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Soft Cubicles, Pizza, And Churros

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Gerard and Mikey are still spending their first day back together going to Costco's enjoying themselves.

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Hey guys! Thank you soo much for reading my stories so far! Thank you for reviewing too! You are amazing!! I hope you enjoy this chapter! I had a little bit of a block on what to write the other day but I knew exactly what to write when I heard my relatives mention the places. Hope you like it!

“Oh, so this is where your mom works,” Mikey said, staring at the huge building.

We were parked in front of waiting for my mom to come downstairs while my father played his oldies music. I couldn’t help but sit there and think about what had just happened a few minutes ago. After a harsh mistake break up, cuts in my skin, then this. Everything seemed perfect. Too perfect. My mom who was a temporary worker was now hired and my parents still fought, but I had learned to toughen it out. I had Mikey. That’s all I needed. That’s all I wanted too. “Yep. This is it.”

I saw my mom walk to the car, smiling at us in the backseat. When she opened the door I hugged Mikey like I did to my father when I brought him through the door yelling, “MOM, MIKEY’S BACK!”

He hugged me back as she smiled and said, “Hey!”

“So, mom, where are we going today?” I asked her.

My father started pulling away, glancing over at her wondering the same thing. “Well, do you want to go to Costco’s?” she asked. “We can get pizza?”

I knew my father was up to that. He was up to anything having to do with food. “You going to stay with me for dinner tonight?” I asked Mikey, finding his hand and squeezing it.

“Sure. I love pizza,” he said, giving me a squeeze back.

“That’s okay mom, right?” I asked her up in the front seat, looking out the window.

“Of course! That’s never a problem!” She turned around and gave Mikey a warm and motherly smile. “You can eat with us anytime, darling.”

Mikey gave her a cute and charming grin. “Thanks!”

We stopped by the house first for my mom to drop off her stuff from work and change out of her heels from her aching feet. My father also went in to get his cans to recycle leaving us alone in the car. We both watched as they walked into the house and out of sight. I unhooked my seat belt and scrambled over to Mikey, “Keep an eye out for them,” I said before smashing my lips to his. I held a firm grasp on his jaw and neck, pulling him closer. I breathed slowly as my tongue glided across his lips, making him part them so I could wriggle my tongue into his mouth. I was lost again with my thought flying and feeling my attentions growing. He started tapping and pinching me but I didn’t want to let go.

“MMM,” he mumbled against my mouth.

I pulled out of the kiss, “What?”

“Your parents.”

“Shit.” I sat back in the other side of the car, wiping my lips from our spit. “Sorry, I just don’t want to stop with you.”

“It’s okay,” he laughed.

My father got into the driver’s side as my mom came walking out down the pathway. They started fighting like usual as we both laughed quietly at them in the back. When we got to Costo’s we walked together side by side as my parents ordered the pizza and bought me a churro since they always ran out from being over popular. My father went to get me my daily “People” magazine I always looked at as my mom went to wash her hands. We sat down at one of the tables in back and looked at each other. “You want a bite?” I asked him, looking at him by my side.


“You only get a piece if you take it from my mouth though.”


I broke a small piece off and put it half in my mouth as Mikey leaned towards me and placed his teeth around it, biting it, then giving me a small peck on the lips before pulling away and chewing it as I was. “Mmm….”

“Was that about me or the churro?” he asked.



When my father came back with my “People” magazine, I looked for all the good celebs and not the ones I didn’t care for. Like always, all the celebs that got money for doing nothing in their life took up 99.9% of the magazine. I tossed it aside and watched my mom carry back the pizza and set it on the table. As slices were dealed out, we ate and everyone was content. Except me, who wanted to do more with Mikey that I’ve never done before. I was a romantic. I always liked doing things to show I care. “Okay, I’m going shopping now. You boys want to come with me?” my mother asked, all done eating.

“Umm, we’ll just sit here for a few more minutes.” I replied, grabbing another slice.

“Kay,” she said and walked away with a cart.

“Now, Mikey, watch this. He’s going to get up and leave to go to the bathroom in 5, 4, 3, 2 …1.” I said, watching my father.

“I’ll be back,” my father said, getting up and walking away.

“I can tell he does that a lot,” Mikey said.

“Yes. He does.” I cut a piece of the pizza and turned to Mikey to say something but he was looking down at that piece. “What?”

He picked up the piece off my plate, the cheese stretching as he pulled it away. He wrapped the cheese around his finger and sent it into my open mouth as he placed it to my lips. I grabbed his hand pushing his finger deep into my mouth and sucked at it gently, tonguing his finger to lick all of the cheese off. I pulled it out slowly and closed his hand to a fist before kissing the top of his hand. “You’re a dirty boy, you know that?” He laughed.

I went back to cutting another piece. “Yeah, I knew that,” I said sarcastically. “I’m kind of a hopeless romantic. Not kind of, I am.”

“What are you?” my father suddenly showed up.

Me and Mikey were lost in each other’s eyes and I didn’t want to break the focus. “I was just saying that I am going to go look for mom.”

“Okay, well, I’m going to stay here and read this magazine.”

We cleaned up and grabbed our sodas walking away from the food court. I looked up and down the aisles for my mom with Mikey by my side but couldn’t find her. “Ooh, chairs,” I pointed and flopped down on the leather sofa. “Wait, look at that.” I pointed towards the black sofa.

This sofa was also leather, but the cool part about it was it moved 3 ways so you sit on it like a sofa, lounge on it from the side, and push it down so you can sleep on it too. I patted beside me and Mikey sat down beside me. “It’s dead in here tonight,” I said, setting down to lounge on it. “This is nice.” I sat back, kicking my feet up like he did.

“It is. I like this a lot.”

