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Chapter 1

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PART TWO OF trilogy..... What did Inuyasha do with the jewel? How will It affect him as well as those around him that he loves most?

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RASH DECISIONS: Consequences Of Choices

[pt 2 of Rash Decisions... you asked for a reappraised sequel... so here you go bitches... be happy. I think I'll make it trilogy friends!]

Disclaimer.... Still don't own Inu or any of his wondrous friends and such... and let me tell yah, its still sucks.

Kagome awoke with a start. Was it all a dream gone terribly nightmarish? She looked around only to realize that she was lying on the floor in her bedroom. How did she get there? It felt as if she had been in the midst of suspension, like a dream... the last thing that she recalled was Inuyasha calling her name tearfully. What else had happened? Why was she on the floor? Why did her head ache and mostly where was Inuyasha? She knew something was wrong, but what? She tried to pick herself up from her floor and as she rose, her legs almost gave. Gripping tightly and quickly to the side of her desk to prevent from falling, she stopped to catch her breath. It felt like she hadn't walked for days.... Like she had been stationary for an extended vacation, months... what the hell? She thought weakly. Finally able to move, she headed to her door and walked out into the hallway. She heard her mother crying from the next room and went to investigate with an awe of curiosity.

"Mom?" she whispered brokenly into the room as she cracked the door open. Her mother gasped loudly and spun around. She looked as if she had been praying to Kami; she had a picture clenched in her hand. Slowly shaking she walked over to her daughter and grasped her within an embrace.

"Oh Kami! Kagome I ... I thought that you were..." a sudden rush of tears overtook her mother, she involuntarily clung to her daughter as if afraid that if she let her go the dream would disintegrate. She stopped realizing that Kagome was standing very erect, stiff and confused. Bringing her hands to Kagome's face, she stood back and let out a breath. She could see the perplexity held within her daughter's eyes as she stroked the hair away from her face. "Inuyasha said that you... that, you died." She managed to choke out. The shock of that brought Kagome to her knees. /What? Died? /She didn't understand. "I knew it couldn't have been true I just knew it!" her mother cried as she helped Kagome back to her feet. Suddenly, there was a vividly sharp pain in her chest and she recalled what happened that day. Her eyes were wide and she couldn't conceal a gasp from escaping her lips.

"I'm sorry I worried you... there's... there's something I need to d-do mother... something I need to check. I promise I'll come back." She kissed her mothers cheek and haphazardly ran through the doors and down the stairs. Intent on the well house... Inuyasha, oh Inuyasha what have you done. She opened to door and walked inside the shrine, looking into the old bone eater's well. She closed her eyes and jumped in, praying that it would work... if only just one more time. When she opened her eyes, she realized that she was still in her time...sitting on her knees, nothing had happened. "Please!" she cried to an unknown force. "Please work... Inuyasha please I need to see Inuyasha." Her voice had become hushed as she let her head hang and the tears expel themselves from her already swollen eyes. Tightly she closed them and clenched her fists together. She needed to get back so bad that she could almost feel the bluish pink light surround her being as it had so many times before. Letting out a breath she reopened the bloodshot eyes and looked around. It was no longer dark... the light she had felt was real. She was back, her eyes became wide. "Inuyasha" She whispered in a barely audible sigh as she quickly pulled herself from the floor of the well over the edge. She just sat on its rim... looking around at the beloved forest that she had grown to cherish so much. The sun was setting, overcastting an orange glow over the entire land. She had to find Inuyasha, and quick... something in her heart kept telling her that something was gravely wrong.


He felt his chest tighten as he clenched the purified jewel within his palm. His breath was catching but all he could think about was her. Her fate was not to die... not this way. "Please..." he managed to whisper "Kagome please, you weren't supposed to die... I'll give anything for you to just be standing here again." The light began to glow as it engulfed him. He could feel his soul tingle as his essence diminished from its prior self. /I love you Kagome. /That was his last thought right before everything went black.


Kagome wandered through past the Goshinboku where she first met the beautiful hanyou, and stopped momentarily staring up at the newly forming vines that wrapped around the trunk. She continued to walk, changing her pace into a jog as she came to the village they spent so many nights in. "Inuyasha..." she whispered again. She sensed a strong jewel aura coming from the village... one hut in specific. She gasped as she realized what it was, and ran to push the beaded 'doorway' aside. There he lay. Within the barrier of the jewel...his youkai side seemed to be disappearing; she could feel his essence slowly fading. She realized at that moment that she had been holding in her breath, and let out a gasp.

"INUYASHA!" She screamed as the barrier evaporated from around him. Kagome knelt beside his human form in awe and worry. Placing a hand to his face she could feel the hot tears streaming down her own. "Inuyasha please say something ... please be okay... PLEASE" Her head collapsed on him as she begged Kami to let him be alright. Hugging his waist she continued to cry; plead. With her ear to his chest she listened for a heartbeat... for any breath that would fill his lungs. Finally she heard a faint groan escape his throat. Kagome jumped back and put her hands on his shoulders. "Inuyasha? Inu...yasha!" His eyes slid open just enough to see her above his frame. Why can't I smell her? He wondered.

