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House Of Warped Walls And Hungry Wolves

by MissFilthyDivineMCR

Gerard spends another fantastic day with Mikey while it lasts. (Author's Note: This chapter is pretty bad like the other one so.. for all you people like me, you'll enjoy. :D Love ya!)

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Hey guys! What's up?!? I wanted to thank all of you once again for even reading this story. Makes me super excited! Well, I'll leave you with this chapter for now while I'm working on a new one. Love ya!

Once we were checked out, we headed to the car. The moon was out full tonight and the clouds were rolling in. The sky was pitch black as we walked back to the car with a stacked cart. “We’re definitely going to get a storm,” my mom noted as she stared up at the sky.

My father pushed the cart as we tagged along behind silently exchanging looks as we thought about how the day was coming to a close. At the car we both hopped in as my parents loaded the groceries into the trunk. I put my feet up on his lap, careful of my shoes, and leaned back against the door with my arms crossed. “So how long are you staying for again?”

“Umm, at the moment I supposed a month. But it could change. Hopefully not.”

He relaxed his hands on my ankles, swiftly moving over my skin under my jeans. The motion made me sleepy, but all I wanted was to stay awake. I closed my eyes finally after straining so hard to keep them open and we were back home. The clouds were directly above us now and the sky lit up every so often.


Thunder rumbled as the water began sprinkling on us as we helped my parents take in the groceries from the back. In minutes, the rain began to come down faster and harder which now felt like buckets of water. We got inside and dried off sitting in the living room as we flipped through the channels on the television. The day had been so long and so fun today I saw the right hand corner of the guide on my TV and it was already after 10. “I gotta go, Gerard. I’m sure I can come back tomorrow.” Mikey realized it too.

“Alright,” I mumbled in disappointment. “I hate when you have to leave.” My parents went downstairs as soon as Mikey jumped up and headed for the door. “You want me to get my parents drive you home? It won’t be a problem.”

“No, it’s fine.”

He said goodbye to my parents calling downstairs who also offered him the ride but he refused. “I’ll at least walk you out.”

I grabbed an umbrella but he pushed it away and grabbed my hand. “C’mon.”

I yelled to my parents that I would be back and walked out into the pouring rain with Mikey. We stopped at the foot of the driveway facing each other and holding each of our hands. “Gerard… I want to-” a crash of thunder interrupted him; “I want to thank you so much for everything. Today was incredible! I just wanted to say, I love you so much. I don’t know what I would do without you.”

The rain soaked my hair and his making it stick to our faces as it flattened. Our clothes were getting damp as our hands were sweaty and slipping out of each other’s fingers. “You’re so beautiful, Mikey.” I said, as I touched his cheek, wiping away what looked like teardrops as they dripped down his face.

“You’re beautiful too, Gerard.” He pushed back a strand of wet hair off my face.

“You made me so happy today too. I want to thank you too. You mean so much to me.” My hand rested on the nape of his neck. “There’s no other person I’d rather be with than you. You mean everything to me. I love you too.”

Our faces turned into smiles as we listened to the words spoken, taking in their meanings. The dark streets were beginning to flood and the sky was lighting up our faces as we stared deeply into each other’s eye. “Kiss me,” he whispered.

I pulled his hands and clasped onto his wrists, placing his palms flat against my chest feeling him trap the material of my shirt between his fingers. His hands stayed there as mine pulled his face closer to me, lacing my fingers together behind his neck. Our lips meshed together as droplets dripped off our hair and eyelashes onto our lips closing on each other. His hands trailed from my chest to my back and down into my pockets of my jeans. This turned me on to no end making the tip of my tongue trickle across his lips, parting them.

Our breath was shared as I held my tongue back to make the kiss last longer. With my tongue placed at the roof of my mouth, I felt his graze mine slightly making me want more. I fell in love all over again as I roamed his mouth, feeling him squeeze my damp ass in his hands. I knew I never wanted to let go and just keep kissing him in the rain forever and ever but I knew my parents would come and he had to get back to Shelby’s house. His teeth scraped my tongue lightly as I exited his mouth and kissed his soft lips two more times. We laid our foreheads against one another and breathed against both our mouths, “I gotta go. I’m going to miss you.”

“I know. I’m going to miss you too.”

