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Chapter Fourteen – A Distorted Memory

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He guessed this was one of those things were the experience was completely different depending whose perceptive you saw it in. Why was his memory of it so... distorted? Was that the right word?

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Chapter Fourteen – A Distorted Memory

Disclaimer- Still not mine, apart form Plot, that is mine :), but Hogwarts, character's and basically every thing else doesn't belong to me. I am not going to make any money from this piece of fan fiction, just to find something to do with my spare time. No copyright infringement intended

Draco and his own eyes met, this time hatred wasn’t the main emotion. Harry couldn’t think of another time when he had seen his transfiguration teacher this…angry? Disappointed? Worse still, it may have been his own imagination, but her eyes seemed rather harder on himself than Draco, as if it had all been his fault.

His friends all had their eyes on him. Harry couldn’t understand their expressions. They seemed over the top. After all it was just a harmless fight, right?

The two boys followed Professor McGonagall up to the castle. His friends were not invited to join them, so watched motionlessly as the trio walked to the castle.
As they walked through the entrance Harry was reminded of his second year. He and Ron had got into trouble for flying a magic car to school, he particularly remembered how bad it felt to let Dumbledore down, he hoped desperately that he wasn’t just about to have to look up into Dumbledore’s disappointed eyes, again.

McGonagall led them straight to the gargoyle outside the teacher’s office. Unlike the second year, this time she quietly gave the gargoyle the password, whilst taking a look around the corridor, Harry had no idea if Draco had heard the password or not. Harry wasn’t sure if Draco had ever been to see the headmaster in his office before.

They climbed up the stone steps and waited as she knocked on the door. Draco and Harry didn’t even glance at each other when the door opened and they both walked inside.

Dumbledore was sat in the chair behind his desk. He gestured for Harry and Draco to take a seat in front of the desk.
Before even a word had been spoken Dumbledore rose out of his chair and went towards McGonagall, she then whispered something in his ear, it must have been something long as she was there for about three minutes before he nodded, took his seat and she left.

“Please explain the meaning of this.” Dumbledore said quietly.
Yep, definitely disappointed. His eyes looked sad; Harry couldn’t look into them for too long.
Harry and Draco both spoke at once, Dumbledore held up his hand to both of them. “Draco?”
“He attacked me sir.” Draco burst out. The bad thing was that the blood on Draco’s face backed up his story. It seemed like Draco had come off worse, but that was of little comfort to Harry now.

Harry was just glad it was Dumbledore, not Snape for instance, because this way it was at least fair.


“We attacked each other, sir.” Harry said quickly, truth be told Harry had thrown the first hex, but they hit each other more or less at the same time. He now just wondered if Dumbledore could tell, technically he wasn’t lying.

Dumbledore seemed to believe him.

“I am very disappointed in you both; I expected more of each of you.” Dumbledore began. Draco seemed to have stared directly in Dumbledore’s eyes since arriving, didn’t he feel the slightest bit guilty or accountable. “Surely you both understand how important it is, how crucial it is, that we work together at this moment. The times ahead of us are long and difficult, but what hope is there is there is fighting within these very walls. You are both old enough to comprehend the repercussions of your actions; you were not only seen by your fellow pupils, but others outside of Hogwarts as well.”

This sobered Harry up, figuratively of course, was he talking about death eaters? Surely Voldemort didn’t want them to both so publically hate each other, so it was bad for Draco. But how was this bad for Harry? He couldn’t understand how it was.

“50 points each shall be taken from Gryffindor and Slytherin.” Dumbledore began only to be interrupted by Draco.

“What?” Draco asked, if none to politely.
“You heard me Draco.” The headmaster replied firmly.
“But I didn’t do anything, it was all him” Draco responded, pointing at Harry.
“You know it wasn’t!” Harry replied back. He could see a glint in Malfoy’s eyes; he just longed to get out his wand again. This green eyes buried into Draco’s.

“Enough.” The teacher said, standing up now. Both were silent. He then sat back down and carried on as if he hadn’t been interrupted, “Three weeks detention each.”
Ok, that wasn’t so bad, Harry had been expecting more. Much worse in fact.

“And you are both excluded from all other Hogsmeade visits until further notice.”

The room was even quieter, if possible.
Both Harry and Draco wore identical expressions. But although Dumbledore’s face appeared thoughtful and fair, both knew not to argue, no matter how much they wanted to, and Harry really wanted to.

Before Harry went to the common room, he stopped at the boys toilets. He looked alright. It wasn’t too obvious he had been in a fight. His hair was even more of a mess than usual and his clothes, mainly his jeans had a few holes and rips. He took off his t-shirt; there were parts of his chest that would undoubtedly bruise in the morning. At least he looked healthy though. Even though he was getting abysmal amounts of sleep, he was still eating; a lot. No one ever told him not to eat and since he sat with Ron, it was normal to have several helpings at each and every meal. This chest was not as incredibly thin as it had been over summer, he could maybe just pass of as slender, rather than skeletal. Any muscle he had had diminished over summer but it was coming back from the several quidditch practices he had been to, he had several before the first match of the year in about a weeks time.

