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Chapter 8 John's Last Stand

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A Boy learns to never underestimate the power of dreams and peppy girls

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John Matthews had dark circles under his eyes the next day because of Min Sanban his new nightmare monster haunting his dreams.
John(Yawning) M-M-M-Man where did this baby come from the pits of hell?
John slowly walked to school hoping his classes would be able to take his mind off Min but Mushi and her had other plans for him.
During school John dragged himself to every class trying to keep himself awake with sugar but it was failing because Mushi concocted her own sugar that made people tired and John was downing it.
Mushi(Rubbing her hands together) Yesssssssssss soon Min will have a playmate and I'll manufacture my sleepy sugar everywhere.
Min giggled as John reached study hall his most boring class and she raised her arms in triumph ready for a new friend to torture.
Mushi(Rubbing her hands together) Just wait until he gets to study hall he, he, he, he, he, he, heeeee.
John slowly shuffled into study hall and sank into his seat with the teacher in front of him droning about using study hall for homework
Teacher(Slowly) Please-use-study-hall-as-a-homework-resource-and-not-a-sleeping-aid-because-if-you-fall-asleep-you're-never-waking-up-normal-again.
John snapped his eyes open again as the teacher walked down the aisles checking to make sure nobody was sleeping.
Teacher(Slowly) Good-now-let's-get-with-our-lesson-for-the-day-Mushi-and-Min-Sanban-who-once-ruled-the-nightmares-of-everyone-in-this-room.
John yawned as his eyes closed and he snored lightly being transported to Min's play room in nightmare world.
Mushi twirled into the playroom dressed as a ballerina sneering at John who gulped as her shadow swallowed him whole.
Mushi: Man I guess someone has to learn to listen to their teacher when they say not to fall asleep in study hall.
Min was placed in front of John slobber all over her face as she giggled maniacally with Mushi joining in.
Mushi(Looking at her watch) Man you almost lasted the whole day too, and that would have been bad because Min and I only strike during school hours.
John(Pushing Min and Mushi aside) Move it shrimps I have exploring in this dreamworld to do.
John ran from the room as Mushi sneered knowing John wasn't going to like what he found at all.
John Wally will get me out of this he always had a way of making dreams stay dreams and reality remain reality.
John heard a cooing coming from the next room and ignored it not knowing Wally's fate yet.
John(Looking around) Come on Beatles I now you usually appear here when your asleep, which lucky for me is all the time.
Shuffling feet were heard behind John as he quickly looked behind him to find Mushi and Min both sneering at him.
Mushi: Wally was a no good sneak and his nightmare of being a Sanban came true last night, I can take you to meet him if you like.
Before John could respond Mushi twirled around her tutu making a rainbow of colors around John until he was transported to Kuki's house.
Mushi(Pointing at a baby holding a stuffed Isabella Garcia Shapiro) See his fear was my sister, that's why they broke up but how was he to know she'd get even?
Min shrugged cackling her head off placing her pudgy hand in John's.
Mushi: See Wally can't save you because he's my sister's Phineas and Ferb obbsessed daughter now, Thank God for Netflix because it streams all the episodes from season 1 and so on.
John(Gulping) Well I still have Hoagie and Tommy.
Mushi(Cackling gleefully) Lizzie Devine dealt with the both of them.
John: Nigel can help me.
Mushi: Rachel Mckenzie
John: Is there any of the legacy agents left?
Mushi(Shaking her head) Nope you're the last and boy are you in for a treat.
Kuki(Skipping into the hallway excitedly) So did you tell him yet huh did ya did ya did ya?
Mushi: I'm getting to it Kooks, see you were going to be Min's new nightmare toy but Kuki had better plans.
Kuki(Grabbing John) Uhh huh see Wally prayed for your assistance last night and you never came.
Mushi: So Kuki had this way cool plan to make you the perfect thing.
Kuki: I'm going to make you a sister for Wally, see he's going to be all by his lonesome and you fell right into my trap.
John: I did?
Kuki(Nodding) You feared Mushi and Min but you overlooked Kuki and Leone Annabeth Sanban the real masters of nightmares.
John ran off as Mushi's purple sweater sleeves, Kuki's green sweater sleeves, and Leone's pink sweater sleeves grabbed him reeling him in like a fish.
Kuki(Sneering) You know it's not polite to leave without saying goodbye, Politeness rule Numero Uno Lee saying goodbye before you leave isn't just required it's a must.
John(Struggling) Fine- goodbye- can- I- go- now?