Our hands found each other again and slowly we stepped away. I stepped as far away as I could go so we were still intertwined by hand until we lost one hand and kept pulling from the other. “You’re coming back tomorrow. You will and I’ll make sure of it.”

“Okay. I’ll be here.”

“Goodbye, love.”

“Bye hon.”

Our hands came undone leaving us not in contact anymore as we walked away from each other’s gazes. I blew a kiss which he returned and ran up the stairs to my house as he ran up the hill. It was now time to make plans on what to do the next day with my amazing boyfriend.


Waking up, I had the feeling of being found again in my stomach. I was now nowhere lost and everything was shown. I was hyper to get up finding mom gone and my father having no plans of getting up yet. I took a quick shower and pulled on a white David Bowie shirt of him and his signature lightning bolt on his face over a pair of dark gray jeans as my freshly washed hair dried. I ran some mousse through it to make it messy and pulled it out of my face. Instead of calling Mikey on the phone and waking up my father, I messaged him online to see when he wanted to come over.

G: I’m all ready, so you can come over anytime you want.

M: I’ll come now then ‘cause I’m all ready too. I’ll see you in a few.

G: Alright! Can’t wait!

I grabbed my iPod and sunglasses and walked outside to feel the mix of hot and cold air on me. I stood in back of my father’s car putting on my sunglasses and sat down criss-crossing my legs. I flipped to a soft song to listen to and laid down flat against the cement feeling the sun beating down on me. I spread my arms and legs open pretending I was on a beach and stared up at the floating clouds. It was paradise. My sun was blocked suddenly by a figure making me look back to see Mikey there. He was moving his lips but I couldn’t make out what he was saying through my music. I pulled my headphones down around my neck and shut off my iPod. “Hey! Sorry about that. What’s up?”

“It’s alright. Well, I’m staring at my boyfriend in confusion of what he’s doing, that’s all.”

“This is nice. You should do it.”

I stared at his face now clearly. He looked sexy again with a mid-length sleeved American flag hoodie over another pair of tight skinny jeans. I pulled down my sunglasses and eyed him with a whistle. “Mm, you look yummy today.” I said, pushing my sunglasses back up. “Like always.”

“Mm, thanks. You do too. I like that shirt on you.”

“Thanks babe. You coming down here?” My eyelids fluttered closed.

“I will. I’m working my way there.”

To my surprise, I felt Mikey’s sticky lips touch mine softly as he knelt down in back of my head. I placed both of my hands on each side of his head, pulling him down more. He happily obliged doing the same thing as we kissed upside down. Our lips moved in sync like a beat in a song, sucking on one part of the skin at a time. He pulled up and away, sliding off my now sticky lips to stare at me with a smile from behind. “That’s something I’ve always wanted to do. I’ve always wanted to kiss upside down with someone.”

“Me too. I wanted that too.”

I smiled wide to him. “How come your lips are sticky?” I licked around tasting a flavor.

“It’s my chapstick,” he laughed.

“It tastes good.” I licked my lips again getting a hint of the flavor. “What kind?”

“Dr. Pepper.”

We laughed. “Fuck! I want to drink you now. Get down here!” My hand pulled the collar of his shirt and his mouth came back down on mine. I swallowed up his laughs into my mouth as I licked at his lips, delighting in the taste of him and the sweet soda flavor. My hand reached down some inside his shirt until he leaned down for my hand to travel down more. He didn’t know what I was doing but he soon found out as I trickled my fingers on his side, tickling him into a fit of laughter. He let go of my lips and fell to his side, laughing out loud and trying to get away from my nonstop hand. I finally stopped and leaned over him. “So… are you ready for what you’re going to do today with me?”

“I’m always ready when I’m with you.” He propped his head up with his arm behind his hair.

“Of course you are.” I kissed him once more before getting up and pulling him along with me. We walked into my house and I went directly into my room. “You ready?”

“Ready for what? To have sex?”

I giggled. “Nah, for once that’s not it,” He smiled now. “You ready to practically destroy my room walls?”

“Are you serious?!”

“Hell yes I am.”

“This is going to be fun.”