He put his top back on, splashed his face and headed towards the common room, ready to face the music.

It was late afternoon and not all the third years and above were back from Hogsmeade, however, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville were. Their faces were blank.
The common room was otherwise fairly empty. A few first and second years were there. Harry could also see a handful of seventh years, but no one he really talked too much with.

“Harry!” The four fellow Gryffindors said simultaneously. Although they hadn’t specifically yelled it, it was said loud enough that the other years turned around to look at them all.
Ron was no doubt about to say something but Hermione cleverly elbowed him and Ginny came over across the room, took his hand and led him over to the corner, where the others were. Her hand was warm and soft, however they both let go the second Harry was over near his friends.

“What?” Harry asked quietly, not meeting their eyes. He knew it wasn’t the best thing to say, but what else should he have said? It was only a fight after all; secretly Harry thought everyone was making a big deal out of it. Harry was just glad Draco came of worse. Privately he had a strong desire to say ‘you think this is bad, wait to you see the other guy’ but their expressions told him they really weren’t in the mood, they had given up on their Hogsmeade day for him though.

“What!” Hermione repeated.

“It was only a little fight.” The others looked… well… flabbergasted. Neville seemed to have lost the power if speech. On the way to the common room Harry hadn’t noticed Luna anywhere, Harry took it that Neville must not have got round to asking her. Harry felt quite bad for her, because they were all in the Gryffindor common room Luna couldn’t come in, so was probably alone in the Ravenclaw common room.

“Little? Little!” Hermione responded.

“Mate, it really…You…” Ron seemed speechless.

Harry didn’t get it, was he missing something? Something important. He probably had to be, considering everyone’s reacting. Everyone seemed to be mad at him, not Draco. Harry would bet that right now in the Slytherin common room no one was moaning at him, on the contrary, he probably had set the story up and gone on about how he had had the famous Potter mere inches from death itself.

“Harry, didn’t you see it. The whole street was -” Ginny began.

Harry tried to be bothered by what they were saying but well all this was pointless. It wouldn’t get him his Hogsmeade visits back, or get rid of the detention. In fact, he really didn’t know if they were telling the truth, not making a hyperbole of it.
Harry was half convinced he had fallen asleep, and that this wasn’t all an elaborate dream. His day had felt quite surreal; he had been waiting years to have a proper one on one battle with Draco, but he wasn’t really satisfied with it.

“Look, ok, if you want to go on at me, can we do this later.” He snapped.

“Harry, don’t you understand how important this is?”

“Yeah, the fight, big whoop, what’s the deal?” Harry asked, losing patience now. He really wanted just to walk away, but where could he go? Hogsmeade? Fat chance, although he did have an invisibility cloak; he made a mental note to himself to remember that for later; well for another day probably.

“What? No. Not the fight, the –” Neville began, only to be interrupted by Harry.

“Look ok I have lost 50 points, got three weeks detention and am banded from all other Hogsmeade trips, so I would really appreciate if you all just shut up for five seconds.” Harry rushed flatly.

In hindsight, he should probably have let them finish. Then he would have a clue what the hell they were going on about.

All were quiet. Harry couldn’t stand it and so left the others and walked straight back out f the common room portrait hole.

He headed down to the kitchens. When ever in a bad mood, food always helped. Well it certainly didn’t make anything worse. He tickled the pear and trundled in.

The kitchens looked the same. Four great tables ran down the centre. House elves running around left, right and centre. Although they did turn their heads as Harry arrived.
“Harry Potter sir.” He instantly heard and was hugged round the middle by a small, enthusiastic and bat-eared house elf, which went by the name of Dobby.

“Hey Dobby.” Harry said quickly.

When Harry had last seen Dobby the previous year he had been clothed in some ridiculous outfits; today was no different. He was wearing a Gryffindor scarf wrapped round himself like a kilt, a maroon Weasley jumper (which Ron had given him previously), a pair of rather jazzy trainers and for some reason a pair of sunglasses, obviously Dobby didn’t pay much concern about the weather, then again his scarf skirt did possibly suggest otherwise.
In the corner of his eye Harry sworn he had seen Winky, this time she was wearing the same outfit’s the other elves wore. She was helping them work, although not talking, but at least she was off the butterbeer.

“Dobby was wondering when Harry Potter would come to him, sir, Dobby missed Harry Potter over the summer.” The house elf rushed out happily, the words gushed out of him like a fast flowing stream.

