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Final Fantasy 10 is not just Tidus' story. The story of Sin's final defeat, told by the one person who made it all possible: Yuna. (Note: Don't expect swift updates.)

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Listen to my story... this may be our last chance.

His story. His journey. His trials, loves, and fears. It's all about him. That's what it was always about, wasn't it? The great Tidus, star of the Zanarkand Abes, guardian to the famous Yuna.

Well. That's what he would have you think.

Don't get me wrong. I love Tidus; I went around the world looking for him when he vanished. He's a great guy, but he has his flaws... and being self-centered? That's one of them.

It's about time somebody else reminded him just who made "his" story possible.

I knew I was going to be a summoner, from the day I saw my father leave with Auron and Jecht, leaving me alone with Kimarhi. I knew it when Kimahri and I arrived at Besaid, and I knew it when I heard the bittersweet news of Sin's defeat. I was just seven years old, but even then it was clear what I would be doing with my life.

My childhood, such as it was, was a pleasant one- in a way. I was too young to understand why my mother had to wear dark glasses whenever she went out or why my father would always shush me whenever I asked about the Al Bhed and their fabulous machina. But I wasn't too young to see that everyone around me was sad all of the time. And I knew that was because of Sin. Every child on Spira, human, Ronso, or Guado, learned about Sin before they could walk. Even the Al Bhed were afraid of Sin. We all knew someone whose life had been cut short by it.

For me, it was my mother. I was six. She would go visit Home every year, Kalha, to see Cid and little Rikku. But that year, she didn't come back. The Al Bhed boat she was traveling on disappeared out at sea, and we got the news that Sin had been sighted near Luca two days later. My father and I both knew that she was gone, but we didn't show it until Cid sent us a letter, saying that the shipwreck had washed up on shore. He sent us her necklace back, the same one I'm wearing around my neck now. It was all of her that he could find.

On Spira, you don't cry if you lose somebody to Sin. You just sink a little deeper into the sadness that blankets everything. And if you're a Summoner, you start your pilgrimage. That's what my father did.

Nobody believed in him, of course. The man who had been married to an Al Bhed? The one who had picked the dishonored monk and the drunken fool to be his guardians? Sheer madness. He would not even make it out of Bevelle, the monks whispered.

But he did. A year later, the streets were buzzing with the news: Braska, Grand Summoner Braska had defeated Sin and brought a new Calm. While Spira celebrated, I locked myself in my room and cried- for both him, and my mother. I was alone, and I was scared. Yes, I had Kimahri and my new friends, Lulu, Chappu, and Wakka... but I was alone. I was alone because I knew that I was going to go out there one day on my own pilgrimage, ten years later when Sin came back. I was going to die just like my father had... I would only ever live to be seventeen.

I knew I had to do it, though. It was as though my destiny had been written in a book; there was no way to escape being a Summoner. People think that Summoners choose their self-sacrificial path... maybe some did, but I didn't. It was a fact- just like I knew that I had one blue eye and one green eye, I knew how my entire life would be lived.

Of course, it all depended on whether or not I defeated Sin, and not some other summoner. But I wasn't really thinking about anybody else's journey. Just mine.

That was where my story began.
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