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My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon

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Four guys in a band living in one house. What could be funnier than that? Throw in two girls, a handful of humor, a pinch of romance, and one tablespoon of drama and you've got something interestin...

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((Wow, thanks for the great response guys! Out of the reviews I've gotten, there's only one bad one. Anyway, here's chapter three for you! Prepare for Drama!! [with a capital d, if I might add...]))

My Heart Will Always Be the B-Side to My Tongue
Chapter Three: My Heart Is The Worst Kind Of Weapon

Empty another bottle,
And let me tear you to pieces.
This is me wishing you,
Into the worst situations.

x----------Cait's POV-----------x

The incident from the week before had been cleared up, and it had been relatively quiet since then. I had to break up a few little fights here and there, and I had vowed not to flip out on Tara again, no matter how aggravated I got.

Tara was improving as well. She wasn't flipping out on Pete half as much as she had before I yelled at her. Now she was only ever arguing with him over more important things, like who would take custody of the car they had bought together, or who would take the room they shared.

It was a huge relief to not have to break up fights. I mean, I let them argue out the important ones, it was good for them to settle it. But I would listen in, and if it was over something retarded I'd stop it.

There was also the occasional storming out. Either Pete would stomp out of the room and the house on Tara, or vice versa. That was annoying, and usually sent the other one into a bit of a depression, which was always worse when it was Pete. He was easily depressed, for reasons beyond me.

Though, it all got settled it eventually.

But Andy and Joe got more annoying as Tara and Pete got less annoying. I guess it's either one or the other, huh?

I walked into the kitchen one day and the two of them were huddled in the corner at the table, whispering about something and shooting glances at me every, oh, five seconds.

"What are you two nimrods whispering about now?" I asked them, after a week of being tired of it. They'd gotten me; I'd finally cracked and asked them what the hell they were doing.

Andy took his hands down from in front of his mouth, and smiled at me; a mischievous smile that I knew meant no good when it was plastered across both of their faces. "Let's play a game of word association!" Andy said.

"When I say Patrick..." Joe started.

"You think," Andy continued, wanting me to finish.

I rolled my eyes and raised one eyebrow at them. "Uhm... A trucker hat?" I replied, completely confused as to what I was probably supposed to say in response. The smiles dropped right off their faces. "What? You asked what the first thing that came to my mind was..." I defended myself.

Andy looked at Joe and put his chin in his hand. "We're never going to get anywhere with this."

"But I don't want to give him his money back!" Joe whined. I cocked my head to the side a bit, and coughed, letting them know I was still within earshot.

"Give who their money back?" I asked, walking over to the table and sitting at the end between them.

"Uh..." Joe looked at me, as if I had been so amazing that I actually heard it.

Andy's eyes darted around the room. "Uhh, the guy who gave me this crappy shirt! God I hate it!"

"But, Andy, that's like, your favorite shirt." I said, confused beyond what I thought was possible to be confused. "And why would you give him the money back! Wouldn't he refund you?" I nearly shouted, confusion showing clearly now.

Little did I know, Patrick was standing just behind the wall, his face in his hands. "God they are so bad at this..." He mumbled to himself. He cleared his throat and entered the room, pretending to come from outside. "Wow, it's hot out there. Hey, Andy, Joe, can I talk to you guys for a second?"

"But, Pat, we're trying to-," Joe started, but Andy quickly cut him off.

"Trying to get Cait to come for a walk with us!" He kind of shouted.

"You weren't asking me to go for a walk," I started, confused again.

"What? Joe, I think I hear the Ice-Cream truck!" Andy said with a wink as he got up from the table.

"Oh, really! No way! Race you there!" Joe exclaimed as he raced out of the house barefooted.

I looked at Pat, who had his face in his hands once again. "Uhm... Are they always this strange, or have I missed something?" I asked.

Pat sighed, then took his face out of his hands and adjusted his hat. "I've been trying to get them to help me out. But they can't seem to get anything right." He said. There was a sad tone to his voice. He looked up and I noticed the pinkish tint that covered his cheeks.

"What do you wanna know? If it involves me, I'd be glad to tell you," I said as I stood up and made my way over to where he was standing. For some reason or another, the lyrics to A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More 'Touch Me' popped into my head, you know that part, where Patrick is singing, "What are you waiting for? Just kiss her, kiss her." Yeah, don't know why.

"I-It's nothing..." He stuttered. Pat, stuttered? Yikes.

"No, come on. You can tell me, err- ask me...?" I said, trying to get him to reveal his secret.

That's when I think I caught on to what was going on here. I really hoped he wasn't going to do what I thought he was.

I realized then, that I did have feelings for Patrick. They were always there; I just never wanted to see them 'cause I thought that this would never happen. But here it is, happening right now. I was kind of afraid though, because what if I was wrong, what if my mind was leading me in the completely wrong direction?

Not like that mattered anyway, my heart had taken over my body already. I'm not really sure what came over me, but the next thing I knew, my face was inching closer to his. The last thing I saw before I closed my eyes was a smile spread across his face.