“You can see me anytime you like Dobby, Remember? I missed you as well.” Harry said awkwardly. Although in truth he hadn’t given him a moments thought, but it wasn’t like the elf was an accomplished legitimist, well Harry certainly hoped not.

The elf smiled a watery eyed smile.

Harry’s stomach rumbled loudly and a plate of food was rushed over to him; it was a roast dinner with all the trimmings. In all of the days…excitement, Harry had forgotten to eat lunch and now it was coming up for dinnertime. He was glad he wouldn’t have to go down to the great hall to eat; the news of their so called fight was now most certainly out and he could do without all the attention and questions. Although he would have to face quidditch practice later as the match was just around the corner.
Harry knew he should talk, but as he ate he realised just how hungry he was, but Dobby seemed more than content to sit and watch him. Harry scoffed the food down quickly.
Harry decided to make conversation as he finished. His plate completely empty. “How was your summer Dobby?”

“Very busy, Harry Potter, sir.” Dobby said cheerfully.

“Er, oh, really, why? Were you here, at the castle?” Harry asked.

“Oh, yes, all us house elves…not just us house elves, everyone’s been very busy with the castle and making sure that-” Dobby began; only to stop when every single elf in the room stopped what they where doing and stared at Dobby open mouthed. Considering how much the house elves loved to work, Harry thought this was an aberration in itself.

Dobby stared at Harry, open mouthed, as if he, himself, had just done the unforgivable. “Oh, Dobby forgot.” Dobby said loosely. “Bad Dobby” The house elf whispered sadly, looking down at his own green and yellow spotty trainers. The gloomy face on Dobby’s face certainly touched Harry; he wasn’t used to seeing Dobby ever look very unhappy.

“Forgot what?” Harry asked gingerly. The house elves all looked at him now, as if he had done something wrong. “Dobby?”

Before Dobby could give an answer he had been led out of the kitchens by the house elves and was left in the corridor contemplating what he had just done wrong, which seemed to be a frequent thought to his day.
What had Dobby been about to say that was that bad? And what had ‘everyone’ been very busy making sure that something about something… ok, that made no sense, but neither had Dobby. At least he had managed to have a meal.

Harry when back to the common room; it was empty; everyone must have gone down to tea. He went up to his dorm and tried to do some of his homework. It was a pointless exercise because after mere minutes he worked out it would require Hermione’s help.
Quidditch practice had been scheduled straight after they had eaten so Harry made his way down to the quidditch field to wait for the others. He grabbed his firebolt and did some loops as he waited. No matter what mood he was in: flying always seemed to help.

It didn’t seem long before the rest of the team arrived.
Ron, Ginny, Demelza, Katie, Jimmy and Ritchie turned up. Harry had told Cormac McLaggen and Dean Thomas to both come as well because he had chosen them as reserves, he could see them in the distance, following the others.

They all ran over to meet Harry as he landed in the middle of the field. Ron gave Dean a glare as he caught up.

“Harry?” Katie asked, her long brown ponytail swaying in the breeze.


“We weren’t sure if you were going to come or not because… you know… Hogsmeade.” Katie said slowly, her voice trailing off at the end.

He tried to keep his cool. “It doesn’t matter. Ok, the match is in one week’s time, first match of the year and we are going to beat Slytherin. I know we are missing players from last year, but it doesn’t matter, we’re still going to win, right?”

Several cheered.

“Let’s practice then.”

Firstly Harry got them to fly a few laps round the field. Then he then released a quaffle and a bludger. He then split up the team. Ron was keeper at one end of the field and Cormac, the other. Jimmy was on Ron’s side and Richie’s with Cormac. Demelza and Dean were then chasers and Ginny and Katie were the opposite chasers. They then played a small game against each other. Harry spent most of the time jut watching them and offering advice, rather than search for a snitch. He was far too tired for one, and certainly not concentrated enough to even begin to search for it; so it wasn’t even released.
Thought out the match Ron’s eyes were either on Dean or the quaffle. Dean’s were on Ron’s or Harry’s, but not the quaffle, so the other team did score higher. Ginny was by far the best of the chasers but Katie was close second. Demelza could use a touch more practice but Harry was confident she would be ready. Jimmy and Richie were definitely not up to the Weasley standard…yet.

Over all Harry was quite confident. Not as confident as he would like, but they still had two more practice sessions before the match and it was his first match as captain so he doubted he would ever feel fully confident. They all practiced hard and were all ready to hit the showers and call it a night by the time Harry announced that they had practiced enough for the night.

Harry put all the brooms away in the broom cupboard. He didn’t feel he had worked up a sweat enough for a shower and couldn’t really be bothered watching Ron and Dean exchange looks. Although something was up with Dean, if his eyes weren’t on Harry, Ron or the quaffle; they were watching Ginny, but Harry couldn’t read his expression. Dean hadn’t looked angry or like he hated her, which Harry didn’t get.