"Kag... Kago... me?" He managed to choke out as he reached his hand to hold one of her forearms that held his shoulders. "It... it worked." Kagome looked at him in confusion.... What worked? What the hell was he talking about? She looked at Inuyasha's hand only to see that it bared a circular and bloody wound. THE JEWEL! She gasped.

"Oh Inuyasha... what have you done?" She whispered to him as she tried to help him up from his position on the ground. He captured her gaze in his own, his eyes no longer of amber shade were glazed over threateningly.

"I brought you back to me worked." She was stunned as his arms flung around her, holding her close; as if letting go would mean losing her all over again, just as her mother had done. "Don't leave me again... please don't leave me again." His voice was barely audible at that point. It was so odd to her to see Inuyasha cling like he was; she felt his tears hot on her neck. Reaching around his neck, she gently stroked his hair making gentle shushing noises.

"I'm here... Shhh... you won't be alone anymore... I promise." Kagome was more than confused and Inuyasha could see it in her gray eyes as he lifted his head and brought her lips to his. Kagome's first instinct was to back away and slap him for some reason, but her body fought that urge and gave in to his desperate kiss. She could taste his salty tears as they streamed down his face mixing with her own. Breaking for air, she stroked the side of his face as he did to her tracing the tears. He brought his lips to each tear that fell from her eyes and kissed them away. Trailing the path of the previous fallen down her neck. Letting out a little moan Kagome pulled his body to her. He stopped his kisses and just wrapped her in his Haori, pulling her closer. She fell asleep to the steadying sound of his breathing. He drifted into his dreams finally at peace holding her in his arms.


The next morning when Kagome awoke, she found that she was still being held by Inuyasha. Softly whispering his name he started to stir. His hearing was obviously affected now that his dog ears were no longer present. There were tears in her eyes at the mere sight of the nijan beside her. She had just realized that the sun was up, that had to mean only one thing. Inuyasha was now a human sitting beside her weak. He always hated being Hanyou, but he despised being a human, it made Kagome's tears fall harder to know.../he did this for me./ Next to her, he stirred awake...slowly he opened his eyes to look at her.

"Kagome." He mumbled. It was cracked and broken barely even a sound.

"Don't try to move Inuyasha; you are hurt pretty badly..." He looked confused yet, content with his pain and her hands on him. She was silent for a moment before letting out a shaking breath. Tightly closing her eyes she clenched his hands in hers. "Why Inuyasha?" She whispered.

"Whadyah mean Kagome?" He replied striking a warm look her way.

"I mean why did you use the jewel... what exactly pushed you to do that?" She searched his face for a reason that seemed to be unspoken, but there was nothing. Finally he exhaled and laid his head back down onto the flat below him; turning to his side. Reaching out he pulled Kagome's waist close to him and slid her down to rest beside his frame, pulling her gaze to his.

"Because Kagome, you need to live... I need you to live." Kagome closed her eyes tightly and let the pent up tears stream down her cheeks at his words. Her heart hiccupped as she tried to swallow the lump that had formed in her throat. She found her voice, but it was merely a hum.

"Why didn't you just wish for Kikyo to be alive... or to go back in time and change things between you? Why didn't you just kill Naraku then? Stop his plot of betrayal between you and her?" He stared at her confused, hurt. She felt his fingers softly graze her chin and his eyes burn into her closed lids. She slowly opened her eyes and wiped her nose with her hand, he grabbed at it as she began to lower it back to her breast.

"Kagome..." He whispered. She pressed on.

"I mean you love her, she was your first love, so why not fix things?" She was falling apart and having his hands holding hers only made it worse. She ranted on and on about Kikyo and such; ignoring the fact he was saying her name until finally, he put a hand over her mouth.

"Because Kagome, I ... I love /you/." Slowly, as if to let the words settle in the air, he took his hand from her mouth and brought both of them to rest upon her hips. Kagome just stared at him, a glassy expression in her eyes. She was still lying on her side and could feel his hands tighten around her waist as he pulled her to him. "I love you Kagome." She just blinked at him, clearing her throat.

"Oh Kami, Inuyasha are you serious?" He glared at her seemingly a bit angry.

"Yes Kagome!" he childishly yelled at her. There's the Inuyasha I remember she thought and let out a sigh. He paused at her exhale and softened his gaze; his voice became almost a whisper again. "Why else do you think I did this? I couldn't live with out you. I don't know maybe I just got used to havin you around me always bright and happy... even when you were bitching. I never..." he stopped suddenly as a wave of emotion overtook him and he tried to breathe through it. Kagome stayed quiet and awaited him to continue, when he didn't she reached her hand over to touch the side of his face, letting his jet black hair fall over her ivory skin.

"You never what Inuyasha?" His breath was shaky, but he somehow found his voice.

"I never got to tell you that I loved you... that I do love you, and that I wanted to mate you not Kikyo." He looked at his hands in disgust at the realization that he was human. "But how could you ever love me... especially now that I am so weak... that I am nijan." She gasped.

