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Give 'em hell kid

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"hi I'm gerards brother is this frank?" oh shit! he must have taken franks number from my room when he left! sneaky bastard. i busted into his room practically running. "so ya know..." he was sayi...

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gerards p.o.v
my heart was pounding and all my blood rushed upward towards my head, there was no denying it now....
"he's some new kid...well, not new to our school, he was doing so well with his grades that they moved him up a year..." i really didnt want mikey to know about frank, he has ACTUAL friends and i know what mikeys like, can see right through me and cant keep a secret to save a life.
"ooooooh, am i sensing some romance in the air???" mikey said making kissy noises
"NO!" i raised my voice at him and he widened his eyes
"OH MY GOD!" he said in a worried tone, pointing to my face
"right there, oh my god its so red!" he was still on the floor with his legs crossed pointing up at my face, i ran to my mirror trying not to trip over the contents of my wardrobe.
"WHAT MIKEY?" i said in a panicky tone toward my little brother. he got up and casually strolled across the room
"right here..." he said and he put both hands on my cheeks
"...YOU WERE BLUSHING, YOU LIKE FRANK!!!" he starting doing some sort of retarded dance around my room, until my pulp band shirt coiled around his ankles sending him crashing down to the hard concrete floor.
"owwwwww." he whined laying where he fell
"hahaha." i pointed and laughed
"serves you right for pissing me off you fucktard." mikey pouted and crossed his arms, still led on the floor.
"i hate you."
"i love you too, cumon get up." i said ignoring mikeys 'insult' i held out my hand to help his stupid ass of the floor. he sighed and took my hand.
"i tripped over your fucking shirt, you really need to tidy your room. when was the last time you wore clean clothes?"
"great mikes, i really need two mums." he pouted at me again but this time i think it was unintentional
"okay i will just do it for you" he started gathering up my clothes strewn across the floor. i watched as i saw what his hand was moving closer to.
"EWWWWWWWWWWWWW" mikey screamed and dropped the clothes, i didnt see what happened next because i was laughing to hard
"c-corection where i-i walk." i was still a bit stuttery
"well its GROSS"
"gawwd mikey when did you become such a girl? probably around the same time you brought those straighteners" i wiped away the tears of laughter from my hazel eyes, being careful not to smudge my eyeliner. mikey smirked and pretended to storm out of my room...he was up to something. i sneakily followed him upstairs making sure to not be seen, like a spy in one of those movies hiding behind walls and bins. he went into his room and i pressed my ear up against the smooth wooden surface of the door.
"hello?" i heard him pause
"hi I'm gerards brother is this frank?" oh shit! he must have taken franks number from my room when he left! sneaky bastard. i busted into his room practically running.
"so ya know..." he was saying still on the phone to frank, i ran round his purple quilted double bed to take the phone off him, he just jumped over to the other side
"...gerard..." i jumped over his bed and threw myself at him, knocking him over, he got back up and ran out of the door down stairs.
"...HE LOVES YOU AND WANTS TO HAVE HOT, SWEATY, BUTTSEX WITH YOU!" he yelled the last part when i was just inches away and hung up with the biggest grin I've ever seen, kinda like a Cheshire cat.
"MICHAEL JAMES WAY YOU HAVE JUST RUINED MY LIFE!" i screamed at him. he was laughing -_- typical.
"its not funny!" i squeaked. i took the phone out of his hand (he was only holding it loosely) and threw it out of the window.
"HEEEEY!" he whined. i strolled back to my room quite happy with my revenge. i flopped on my bed and scraped my raven black hair out of my my snow white face.
"you might be happy with your revenge but its not gonna undo what mikey said to frank." a soft yet deep voice whispered in my head.
"but i could fix that right? say it was all a mistake and..something else..." i replied to the voice, suddenly appreciating the soundproof of this room, if anyone could hear me they would think i was psycho.
"but its all done now, frank thinks you like him, you really think he's going to forget something like that?" my heart sank as i realised the voice was right, i dont like loosing even if it is to some non existent voice in my head. but the thing is, i think i do like frank...
what did you think??? i hope you liked it but its not my best work whatsoever, it was a bit of a forced chapter if you know what i mean. i just think this is something my story needs, an oasis of normality, everyday life kinda thing because lets face it, romances like this never happen except romeo and juliet but look how that ended, sorry if its crap i will try harder next time and yeah it is shorter again I'M SORRY!!!
MCRmysoldier xxx
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