“Hey.” A voice said from behind him. He jumped up suddenly, banging his head on a shelf.

She giggled slightly and then said “Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh, you alright?” It was Ginny. She was still wearing her quidditch robes she had worn for practice. He wondered how long she’d been there.

“Yeah great, never better” Harry replied sarcastically.

“Really are a ray of sunshine today, aren’t you?” She replied equally sarcastically.

Harry sighed and apologised. He really was snapping a lot today, even he would admit.
Ginny smiled, “its fine, how are you actually then? We missed you at dinner.”

“I don’t get it, it was only a little duel and everyone is making such a big thing out of it.” Harry said broodingly.

“Well, you have Cho and Draco to thank for what ever rumours get out, even though McGonagall said we weren’t meant to tell anyone anything about it, but it wasn’t really little, as such.” Ginny responded carefully, watching his face intently.
Why didn’t McGonagall want them talking about it.

The rest of the team could be seen leaving and walking up to the castle. The half moon shone down brightly, reminding each of them how late it was getting. They were now stood outside the broom cupboard, Harry was facing the castle and Ginny had her back to it.

“It was, only a few spells really, and the odd punch or two.” Harry said in defence.

“Well that bit yeah, but I’m not talking about that, not at all, I’m talking abou-” She stopped suddenly.

“What?” Harry asked quickly, his hand twitching towards the hand in his pocket. The hairs were standing up on his neck; the strange feeling of being watched was engulfing him.
“Never mind, I thought I just saw something” she said distractingly, gazing off in the direction of the forbidden forest. Harry turned around but couldn’t see anything amongst the shadows. Just darkness. “It doesn’t matter” She continued, Harry turned back to look at her, but slowly withdrew his wand without her, or anyone else for that matter noticing. “ Okay, I really need a shower, umm, I’ll see you tonight, later, in the common room, and I’ll tell you everything; what everyone is, what did you describe it as, oh yeah, ‘making such a big thing out of’, deal?”

Perfect, now someone would tell him what it was all about. “Deal.” Harry replied.

It was only on his walk up to the common room he realised he hadn’t actually agreed to a specific time. Then again, he was awake more of the night than asleep usually, so it probably didn’t matter too much. Although in his head he could not help but think how weird it would look to someone else if they saw him and Ginny alone in the common room together in the middle of the night, especially to Ron or Hermione, if they hadn’t been invited. It sounded like it was just him in the invitation. Well him and her ‘later’.

The common room was emptying. Ron and Hermione, however were in the chairs near the fire, waiting. Was he meant to wait here for Ginny? The room was still too full now though, it seemed that they shouldn’t be over heard, that or Ginny just wanted him alone. He highly doubted it was the former.

He found he wasn’t paying much attention to Hermione a she discussed how to improve his potion’s essay. His eyes were too busy flicking back and forth between her and the portrait hole; how long did girls take to shower?

After about 15 minutes Ron announced he was going to bed and so after no sign of Ginny Harry followed.

The curtains around Dean’s bed were closed, as where the ones on Seamus’ bed.

Neville smiled at Ron and Harry as he climbed into his own bed. “How was practice?” he asked through his hangings.

“Yeah, I think it was good; tiring though.” Ron answered. Inwardly, Harry felt Ron could use a tad more practice, he was a little rough around the edges, but Harry was still pleased by his performance.

“Harry?” Neville asked after.

“Yeah, well think we can beat Slytherin if that was what you were asking.” Harry said with a smile.

Ron and Harry got changed into their pyjamas and climbed into their own beds. Harry made to sure to wear some good, not too embarrassing pyjamas; they were red with hippogriffs chasing snitches on. After all if he was to see Ginny tonight, he didn’t want to be seen wearing an old pair of Dudley’s; if he didn’t have to.
Over the years while at Hogwarts he had ordered some clothes through owl order, after all he wasn’t going to wear Dudley’s old too big clothes, if he didn’t have to. He had to admit it felt good to wear clothes that fit. But the problem was when he was at the Dursley’s he couldn’t really wear them without earning looks from them and he didn’t really want the clothes to get ruined, which would probably happen if he left them with his aunt.

Once inside Harry got out his wand and cast a silencing charm around his bed. Just in case he was too noisy. He strongly suspected Neville and Ron were taking in turns to check he was still in his bed. Honestly did they have to care about him all time, he then felt bad for being annoyed.
This wasn’t the first time he had cast a charm around his bed. He frequently woke up screaming, mainly from the pain but sometimes from just shock or terror, he just cast a silencing charm and didn’t mention it to anyone; not even Dumbledore.

He then quickly took out the marauders map. The common room was nearly empty just four students remained. They were all in the year above. Hermione was in her dorm room, talking to Lavender. Ginny was walking to the portrait hole and before he could get up she had gone up the girl’s staircase and started talking to Hermione.

