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Haus of the Rising Sun

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A young couple moves into a house that was once home to two little boys. Strange occurrences ensue.

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This chapter's gonna be a fucking snail because I have to explain everything. Be patient.

Nine in the afternoon, so read the grandfather clock in the hall of 69 Salter Place. It was a beautiful day out, a day to remember. It was moving day. Not only were the two excited about a new house, but they were excited about the arrival of their first child. This house would be a fresh start from what they'd left behind in Illinois. Matt and Kim Hausman certainly were an awkward couple, but the love was there, sure enough. They'd been through thick and thin, and much controversy had stirred over the six year gap in their ages, but no matter. Love found a way through it to the high school freshman and the unemployed, 21-year-old gamer. Now, here they were at last, ready to take on the world together- ready to hold each other through the depths of Hell and back.
"This house is truly a jewel, love. Why don't you go sit down", suggested the skinny man with shoulder length brown hair. "You don't want to hurt the baby, after all..."
"Whatever. You're just scared that your poor little waifu will prove you to be the weaker sex. I see how it is. You know what- fine! Unload the damn truck yourself", Kim answered, smirking. She was definitely the more playful of the pair, considering her age. But other than her pale skin, blue-green eyes, and curvy build, Matt found that to be her most beautiful feature.
The house was in the grimiest part of New Jersey, but it certainly was a nice one. The neighborhood seemed to bring a meaning to "diamond in the rough". Although Kim was happy with the place, she still wondered if it was a good place to be raising a family. But,whatever. She herself never found anything of use outdoors, and stuck to reading- who's to say the little shit wouldn't enjoy it as much as she did inside? The kid would just have to deal with it.
The set up inside was pretty basic. There were 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom, and living room. After exploring the main level a bit more than she had on the tour, Kim decided to check out the basement. It was a dim and dusty room that led up to the living room, and something about it set Kim at ease. Maybe it was the small beam of light from the single window.
She walked around the room, looking at the details on the wood paneling, when she came to a to engraving that read "GAW".
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