"Oh Inuyasha! You still don't get that I have been in love with you this entire time? Over the course of the past 5 years I... I fell in love with you, I'm not sure when, maybe we aren't supposed to know things like that but... it always hurt when you went after Kikyo... because selfishly I wanted to be with you... I wanted you to want to be with me. I just assumed that was impossible." She became quiet before continuing letting the silence engulf. "Inuyasha, I love you hanyou, youkai, or nijan... it doesn't matter to me as long as you are here... I-" He cut her off with a searing kiss. Giving in, Kagome hugged his neck and let it become deeper... hungrily wanting more. She let out a moan concealed in her throat at his touch.
"I'm sorry Kagome." He whispered in her ear. She pulled back and rose to a sitting position, he followed suit to her and rose as well.

"What are you sorry for Inuyasha?" he looked away, but his gaze was still intended for her, saddened and apologetic.

"I'm sorry I hurt you so many times, I didn't mean to... I'm sorry that I left you so many times to go after a woman that truly no longer roamed as the woman I used to love, I am sooo sorry Kagome, I... I guess... I just wasn't as strong as I portrayed myself to be. I'm human now... I can no longer protect you, not physically... Tetsusaiga won't even be wielded now." His voice became quiet, she could barely hear him. "I'm sorry I couldn't mark the woman I love as my mate, and that I never will." His head fell and his shoulders became hunched as he let the sadness consume. Kagome lifted his head, he hadn't thought she heard him... but she obviously did.

"I don't care... just be with me, mark or no mark. Hanyou or nijan... I don't care Inuyasha, I already told you... you stubborn man, I love you no matter what you are... you will always be my Inuyasha." She wrapped her arms around his neck and coddled him to her shoulder. "My Inuyasha, my stubborn loving Inuyasha..." She whispered again and again. He closed his eyes and took in as much of her scent that his nijan senses would allow.

"My Kagome..." He whispered before falling asleep soundly. She sat beside him for a few more moments until she was positive he had fallen asleep then; she stood and walked to the door. Not realizing how long she had been in the hut with Inuyasha, she was surprised when the brutal sunlight hit her face as she pulled the door aside. Stumbling out, she went to make a fire and heat some of the water and ramen that she had packed into her yellow bag. He needs his energy /she thought, he's so weak!/ She knew that the food would boost his energy considerably; her stomach was rumbling as well, after all she hadn't eaten in quite a while.


Miroku guiltily looked down at the Taijiya that he held in his arms. Inuyasha is right, I have Sango to hold every night... he's alone. /She stirred slightly but then rolled over on to her stomach. Letting out a sigh he kissed her forehead and dressed in his robes. Slowly, as if not to awaken his Anata, he moved to the doorway of the hut and backed out. He stopped at the scents that filled the air. /What is this? Ramen? Mixing with an aura... the jewel? What on earth? He thought following his nose to the middle of the village. He could see the smoke from the fire cooking the food that filled the air... his stomach growled at the thought of the future food Kagome used to cook. When he neared the fire he was taken aback; stopped in his tracks at the sight of the former Miko in front of him.

"Lady Kagome?" He stammered. She looked up and smiled wide.

"Miroku!" She cried out, running to him to embrace the confused Houshi. He looked at her with questions in his eyes as she released the hug.

"But... but I thought... we thought that..."

"That I was dead right?" She sighed and looked down at the ground. "I guess I was... I mean, I'm not exactly sure... Inuyasha is pretty badly hurt... he's ..." Miroku interjected.

"He's what Kagome? How bad is he injured? And ... /why/?" She led him to the logs surrounding the cooking ramen and explained what was her knowledge of the story in its entirety. He looked at her wide eyed.

"Nijan! Are you kidding Kagome? He's... Inuyasha is..."

"Human?" Came a voice from behind him.

"Sango! How long were you standing there?" Miroku inquired with shock in his voice.

"Kagome that was ... your story was..." She ran and tightly hugged her friend. "Oh Kagome! I am so relieved you came back to us!" She could tell that Sango was crying, Miroku let his loving hand linger on her back. He no longer wore the rosary that had bound the Kazaana that once was. It was a sweet gesture and made Kagome's heart jump. Sango moved back to sit beside the Houshi and gaze at Kagome. "So, do you think that him being a Nijan is a permanent thing?" Kagome looked down at the fire as it slowly brought the water to a boil.

"I really don't know Sango; it doesn't matter to me though...I love him no matter what his form." She blushed at her admission to her friends. They didn't seem to notice, it didn't surprise them at all that she and Inuyasha had such feelings. Miroku looked up before chiming in with a thought that had crossed Kagome's mind many times during her dreaming's.

"You don't think that Inuyasha's enemies will still come after him do you? After all, Inuyasha is pretty helpless right now without his strength and Youkai... it leaves open opportunity for any demon to just attack." It was always a possibility; Tetsusaiga was sought after by both Sesshoumaru and a few other enemies regardless of their inability to wield it, it was a strong source of power and to have it, would mean more strength. Naraku was gone, this was true but now both Inuyasha and Kagome were enveloped in the scent of the much wanted Shikon no tama.

Authors Note...

Okay, so THIS one will have another chapter to it... and then I'll start working on the final part of this little trilogy.

hope you enjoyed!!!

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