‘Great!’ he thought to himself. At least waiting would give Ron and Neville, and Dean and Seamus he supposed, time to fall asleep.

Harry waited; his cloak and map in hand. After deciding he was too curious to find out what everyone was going on about with the fight. He threw his invisibility cloak over himself, grabbed wand and map and snuck out of his bed. He was careful with is hangings leaving them how they were before. There was a clear gap in Ron’s hangings, but also a light snoring. No snoring came from Neville or Dean so Harry assuming they were still awake. He slowly got the door open, and crept out.

He had to hold his breath as a seventh year boy passed him on his way up to his bed.
In the common room, it was dark. It was a few minutes past midnight. Practice had gone on longer than he had intended.

There were two seventh years in the common room now; a boy and a girl. Harry sat ion the floor in front of the fire. It would probably be too noisy if he sat down on a chair. Well maybe not, the two seemed rather too… distracted by each other; Harry tried to tune it out. It was hard though, and felt awkward, well for him anyway; the other two didn’t seem awkward. After forty five minutes they both left for bed, not before sharing another long and passionate kiss, he wondered how either of them was actually breathing. It hadn’t been like that for him and Cho.

Harry flopped in a chair.
He seriously hoped he wasn’t taking Ginny’s deal to meet later too seriously but he wanted to know what this big deal was. He knew it would be pointless to just give up and go upstairs to sleep because he would probably be back down in a matter of hours.
Although he certainly was feeling tired, he eyelids were behaving of their own accord.

“Evening Harry, or should I say morning.” Ginny asked suddenly, seemingly appearing out of the darkness.

Harry jumped up.

She was standing behind the chair. Her red hair was hanging loosely in a ponytail. She was wearing a green top and pyjama bottoms. The top came to just below her neck, but revealed a small line of flesh at her waist when she moved. She smiled at him.

“Take your time, won’t you?” Harry replied.

“Sorry, I had to wait until they both went up.” She said quietly.

“Yeah” He said lamely. “Wished I had done the same.”

Ginny watched him strangely for a minute and then asked, “Was watching them kissing really that bad?”

“Yes” He laughed.

He noticed she had also brought her wand with her. It was hanging out of her pants pocket.

“So, care to explain this big deal then.” Harry asked.
Ginny came to sit on the chair, the map was open in-between them, she stared at it briefly, before smiling at looking into his eyes.

“Yeah, it’s kind of a long story though.” She replied.

“Well, it’s not like there is anything better to do.” Harry said more to himself than to her.

“You know, it’s none of my business, but you should probably tell someone, Dumbledore, about the sleeping issue, you know.” Ginny whispered, as if scared of his reaction, did she really think he was going to bite her head off?
“Probably should.”
“I saw Dumbledore talking to Ron the other day you know, well Ron and Hermione.” Ginny told him.

Ron and Hermione hadn’t mentioned any talk with Dumbledore. Well not to him anyway, “About what?” Harry asked.

“Don’t know, they didn’t see me notice, anyway, it ‘doesn’t concern me’ does it.” Ginny said, she mumbled the last bit angrily and said it in a deep tone to imitate Ron.
He had forgotten about that.

“Er… sorry about that.” Harry responded. “It was just... that...”

“It’s fine; it was Ron not you.”

Ginny reached out in between them and held the cloak. She rubbed the material between her fingers. It was quiet. It was well coming up for quarter to one on the clock. He was well aware he wouldn’t sleep for hours but wasn’t sure about Ginny. He should get them back on topic, but part of him wanted to know what Dumbledore had said to them both and not to him.
“So this thing then.” He said, getting back on topic.
She fidgeted slightly, and turned to sit cross legged facing straight towards him, she was close, the map between them the only thing separating them. “Sorry, I’m just not quite sure how to explain it.”
“Er, well-” Harry tried to think of some explanation or decent answer but all he could think was ‘just tell me.’
“Neville.” Ginny said simply.

What the hell did Neville have to do with anything? Was he behind him? Harry turned around, nothing. He looked back at Ginny, she was looking at the map.
The blob labelled Neville was moving, faster than Harry would have expected considering the time. The blob left the dormitory, headed for the boys’ toilets. Why was Ginny so concerned about this? No sooner had Neville gone in, he was back in the dorm room and standing next to the Ron blob, which then got up and headed over to the bed which belonged to none other than Harry Potter.

“They know you’re out of bed.” She said, Harry couldn’t tell the tone of her voice. They both stood up quickly.

“Just tell me quickly now.”

“Definitely not enough time.”

“Well we’re not going to be able to do anything when they come down and-”
“Wonder why we are meeting down here alone in the middle of the night.” She interrupted quietly.