It sure was too. The first thing we did was go through all my magazines and pictures to cut out stuff. We moved around the furniture to a perfect fit placing my bed next to my window and the rest against the opposite wall to leave one big wall free. We took some white printer paper and pieced it together with tape, coordinating it to fit the size of the wall space. My walls were already a deep purple, so this wall I knew was going to stand out and make the room look taller and wider. After piecing the paper together, we took the tape and made small circles with it to stick the paper to the wall. “How come we have to do this?” Mikey asked, watching me do it first.

“So that way if I have to take it down it’ll come right off.”

“Ohhhh… good idea.”

As Mikey looked through my stuff for more pictures and quotes, I heated up my glue gun and started gluing the pictures to the white paper on the wall to make a collage. “Hold on,” I jumped down and grabbed my iPod and placed it into its dock to listen to music. I grabbed a chair and placed it in front of the wall to get to the top. I could feel Mikey’s eyes watching me as I glued and swayed my hips to the song that was on. “I see you checking me out down there.”

He giggled and went back to what he was doing. “Sorry, you’re more infatuating than these pictures.”

I turned around from gluing the last one I was doing and smiled bright, “Aww, thank you.” I jumped down from the chair and walked over to Mikey sitting on the floor. I kneeled down and cupped his face with my hand, “I find you rather intoxicating to the point I can’t get enough of you.”

He threw himself up at me, dropping the scissors and papers on the floor along with the magazine in his lap and attacked my lips. I fell back holding him tight in my arms as I made the pictures to glue fly around us from the landing on the floor. “Oh my god, I love you so much, Gerard…” he smashed his lips against mine again.

“I love you so much too, Mikey,” I moaned against his mouth.

I heard a faint noise against my wall making me remember that my father was still next door. “Shit, Mikey! My father,” I whispered to him.

“I’m sorry. I forgot.” He came undone off me.

“It’s alright. I forgot too. Later. I promise.”

He nodded and I got back to gluing more pictures. Pretty soon, half the wall was done. Pictures of old music artists we loved filled the wall with influential quotes and colorful art pieces covering the white while being bright against the original dark purple on the rest of the walls. I stood back with him, taking it all in perspective and agreed, “This is awesome.”

“We have to leave a spot open for us, like, pictures of us.” I said, looking at the other half.

“How about over the bed?”

“Ooh, you make that sound dirty,” I cooed.

He gave me a playful shove. “Well, I’m thinking you could so that way-“

“That I could think about you more?” I offered, because I sure as hell would.

“Aww, yeah, that too, but I was going to say you could just change the pattern. I don’t know.”

“Yeah, I see what you mean.”

“We’ll have to use my phone.”

“For now, yeah, that’s cool. Maybe I’ll get like a digital camera or something for my birthday or Christmas.”

“That would be cool.”

I pulled him into my arms, hugging him and then got back to work. Right after we added a few more pictures it was about noon and we were taking a break. I started dancing like an idiot around Mikey to make him crack up as we shared a can of Coke. We giggled like girls thinking back to all the good times we had when he was living back down here.

“What are you guys doing?” my father asked sleepily at the foot of my door.

“Making a collage on my wall, sitting with my b-“I stopped when I realized I was going to reveal my relationship with Mikey.

Mikey stopped laughing and took another sip of his drink.

“Oh, that’s cool. Well, I’m going to be out here for awhile.”


When he walked away we laughed some more. “Holy shit! You almost slipped!” Mikey said softly.

“I know! I feel like I’m drunk!”

“Me too!”

I finally got up and finished the wall leaving a part open for pictures of us. Mikey sat on my bed watching me scope the wall from the ceiling to the floor looking for patches of whit to fill in. I walked over to him and leaned down to whisper, “Hold on. I’ll be right back.”

He understood and kissed my cheek before I walked out my door and found my father watching a movie and sitting on his usual spot on the chair, “Dad, I’m closing the door for a few so I can do something on the back door. And I can’t really open it after I get started because there’s going to be tons of shit in the way of it. So…”

“Yeah, yeah, okay. I won’t bother you.”

I walked away but stopped. “I’ll lock the door in case you forget. I don’t need a huge mess to clean up.”


I walked into my room and shut the door, locking it. I turned to see Mikey smiling, taking his shoes off and laying on his side on my bed. He patted for me to come lay with him which I was very excited to do. I first walked to my iPod and put on another slow song. “Ooh, I love this song,” he said, holding his head up with his hand.

“Me too,” I crawled on my bed.

