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The aftermath of the shocking news...

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‘You can’t be serious…’

Ryland passed the paper to his brother and collapsed back in his seat while Guy read it and took in the news. It was unbelievable. Two genetically identical twins, living thousands of miles apart and not knowing each other existed. It was the stuff of soap operas… yet it was happening.

‘Gentlemen, to be quite honest, I could tell from the moment you walked in that you would be related,’ Doctor Rhodes interjected. ‘As I said, I’ve never seen such a likeness; you’re practically clones. The test does show you are identical twins… but to be so identical is so rare.’

‘I just don’t get it though, Doc. We’ve never even met before, only yesterday. How can we be twins?’

‘That will be your next step. Talk to your parents or other family members, try and trace back your family histories. We will of course offer you all the support you could need here…’

Throughout all of this, Guy was slumped in his seat, utterly numb with shock. Rather than thinking of the past, though, he was thinking of his future. Would he end up staying in America? Would he restart his career, becoming a journalist for a national newspaper, or perhaps moving into the music scene? Would he get to know Ryland, like a real brother, and become a real part of his life? Or would he just drop the whole thing, accept he had a long-lost relative and return to England, stuck in his nine-to-five job at the BBC… The consequences of this one simple trip were mind-blowing. One thing was sure – he had a secure life in England. He’d made a name for himself and was doing well. This whole brother thing had completely thrown him off, and he wasn’t about to just carelessly start up a new life with a total stranger.

‘Mr Ripley?’
Doctor Rhodes was watching him intently. ‘Are you sure you’re OK to leave the surgery?’
Guy sat up straight, cleared his throat and sighed. ‘Yes, thank you Doctor, I’m fine.’
‘Well, any time you need assistance, be sure to call us and we’ll do whatever we can.’

The two thanked the doctor and left the surgery, stumbling out into the hot sunshine, blinking at the sudden brightness. Guy was still clutching the paper; he didn’t know why. He held it out to Ryland, who was staring at Guy with a strange look on his face.

‘Don’t you wanna keep it?’
‘No, it’s quite alright, Ryland. You have it.’
‘Well… I’ll make you a copy of it, OK?’
‘That’s really not necessary. We both know we’re… well…’
‘Brothers, Guy. We’re brothers.’

The two stood and looked at each other for a while, traffic rushing past them and a tension rising. Guy was about to excuse himself (he’d had enough tension for one day and just needed a lie down and some tea) when Ryland suddenly flung his arms around Guy.

‘We’re brothers, and that’s what matters. Everything from here on will be alright, now – now we know the facts…’

Guy stood stiffly during the hug, not knowing what to do, whether to respond or to run away. Shortly Ryland pulled away, wiping away sudden tears, and Guy seized the opportunity.

‘Well, I’m afraid I should really be going… had quite enough drama for one day… must get back to my hotel, I’m sure I’ll see you at the next venue… goodbye, Ryland…’

‘Wait! Guy, hold up! What about sorting the rest of this out?’
But Guy had already disappeared round the corner. Ryland felt strangely alone. And as he started back to the venue, he began to take in the events of the day. Guy had acted so distantly. There’s only so much you can explain by being English, he thought. Maybe he’s not as happy about this as I am… And as his mind ticked over everything they’d said and done that afternoon, he began to wonder… was Guy going to stay?
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