The blob labelled Ron was heading for the stairs, at that point the Dean blob got up, yes that would give them another minute or two.

“I was going to say, stay here asking why I wasn’t asleep again and then moaning I go to madam Pomfrey or Dumbledore and not leaving until I do but, yeah you’re right as well”
“So what should we do?” She asked quickly.

Harry knew he shouldn’t be allowed to make whimsical decisions but, “I have the cloak, and the map, let’s go somewhere else.”
Ginny looked at him strangely, then seemed to be fighting a smile, and just nodded then said “Wait.”


“What will happen when they come down and your not here?”

He hadn’t thought of that, luckily Ginny already had a solution. She ran across the common room quickly as they heard the sound of feet coming down the stairs. She chucked a piece of paper at Harry who got the plan and messily scribbled, ‘Gone to see Dumbledore, back later’ and then he pulled Ginny close, she gasped quietly, he then threw the cloak over them and together they disappeared out of the portrait hole into the dark corridor outside, just in time as when they closed the door they could hear footsteps approaching from the stairs.

It was a strange experience. He and Ginny had never been se close before, well except the day she had hugged him when he gave her a place on the Gryffindor quidditch team. But being under a cloak with her was definitely a different experience than with Ron or Hermione. He could smell her hair; it smelt of strawberries and flowers. She had her wand in one hand, and the map, open in the other. Harry had his wand in one and the other half of the map in his left.
The corridor was dark and seemingly empty. Neither Harry nor Ginny spoke; they didn’t need to both knew where they were headed. They walked quickly but quietly.
They saw Peeves floating past once but he didn’t notice them.
Although it was getting later, Harry felt he was getting more awake every second that passed, and felt sure it was the same case for Ginny.

As they rounded the stairs to the seventh floor where the room of requirement was located they heard voices. Harry mouthed a ‘Shhhh’ motion to her as they continued. Ginny pressed herself into him as Snape and Desdemona, by the sound of it, were walking down the narrow corridor in their direction.

They appeared to be talking intently about something. The corridor was dark Harry couldn’t see properly, just too extra dark figures in the dark corridor.

“Well, Dumbledore won’t say.”

“Then I fail to see why you think will get the answer from me.” Snape said angrily now, rounding on the other teacher.

They were mere metres away from Harry and Ginny. Harry looked around for a door, passageway or something for them to get out of the way; there was nothing there, so they just stood still against the wall.

“So you know do know then.” Desdemona’s voice came; Harry could hear the voice but not see him. Only darkness in the direction he heard the voice. If they couldn’t see the other professor they couldn’t get out of the way. If they were caught out of bed at this hour, together, Harry hated to think of the consequences, he had already got into trouble once today, or rather yesterday.

“Obviously.” Snape replied in one of his dullest tone.

“I will find out Snape, mark my words.” Harry heard the voice say, it sounded different than it did in class. More threatening, more assertive, more commanding.

“I am sure the headmaster will be pleased to know that, especially where his favourite pupil is concerned.”

Ginny looked at Harry and mouthed, ‘you?’ Harry shrugged slightly. Was he Dumbledore’s favourite pupil? Head teachers weren’t meant to have favourites were they? Harry didn’t know. What reason did they have for talking about him; then again, he had been the main topic of the school because of the fight, which he still didn’t know what the big deal was about. But that couldn’t be it surely. What else could it be about…Voldemort?

“Why does it matter to you anyway, Morsus?” Snape asked.

They were walking quickly, getting closer.
Harry slipped his hand round Ginny’s waist and pulled her closer to him. She didn’t respond, just stared at him, he wondered what she was thinking. If Harry thought they had been close together before he was mistaken. They were face to face, chest to chest. She was smaller than him, but he could still look straight into her eyes. It felt very…strange. He was suddenly aware how thin their pyjamas were, neither had had enough time to run and get a dressing gown. He could feel her breath against his skin.
He tried to focus on the conversation between the two instead.

“Are you really deluded enough to think I’d tell you my reasons?” The defence against the dark arts teacher asked. Harry thought it previously impossible for someone to insult Snape and not get in trouble.

“If I am correct, you also didn’t tell Dumbledore your reasons.”

“I don’t see how that is any of your business or his.” Desdemona said; as they saw Snape just pass him and Ginny. Luckily, Ginny was so close to Harry; both remained unnoticed. As Desdemona spoke his voice passed them, moving further down the corridor with every syllable he spoke.

Harry couldn’t hear the response, if there was one. They were alone again. They walked together as quickly as they could to the room of requirement.

Harry thought carefully at the brick wall, and then was nudged by Ginny when the door appeared.

The room of requirement now featured a grand fire place and two comfy chairs. It had been ages since he had been in here. A clock on the wall showed it was half past one.