And that's when we kissed, for the first time. /Ever/. And much to my surprise, I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would. I felt his arms snake around my waist, and for about thirty seconds everything was perfect.

That was until Cheech and Chong burst through the door. "What? I said I /thought/ I heard the ice-cream truck!" Andy turned around and yelled at Joe, backing into the house.

Joe opened his mouth to reply, but it hung open as his eyes widened. He'd spotted Pat and I in the kitchen. With his right hand he pointed at us, and with his left he rapidly tapped Andy's arm. Andy turned around quickly, wondering what Joe was freaking out about, and almost fell over as he spotted us as well.

Andy pumped his fist in the air. "Yes!" He said quietly to Joe.

I, sadly, peeled myself away from Patrick, and the two of us looked over at the same time. My eyes narrowed and I found myself angry at Andy and Joe for ruining my moment.

"Uhh--," Andy slowly lowered his arm from the air. "We'll be going now... Come on you idiot," he said, grabbing Joe's arm and pulling him towards the basement.

"Sorry!" Joe whispered loudly as Andy dragged him along. "Carry on!" He said with a smile as the door to the basement stairs shut.

I stayed quiet for a moment, not hearing any footsteps down the stairs. I looked back to Pat. "They're listening from the door..." I said, my voice hushed. Pat raised an eyebrow.

"We should so lead them on..." He whispered back to me. I laughed.

"Ohh... Patrick!" I fake moaned, leading him over to the couch. "Play along," I whispered to Pat, who sat down on my side.

"You like that?" He asked, playing along better than I thought he would.

"Mmm, do that again." I responded. At this point I'm sure both Joe and Andy's jaws were on the ground.

"You wanna take this to my room?" Pat asked, standing up from the couch and pulling me up with him.

That was when Andy and Joe fell out of the doorway on top of each other, eyes wide and mouths still hanging open. I walked over to them, my arms folded over my chest, foot tapping right next to Joe's head.

"You really thought you'd get away with that didn't you?" I asked, Patrick standing behind me. "We knew you were there the whole time." I finished, laughing along with Pat. Andy picked himself up off the floor and glared at me.

"Not funny..." He said, helping Joe up.

"Ohh, but it was." Patrick commented, making me laugh harder than I had been before.

And from then on it seemed like all was good. Things seemed better between Tara and Pete, and Patrick and I were happier than could be.

That was, until today, when we all witnessed the worst verbal fight we'd ever witnessed thus far in our lives.

All seemed good that morning. Patrick and I were on the couch watching TV with Joe and Andy, and Pete and Tara were in their room. I was about to comment on how quiet it was today when it started.

"You want it! Have it!" Tara screamed at Pete, and there was a crash. I looked at Pat, then to Andy and Joe, who were all looking up the stairs. I got up and practically sprinted up the stairs and to the room the two shared.

"I am so sick of you and your shit!" I heard Pete's voice yell. I dared not touch the door, not until the guys were behind me at least. This one seemed like a big fight, but so far, over nothing important. So I was going to try and step in, but I didn't want to get hurt.

I made sure Pat, Joe, and Andy were behind me, and pushed the door open. Not that it mattered, they were still screaming at each other.

"If you're so sick of me then why didn't you leave a month ago?!" Tara screamed at Pete.

"Because I lived here first!" He shot back. "Why didn't you leave?"

"Because I thought there was hope! I thought maybe we could fix things!" She snapped at him. I could see it in her eyes that she was going to cry, but then again, this was probably hard for her. I wanted so badly to just go over and hug her, hug him, just... Just make everything better for them.

They had been a happy couple like Pat and I once. I just hope that that won't happen to us.

"It's impossible to fix things in a relationship with a monster like you!" He screamed, making his face red.

"Have you seen yourself lately, Peter?!" She shot back.

"God I can't stand this anymore." He said, his voice dropping about a hundred decibels as he buried his face in his hands.

"Pete..." She pleaded as his hands slowly dropped from his face.

"I love you so much I can't stand you..." Pete said, slowly turning away from Tara and the rest of us. The door closed behind him with a small clicking noise, and a tear slid down Tara's cheek.

"I was trying so hard to just make it better... But I can't even seem to do that right." Tara said in a small voice. She blinked a few times, pushing more tears out of her eyes and left without another word, leaving everyone else in the room, including myself, about to cry as well. Talk about tear-jerking. Emphasis on /jerk/, I never knew Pete could be such an ass at times, nobody did. In all honesty, though, Tara was the more obnoxious of the two, and she probably brought it on herself.

I still couldn't help but feel bad for each of them. I felt hot tears welling in my eyes, and I turned around to Pat. "Please tell me you won't ever yell at me like that..." I said, burying my face in his chest.

"I promise," Patrick replied, putting his chin on the top of my head as he hugged me close.

I didn't hear anything from Joe or Andy, not even sounds. No one moved for a while, we all just kind of stood there, digesting what had just happened. We didn't even know what had started it, all we knew, was that it happened, and it hurt all of us.


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