nirvana or Led Zeppelin. Or even more updated bands like Lost Prophets or Green Day. Fuck, i must like Frank a whole lot more than i even realise myself. "So what are y'all studying?" I ask the more than baffled looking class. " Where's that short gothic loser that normally teaches us?" A girl with luminous pink hair calls from the back of the room. She called Frank Gothic? He's like the least gothic person i know, and besides she has pink hair so she is exactly the same stereotype she's labelled Frank as. Hypocrite. Anyways, why is she stereotyping at all? Live and let live is what i go by. No labels, no groups, no segregation, just living for yourself right? Well i think that's the way to go anyways. "He happens to be ill today, so i'm covering your lesson. Hello everyone, I'm Mr Way, no what are you guys looking at in class?" I ask again, god my Art class weren't even this bad. Well, some of the time anyways. Most of the time they just ignored me, but at least they weren't rude and totally disrespectful towards me. The figure of authority? Their teacher? The unfortunate fucker who would get all of their shit on his back if they failed to draw a half decent fucking picture! Anyways rant over. Since this class were going to be less than helpful i decided to resort back to last week, when i watched School of Rock. Now first, we give them all positions. "Hey You? You play an instrument?" I say to a shy looking boy who's alone in the corner of the room. "Em yeah, y- ah-I play bass." He mutters, barely audible and chewing on his fingernails. "Okay man, this is for you." I say handing him a bass, we were going to make one hell of a noise this lesson. One person running through my head, he was going to fucking love this.
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