He put his head down on my pillow and relaxed flat as I crawled up on top of him, chest to chest with our eyes staring into each others. “So…” I kissed his lips. “We should take a picture now.”

“I was thinking the same.”

He reached into his jean pocket and grabbed out his phone. “How you want to take it?”

“Anyway you want. How about like this?” I wrapped my arms around him from the side and snaked my legs around his, kissing his cheek as I looked up at the camera.

“Perfect!” He made a kissy face back and took the picture. We looked at the picture and loved it. “I’m keeping this forever. This is going as my background right now.”

I kissed his cheek again as he set it. He pushed it back into his pocket and I laid back on top of him. I stared into his eyes again. “I love you,” I whispered.

“I love you too.”

“You think we can be quiet?”

“Yes, well…. Maybe. Isn’t your father like deaf though?”

I laughed. “Well, not when it comes to things he shouldn’t know. He should just mind his own damn business.”

“Yeah, I see. We’ll keep each other quiet.”

“Mmm, I can see you now,” my hand felt down and undid his pants. “Kissing my mouth hard,” I pushed his pants down and he kicked them off. “Moaning softly as I kiss down your neck.” I began to softly kiss him on the forehead, working my way down to his watering lips.

His hands started undoing my pants watching me as I eyefucked him. I pushed them down with his help and flung them next to his. “The door’s locked right?” He asked, hoping the answer was “yes.”


“Keep talking, Gerard. I love it.”

I sat up and straddled his hips. “Oh, Mikey. You love what?”

“I love you. But I love your words.”

“I love you too. I love talking dirty to you too. I know what else I love. I really love Mikey and his lips the way they press against mine. I love when I feel him from the inside. I love when he’s deep inside me too, scratching at my skin.” I began kissing down the side of his neck as he moaned softly against my ear. “Next, I take off your hoodie and shirt because I want to feel all of your flesh waiting to be touched.” I unzipped the bottom of his hoodie and tore his shirt off, leading it to the floor as Mikey took mine off and did the same. “You know what I love doing to you, Mikey?”

“Oh god, Gerard. What is it?” he played along.

I lifted up and pulled down Mikey’s boxers feeling his rock hard erection as my hand brushed over the bump. He let out a sharp breath as I brushed over it again. “I like this,” I pushed forward more on his chest and reached behind me to take Mikey into my hand. He moaned as I grasped him, shushing him for the fear of being found. My words spoke everything I did, “I love feeling the base of you… and rubbing up and down to make your blood start flowing.”

He looked like he was ready to scream as I rubbed him exactly the way I explained, driving him crazy. His hand fell into my boxers now, rubbing me slowly, matching my movements. “I uhh…like watching you freak out as I touch the slit right here,” I touched the tip of his dick directly over the small opening making him cry out. I touched back at the base and kissed his lips to quiet him once more. My hand increased its speed as he did the same, “How does this feel?” I moaned, having trouble making the words clear from his movement on me.

“Uhh… yes, Gerard…” he curled his toes and then flexed his feet. “It feels so good…”

“Unh, good. ‘Cause I sure do like what you’re doing to me. Curling your long fingers around me, feeling me get excited from your sight… your eyes… your breath…”

You could feel him getting thrilled as I spoke and watched his expression and his hand speed up on me, putting more sensuality into it. “But then I stop against my will and watch you panic,” and that’s what he did, shocked as my hand let off him as he pulsed and continued stoking me for a second. “’Cause all I want to do is feel you. I want you to feel my walls tighten around you making you tilt your head back with a scream.” I pushed back and laid down on his chest, kissing him and rubbing myself against his extreme hard on. “But before I can feel Mikey’s thick length, I gotta prep.”

I licked my finger and lead it down behind me but Mikey stopped my hand. “Let me, love. I like this.”

I smiled and watched him lick his finger which trailed down and into my hot opening. He stuck in one, jiggling it as he watched my mouth pop, then stuck in another. He scissored them inside me, stretching me at every angle before pulling out and leaving me in a hot mess. “I love when Gerard’s ready. He’s ready to take me fully and swallow me up whole.” Mikey whispered in my ear as he held onto my shoulders against him.

