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Lucy Likes To Stab

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*Zombie.* What happens when you're stuck with the MCR gang, in a small little shelter?

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You’re sat in a room. One crate of supplies to your left, not open. It’s the last one. Last of the supply, and there are many people to feed. 13 people and two crates lasted only a week. You couldn’t believe you could grab that much food before the monsters barged in.

A girl sits next to you, sharpening a knife. She admitted she was thirteen only a couple minutes ago, but no one cared. They cared about their food, their life. To them she was just another person to rape, or as they call it repopulate.

Sitting to your right sits a Ray Toro and Frank Iero. They’re on your side with the repopulating thing. It’s gross and inhuman. But who cares about being human now?

Ray looks over to Lucy, the 13 year old girl looks up as he sighs. He doesn’t think she should have to live through this. She had already been ‘breeded’ once today.

“You know, we’re gonna run outta food.” She said and sighed. Ray nodded, Frank let out something like a cough or a sob, maybe a growl.

“We gotta go out there.” You blurt without thinking.

“Yeah, we do. We’re gonna get ate like Gee and Mikes though!” Frank wailed sticking his hands over his ears and sobbing hysterically. Ray brings him to his shoulder, which makes his body turn and you can see a bite on his lower back. Frank laughed and opens his mouth open to bite when Lucy slams a knife into his head. Ray lets out a shriek and throws him to the floor.

Now he’s rushing towards Lucy and Frank moves and trips him. Frank opens his mouth to get a bite out of Ray’s leg when Ray kicks him clear in the face, sending him back onto the ground.

The knife goes completely through now. The skull lets out a sickly crack and dark red stains the floor. Ray stands up shaking; he had just killed his best friend. He was more traumatized then anyone in the room. He kneels next to Frank and yanks the knife out of his skull and wipes it on Frank’s shirt. He rolls his head over and Frank’s once pretty eyes are a dull gray.

“We need to get food.” You admit and Ray nods. He picks up Frank and shakes still as he goes to the front door. Lucy picks up her back pack and you do to. It was sort of a nonverbal agreement that you would go. Who needs just a kid, and you?

“We’ll be back in an hour.” Ray says with a high pitch voice. Lucy takes her knife out of Ray’s hands and start towards the door.

Someone undoes the boards and you cringe, the door already shook. Someone got behind you, and you open the door. You shoot two zombies quickly, the gun not shocking you. You turn the gun sound in the time you have with the zombie’s confusion and start ramming the butt of it into zombie’s sculls.
Ray throws Frank as a distraction with a sob, and he is still not full zombie so many start to feast on him. Ray cries out and you know he’s still fighting though. You make a path and you grab their hands and start out in a sprint through the street to the closest drug store.

You bring your gun out in front of you: ready to shoot as you push the door open into the store. A zombie makes a quick lash out, but you elbow it and Lucy gets it with her knife. Ray pushes you completely in and you run to the food isle.

You grab one box of quick rice, one box of spaghetti noodles, and a can of green beans. You see Ray squish down two loaves of bread and stuff them into Lucy’s back pack. Lucy grabs a stuffed animal for a kid at the shelter, and three packets of gum. She grabbed a bunch of hard candy too.

You turn as you hear a noise and you see no other than Mikey Way shuffling towards you. Ray turns to the noise.

Mikey looks confused, and let’s out a groan that sounds like ‘Ray? Ray! Friend!’

Ray pulls his own gun out half heartily and raises it. His eyes are half shut as he pulls the trigger. You see blood and brains scatter the wine shelf behind Mikey and he slumps down onto the floor. Ray looks away and hands you a can of ravioli. You stuff it into your pack and sigh.

“Ready?” Lucy says, you just nod. Ray steps over Mikey but stops and turns. He kneels down and slides his wallet out of Mikey’s pocket, and into his own.

You all turn nervously to the door and make your way out.

“I thought he was dead.” A voice says from behind you. You all whip around. It’s Gerard, his short blonde hair mattered to his face. You raise your gun and he squeaks. “I’m not!” You keep it up and Ray lets out a sob.

“Are you alive?” Lucy asks slowly, he nods.

“My favorite thing to eat?!” Ray quizzes real quick. Gerard smiles.

“You have six favorite foods. Do I have to name them all off?” Ray sprints into his arms and picks him up.

“Guys, we gotta go!” Lucy shouts, pulling them apart. A zombie lunges for her-

a) Lunge it, tackling it to the ground.
b) Shoot Lucy, thinking it’s too late.

This part sucks. But I promise the next parts won't :P
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