“Can you imagine if we lived together and had this? We could have sex on it.”

He blushed. “That sounds nice, but is that all you think about?”

“Pretty much.” I leaned in for a kiss but Mikey got up.

“I was looking for you two. What are you doing, Gerard?” my mom asked.

“Testing this couch out, that’s it.”

She rolled her eyes making Mikey laugh. “Well, I gotta go pick up a few more things so… You wanna come?”

“Nah, I’m not moving my ass off this couch. And Mikey’s chained to me so he’s staying with me.” I pulled his hand so he sat back down beside me.

“Okay.” She laughed and walked away.

“Wait, your mom knows. I forgot.” Mikey said, turning over to face me again as he stretched his legs out.

I played with his necklace as he looked at me in a cute innocent way. “Yep, she knows. She’s known that we’ve been together for a long time. She just doesn’t mention anything about it.” I looked down. “I won’t say a thing about having sex with you either. That would be scary.”

“Yeah, that kind of would be. I wouldn’t way anything either.”

I wrapped my free arm around his waist and pulled him closer to me. “Shh…” I said, putting my finger to my lips. My hand crawled down his slender body finding the top of his jeans, then inched down more to rub him slowly through the material.

“Gerard… not here. What are you doing?” he asked, slapping my arm.

“I don’t know,” I smirked, knowing exactly what I was doing.

“Really? You know what you’re doing though when it comes to this.”

“I’m fucking around with you.”

“I swear if you get me hard I’m going to kill you.”

“You’re telling me you don’t like this?” I squeezed him in my hand.

He squeaked, “C’mon, Gerard. Stop.”


“You’re such a bitch. Please?” He begged me now.

I didn’t want to stop, but when he begged it triggered something in my mind. “Fine,” I said, letting go of him.

He felt relieved and smiled. “I still don’t feel right. Shit, Gerard. Don’t do that again.”

I closed my eyes, giggling. “Yeah, right. Like I’m not going to do that again.”

“Well, not here like. Like this especially.”

I didn’t respond, instead felt his hand start rubbing me through my jeans now. “What the fuck Mikey?” I said frantically, opening my eyes.

“It’s your turn to feel how I felt. Let’s see if you can handle this.” He said, rubbing me harder.

“Oh, well, I feel good. I would give a shit but you’re going to be humiliated if my mom sees. But, hey, it’s your choice.”

His hand went relentless on me, rubbing deeper making my jeans tighter. I could feel myself grow hard beneath his touch and I knew that what was started could not be stopped, it had to be finished. A person passed by looking but looked away not noticing what was going on. My breath was shortened with a quick and quiets ‘ahs’ coming from my throat. I bit my lip as I stared at Mikey who was enjoying every second of this torture session. The rubbing stopped and I started panicking. There was a throbbing pulse through me that Mikey had to set free. “Finish me, please, Mikey?”

“Tell me where and I’ll do it,” he smirked. I smiled back and knew the exact spot to go. Thank God nobody was in there because I was running, and that was sure to stir up attention to the bulge in my jeans.

“Oh my god, it hurts,” I whimpered. He laughed as I took his hand in mine, pulling him faster to the back of the store. “Nobody come back here, unless they really have to.”

We were not standing in front of bags and bundles of individually wrapped towel paper into one big package that was comfortable. I remember sitting on it one time and it was almost broke in but this was a needing time. I towered some of the bags onto one another to block off some view if someone was looking for us and felt Mikey pull me in for a kiss as we lay back onto this softness. He kissed me hard as my hips instinctively pushed up into his lower body. Mikey’s hands fumbled with the buckle of my belt and undid my jeans, pushing them down to my ankles. “Ohh, do it fast, Mikey.”

He crawled down my heavily breathing body as my watching eyes watched him take me in fully to the back of his throat. I sat up on my elbows moaning out for more as he occasionally bobbed up and down my length slowly. He sucked at me fiestily, his tongue pushing me to the point I was driven. It didn’t take long before the heat flooded my lower stomach as I grabbed hard onto the plastic under me. “…Mikey…” I breathed the last bit of air inside my lungs.

He relaxed as I spilled in a white rush and moaned Mikey’s name one more time. He licked me clean, crawling back up to see my face and give me a peck on my cheek and lips. “Oh, mommy, ice cream. Can we get some?” a little boy asked his mother in the aisle over.

Me and Mikey peeped through the open space and saw them both. “Yes dear. What kind?”

“Mmm, I just had some ice cream. Except it wasn’t icy.” Mikey said, turning back to face me. “It was creamy vanilla.”

“Ooh, that sounds good, Mikey. Was it good?” I played along loving this conversation.

“Yes it was. It was delicious.” He smiled. “This and that,” he pointed to the mother and the boy, “is fucking random.”

“It is. But I’ll top that. I’d like to see what kind of ice cream you got.” I winked at him.

I heard a cart and both of us got up. I stood up, did my pants, buckled my belt, and fixed the dented in towel paper. “Oh, there you are. I was looking all over for you two.” I heard my mom say from behind.

I turned around and looked at her, smiling. “I had to show Mikey what I did once time with the towel paper.” I pointed to the one I was fixing. “Besides… I had to show Mikey this really good ice cream we had one time that was good.”

Mikey looked at me about to die laughing. “Okay, well, it’s almost closing time and we gotta go. C’mon.” She laughed.

We followed her down to the cash registers smiling at each other when all I was thinking and saying was, “ice cream,” over and over again making Mikey choke up all over again.

I know I say this too much, but thank you sooo much for reading! I appreciate it! If you like, you can R&R and I'm sure to get back to you! Thank you all so much for telling me to update because I sure as hell push myself to keep writing because of it! I'm so happy because this story has gone up to 380 views, thanks to you! Love you all! God bless!
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