“I don’t like that teacher.” Ginny said as they made their way over to the chairs.
“Yeah, I don’t think I do either.” Harry replied as he sat down.

“So, the fight” Ginny began, “It’s hard to explain really, even we didn’t see it all, we only arrived at the end.”
“And what you did see?”
“Well that’s were it’s hard to describe.” Ginny said confusingly. “If only there was a better way to do this, I don’t think I can explain things well, it’s going to sound far fetched.”
How could she do this without explaining, Harry wondered to himself, well the only other option was-
But he couldn’t get one could he? Unless, he was in the room of requirement, surely if he just really needed one, it would appear-

“Harry, what’s that?” Ginny asked, while staring straight over at the pensive, positioned in the middle of the room.
It was different than the one in Dumbledore’s office, but Harry could clearly see it was one by the reflective shine on the liquid inside. It was at a table height and looked like a block of silver carved into a basin shape on top of a long thick vase with intricately decorated patterns engraved up the side complete with some words in a language he didn’t know. It looked old and seemed foreign.

“It’s a pensive” Harry told her as they stood around it, “You can like put a memory into it and then watch the memory.” He explained a best he could.
“How do I put a memory into it?” She asked.
“Er” he hadn’t ever seen Dumbledore really do it, but he thought he had the basic idea after all how hard could it be, “Put your wand to your head, yeah like that, and just think, and concentrate really hard on the memory, nothing else but the memory.” He felt a bit like Trelawney as he said it, but Ginny didn’t comment on it; she was too busy concentrating.

As he watched he saw Ginny’s face contort a bit. Nothing happened at first. But suddenly a line of light travelled out of her head and into the tip of her wand; making it light up strangely. Her eyes flickered open. She looked in curiosity at it for a second before looking back at him.

“And you just put it in the basin, I think.” Harry finished, trying to sound confident.


“Yea, I’m not too sure on the finer points, but just trust me.”

She dipped her wand in the pensive. The light was then transferred into the pensive. It was like dropping a blob of ink into some water. The memory danced its way through the liquid, leaving a trail of blurry looking mist in behind. It looked like it had in Dumbledore’s pensive, so he presumed, fingers crossed, it had worked.
“What now?” She questioned.
He then gestured to Ginny to put her finger in.
She looked unsure.
“Come on its fine.” He said as he gently took her hand and led it to the basin. She smiled at him before plunging her finger in. She disappeared into the liquid. There one second and gone the next. Harry followed suit and he too disappeared into the red head’s memory.
When he dropped down into the memory he met Ginny starting in the three broomsticks looking around in amazement. She was staring at another version of herself that was sat at a table near the window with Neville, Luna, Ron and Hermione. Harry could see himself following Cho walking away form the table. In the corner of his eyes he could see someone he was sure was Goyle, no doubt Crabbe wasn’t far around either.
Harry really wanted to follow himself and find Malfoy, and then he remembered why he was there.

“Suppose we need to wait until I come back down.” He said to Ginny.

They went over to the table. Hermione and Ron were talking. The- sat at the table -Ginny was staring at the other Harry’s retreating figure.

“We couldn’t bloody well say ‘hey, Cho wait for us to come as well’ could we?” Memory Ron asked the table.

Ginny and Neville had nodded in agreement.

“Well, we should have done something.” Hermione argued.

“Other than dragging him away, there was nothing we could do.” Neville said politely.

Ginny, the real one nudged Harry to get his attention, “What actually happened up there with Cho, anyway?” She asked in a casual voice.
“Er, I don’t know, nothing really, she didn’t get to the point.” He admitted.
“Oh” Ginny dropped.

Just then Harry saw himself, and Draco running down the stairs and out of the door. If he had blinked he would have missed it.
The others at the table seemed to have. Cho then came running down the stairs. The Luna at the table was gazing out of the window then said “Harry.” As she saw his figure running the opposite direction of the school. Ginny (the memory one) was the first up, following Cho, Ron was straight after.

Ginny, the real one, grabbed Harry’s hand and pulled him after. She held onto his hand longer than he would have perceived necessary.

They were then both following the others. All ready knowing the direction they both over took a confused Cho, who was looking around to try to find them. Memory Ginny also over took her, running in the right direction. In the distance he could see Ron and Neville sprinting after in the distance.

As they got closer if felt weird, different. It was like he could feel the fight and spells being fired without actually knowing where it was. It led the way. Memory Ginny and real Ginny seemed to both feel it as well. They reached the corner at the same time. If it was in a different time, he would have liked to watch the two Ginny’s’ running together, in perfect sync, he would have found it quite entertaining as the real Ginny looked at her self in the corner if her eye and tried to beat herself.
They approached the corner. Memory Ginny stopped suddenly and cautiously peered around as if unsure what to expect. She then took a more confident step into the open. Neither boy seemed to notice her. The wind was blowing powerfully around him and Malfoy. Almost in a circle around the pair of them; either making Ginny unable to come closer or make her not want to.
Harry could see, although he had no recollection of doing it; he knew he was causing all…this.

