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Bite My Tongue

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Chapater title - You Me At Six FT Oily Sykes

I awoke to husshed voices. I didn't dare open my eyes though because i didn't want to be awake yet. I wanted to sleep more, so much more. I just lay there and listened.

'Is he alright Gee?'

'I'm not sure, he didn;t have a good night. Hopefully with a bit more sleep he'll be able to eat something..'

As soon as he said eat my stomach gave a sicking twitch. I sat up ready to jump out and run to the bathroom when i just vomited right there, on Gerards poor bed and all over myself. Gerard cursed and ran to my side.

'Shh Frankie, it's alright. just get it all up, you're ok' He rubbed my back, but i was done pucking. I whined and tears ran down my cheeks.

'i-i'm so-o sor-ry Gee' I sniffed and wiped my eyes.

'Hey its alright, it's not your fault. Lets get you cleaned up, how about a bath? come on baby' He pushed the sick drenched dova off my legs and scooped me up in his arms. Carrying me up the stairs and though the house to the upstairs bathroom, where he sat me on the counter and ran the taps. I leaned against the wall and sighed. I felt awful, exhusted and sore. A cool hand ran gentaly over my cheek. I looked up to see Gee smiling at me. but his eyes shune with concern.

'You okay baby?' He ran his hand through my hair and my body relaxed. I shook my head. no. 'Tell me whats wrong Frankie?'

'I feel awful. My sides hurt like hell from all the puking and bruising. I'm so tired Gee, so so tired' My voice showed just how exhusted i really was. I could barely get my voice above a whisper.

'Ok baby, lets get you cleaned off and washed so you can just sleep for the rest of the day. do you mind if i strip you?' I laughed a little.

'Like i'd have enough energy to do it myslef' He chuckled.

'Ok, stupid question. Lets get you outa those cloths and into the warm bath yeah?' I nodded and he lifted my T-shirt off me. Then lifted me off the counter to get rid of my boxers. I thought i'd feel embarressed being butt naked infront of him, but i didn't. Not one bit.

He helped me into the bath and i just let my body relaxed. Gerard ook the wash cloth and wet it, adding a little sope and washed my chest, stomach and legs. He washed my hair and rinsed me off. Then he moved me so he could wash my back. I shivered as the water started it's loose its heat. Gerard helped me out and wraped me up in a ver VERY soft, huge bath towel and walked me back to his room. Mikey had already changed the sheets on the bed and put fresh cloths out for me. Gerard dryed and dressed me and layed me back down under his dova. He left the room and returned with a bucket. He winked at me and i giggled a little. I already felt somewhat better from the soak. Well as better as anyone could be. I pulled on his arm for him to get in. He chuckled but got in beside me, wrapping me up in his stronge arms.

'Why don't we watch some telly? Take your mind of not being well?'

'Okay, but you pick what we watch. I don;t really mind' He smiled and i returned it. His smile grew wider and he leaned in to kiss my cheek but i took my chances and turned my head so our lips would touch. He smiled into the kiss and put his hand on my cheek to deepen the kiss, make it more passionate. This man was just wonderfull. He pulled away and smiled leaning in to peck my lips again just once before cuddleing me and watching the 1980's batman show.

I felt better already.

Hey guys. I'm sorry its so short. but i decided to get this show on the road. The little cliff hanger i left you with in the second chapter? is about to be explained soon. I'm getting there. I just wanted to get the start of there relationship started and before the DRAMA starts. Hold on tight guys. where in for a rocky road.
R/R? Tell me what ypu think so far. Also if you've been following my story tell me what you think Gerard big secert is. I just wanna see what you guys all think before i land you with it :3
Much love as always.
C. x
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