I kissed and bit his shoulder, bending and lifting up off him to place his pulsating cock against my entrance. Slowly, I felt him slide into me, extending as I forced more of him in. He closed his eyes as I did, biting our lips as we felt the heated pleasure suck us in. When I was fully seated on him, I felt the tip of him brush lightly on my special spot making me squeal in delight. “UH! Mikey, right there…” I stay sitting on him for a minute. “I can’t ever get enough of this,” I pulled up off him, leaving just the head inside me. “You lying below me, above me, by my side,” I pushed down feeling Mikey thrust his hips up to meet my hips the rest of the way, “Uhhh…” we both let out. “Makes me know how much we love and enjoy each other…” I pulled up and plunged down again, gaining speed.

I felt the pre cum release from Mikey was we slid against one another, giving me the advantage to press onto him harder and faster. He moaned with every nudge making me turned on to no end. Mikey stared at me as I skillfully sexed him with a passion. I stared back at him smiling as he gleamed with love. The bed bounced up and down with our movements as I carried on. “I… hope that…fuck… it will be like this…. Forever… ‘cause I love you so much…”

“It… mm… will…” His hand grabbed onto me again, rubbing the lubrication I created with my whiteness that slipped out as fast as I was fucking him into my mattress. “I LOVE… YOU. TOO!” he tried not yelling, instead yelled in a whisper.

“I wanna love you for a long time, everywhere we go… shit…”

“Mm, uh! Me too… keep talking bad to me… Tell me what you like… I’m almost there….” He mumbled.

“I like watching you work to get inside me, dripping wet as you push and feel me bounce on you… I like how your hair always sticks to your face. It makes me… me want to hold out and wait for you to lose yourself as you…”

“YESS… FUCK!” he moaned cumming hard with a jolt inside me as he hit my spot. He held against my prostate trying to get the most of his orgasm and watched my face as I moaned and pushed down more to feel him push on the spot more. “As I what, Gerard?” he asked seductively satisfied.

Now he was screwing around with me; teasing me. I had lost all control as he took over my job and shoved the rest of him into me. “UHH! Mikey, that’s the spot…”

“I know exactly where it is, but like I said, as I what?” he smirked so I could see.

“Do that again and I’ll tell you,” I tested.

He repeated the same motion and I moaned out louder, clasping my hand over my mouth, “FUCK YESS!!!”

“Spill it,” he whispered as my orgasm proceeded through my body.

He gave one more tug on my outsides in a mere second and I came hard into his awaiting palm. “As you… cum… just for me…” I was calming down but still had panted breaths. “And I return the favor letting you know that you are the only one. The only one out there for me. And I’m going to love you forever…” I spilled completely and watched Mikey lick his fingers, tasting me.

“Awww, Gerard… I feel the same way. I love you…”

I tried pushing down despite him still in me, so I bent down some and gave him a soft kiss. “Your lips taste different now.”

He giggled and I knew exactly why. “Well, that was stupid of me saying.” I watched him delight me all over his hand.

“Well, it’s good to me.”

“You’re good to me too, but I can’t really taste you…”

“You will.”

I smiled and still sat there on him, feeling complete once again. It was not only from the physical feeling of Mikey, just his presence itself. It burned in me how much I loved him and I knew it would last.

Knock Knock

“You guys done? We have to go pick up my mom in a little.” My father said, knocking on the door.

I looked to the door, getting scared. Me and Mikey nodded to each other. I came up off him and threw him his clothes as I found mine. “Yeah, hold on. We gotta move all the shit first.” I got dressed as he did and fixed my bed sheets.

He left my door and I kissed Mikey once more as he was getting dressed. “What was that for?”


“No, you’ve got something you’re going to do.”

“Well, I do have a few things in mind.”

“Goodness. Can’t wait.”

All I was thinking was, “Gerard, Gerard. Always full of suprises.”

Well, what did you think? Was it too much or perfect? A lot of times I think my writing is horrible but it makes me extremely happy to hear that you like this. So thank you for reading this chapter as well as the others. It's up to 442 views, thank you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!! I wish I could show you how much I want to thank you. Anyways, sorry for the 2 days of not writing. It took me awhile to think about this one. I didn't talk to anyone practically between a party I had and other stuff. Well, thank you again and I promise I'll update soon! Review if you like! I'm sure to get back to you! Talk to you later! God bless! Love ya!
~Stay Beautiful, Keep It Ugly~
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