It was unusual to see himself, standing before his own eyes. It was like looking into a mirror. His face seemed so…focused, was that the right word? He was reminded of when he saw Dumbledore in the fourth year, when after the tri-wizard tournament, when he had blown open the door and was radiating a powerful energy, almost.

While this time it was him who seemed to be radiating a power. The street was shaking, ever so slightly, it was hard to note, but was easy to perceive if you concentrated on it.

There was something about his eyes that looked different. His wand was shooting spell after spell. A rainbow of colours; including an odd looking green/red one that dissolved quickly before it had a chance to reach the opponent.
Harry remembered distinctly thinking, ‘that the street could be up in flames for all he cared, but he would haven’t have noticed.’ Well there certainly was a strange smoky looking grey mist appearing around Harry’s own feet, not hurting him, just sort of orbiting him. Like a shield.

Behind them, Ron and Neville had caught up. Luna was running up close behind on her own. Hermione and Cho were following up at the rear. Crabbe and Goyle were further behind. None of the students turned around to notice the teachers following behind; wands ready in their extended hands, anger but also worry imprinted on their faces.
Hermione looked like she was going to run into it and grab him, or his wand out of his steady hand, but Ron thankfully gripped her forearm stopping her.

Harry turned back to himself. He was firing spells he didn’t even know, he hadn't been taught, but when he shot them he knew what they would do. He looked scary to himself, his eyes the most. He was hardly even saying the spells. He was hardly moving his wand. He was definitely better than Draco. It was unquestionable.
It was like he was in trance but yet was so powerful. He hadn’t thought he was that great at magic, but this memory seemed to say otherwise.

A pair of Ginny’s eyes were on the fight, her mouth hanging open, another pair was staring straight at him.

He guessed this was one of those things were the experience was completely different depending whose perceptive you saw it in. Why was his memory of it so... distorted?

The teacher’s were now there. Seeing McGonagall’s face had been awful the first time, but to see it again was indescribable. Her face wasn’t angry so much, but portrayed shock and almost disbelief.
As she led memory Harry and Draco away to the castle, he saw McGonagall whisper something to Flitwick, who gathered the other children and led them back to the castle saying, “Professor McGonagall wants to talk to you all back at the castle.”

“She told us not to tell everyone about it or there would be serious consequences.” Ginny said, answering his un-asked question.
“Come on.” Harry said, taking her arm, and they both returned back to the room of requirement.
They both landed back on their feet. Ginny more gracefully than he. The clock on the wall, showed it was now effectively pointless even trying to get some sleep.

“See it wasn’t so much the fact you had a fight, but…you.” She stated. At least she hadn't gone on at me, he thought. She didn’t look scared of him, though he noted.

“I think the teacher’s were scared that it would get back to Voldemort about me and my…magic, I suppose.” He said quietly, looking at his feet.

“Do you think it did?”

He thought about this briefly, “No.” It hadn’t, “I’d feel it if it had”

“Well, that’s…good.” She said, no doubt unsure how she should belong. Anyone else would have said something about he needed to practice occlumency, but not her.

He smiled for the first time since returning, “Always the optimist.”

She laughed and he joined in, “That’s me.”

If only most people were like her, he thought. ‘Wait! What!’ where had that come from?

She interrupted his thoughts, “Where do you learn those spells Harry?”

“I didn’t, haven’t; I just knew them, or just did them.”

“Oh.” She said quietly. Looking off unseeingly into the distance, thinking.

Harry desperately hoped it was nothing to do with Voldemort. Like controlling him, for instance, or something like that, this had been the case the previous year. But another half of him, hoped it was, so he could say it was Voldemort controlling him, not just him. So he didn’t feel, well, bad or not in control.

But how would he find out what happened to him.

It was hardly like he wanted to go back to Dumbledore again, disappointing him further. Surely he had let his head teacher down enough for one day. But what was the alternative.
He had to remind himself that the only person who had seen most of the fight was Ginny. Everyone else was already, for lack of a better word, upset, and they hadn’t seen all of it. Ginny had been the first one there.

But what about Malfoy, would he tell Voldemort? His dad was certainly in trouble enough, if Draco thought he could make it better by telling Voldemort, would he? Harry already knew the answer before he had thought of the question. Fortunately the only holiday was Christmas, and Hogsmeade visits were out of the question. The only way of communicating was by owl.

So he potentially had until Christmas.

But what about the whole magic issue? What about the prophecy? What about his friends? What was happening? He could already do wordless and wand less magic even though he had never been taught.

“So, what happens now?” He asked the awaiting witch.

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