Kuki(Giggling) Sure you can leave whenever you like just snap open those sleepy eyes.
John snapped his eyes open and was back in Study Hall just before the bell rang to go home.
John(Shaking his head) Damn I've got to find a way to stay awake 24/7
John rushed out of the doors of his school glad that Mushi couldn't haunt him after school.
John(Settling in a seat on the bus) Now time for some R&R.
The bus drove from the school as John fell asleep and the bus turned from yellow to green with pink racing stripes on the side.
John(Trying to open his window) Hey what's going on?
Bars grew on the windows as the bus drove through a cemetary running over the head stones until it stopped at two coffins.
Driver(Snickering) I just have to make a little pit stop students, he he he he he he heeeeeee.
John knew the voice and snicker was Kuki's but before he could run a seatbelt made of marigold material positioned itself on him and Kuki laughed gleefully raising her arms and the two coffins sprang open.
Kuki: See Mushi's time is in school but as I said before you overlooked Leone Annabeth Sanban and her mama Kuki Eloise Sanban.
The headstones in front of the two coffins burst and all the unlucky kids on the bus cried in fear with Kuki staring all of them down.
Kuki: I'll deal with you pukes later, right now I have business to finish and a twin daughter to make, and Wally got off easy because he's really more independent than me as a baby and didn't gain my quirks.
John: Great so I'm going to be like him right?
Kuki(Pinching his cheeks) Nope see Wally feared me and I don't want a baby that's scared of me.
John gulped as Kuki pulled all the Phineas And Ferb things Wally inherited and placed it on John's lap.
Kuki: I even got Resistance Isabella, Resistance Gretchen, The Firestorm Girls, Resistance Candace, Resistance Phineas, Resistance Ferb, and Suzie Johnson Stuffed Animals just so I can complete your collection.
John was hidden behind all the Phineas and Ferb things as Wally the now Leone was decked out in Bubble Guppies everything.
Kuki: See he even found a new obsession which is a lot harder to find than yours but EBay helps by the by.
Leone cooed and giggled as two skeletons emerged from the coffins one small and the other giant.
Kuki(Pointing to the skeletons) These two were legends of their time and are feared constantly which is why they're being reserected.
Skin and clothes appeared on the skeletons and Laura Limpin and The Big Badolescent merged as one with Laura sneering.
Laura(Pointing at John) You're safe thanks to Kuki, now for the rest of you who wants to be first?
All the kids made for the emergancy exit on the bus and jumped out as a long arm grabbed one kid holding him at eye level of Laura as the Big Badolescent.
Kuki(Grabbing John) And awayyyyyyyyyy we go back to your new home, to your new nursery, and then Netflix and Phineas And Ferb will greet you and so will a balnkie made with love patches.
John's mouth was gagged by Kuki's green and Leone's pink sweater sleeve the both of them sneering at him.
The Big Badolescent(Voice booming) Looks like your friends ditched you, but with me now as a reality and dream monster thanks to Kuki I can get even with them all.
The boy screamed as he was lifted to The Big Badolescent's mouth and got swallowed whole then his bones were spit out.
The Big Badolescent(Rubbing her stomach) Yummy I hope your friends taste better than you.
At Kuki's house we see John struggling as Kuki was trying her hardest to get him in the tub.
Kuki(Sneering) Fine if you don't want too take a bath don't but I'll tell The Big Badolescent and see what she thinks.
John immeadiately jumped into the tub letting the bubbles cover him as Kuki stared down at her prey with a malicious grin on her face.
Kuki: I knew I'd get you in there sooner or later, now let's begin shall we?
John: Why pick me to be mini you?
Kuki: Welllllllll there's your weak everything, there's your fear of everything peppy, and last but not least there's your fear of little girls.
John relaxed in the tub hating to admit that the bath was really relaxing.
Kuki: Comfy huh?, that is the same way mama has her tub from newborn to this very day.
John shrieked as he grew smaller and Kuki cackled rubbing his hair making it black and a ponytail grew in the back of it.
Kuki: You'll keep that until Lewis Matheson cuts it off of you, which reminds me.
Kuki grabbed a book and made a note in it saying Lewis Matheson in red ink.
Kuki(Showing John two pens) Blue for the safe ones and red for the dead or tortured ones.
John disappeared under the suds as Kuki giggled throwing Phineas And Ferb figures in the tub.
Kuki: Enjoy them while I go get you your first pair of PJ's.
John picked up Candace Flynn first and all of a sudden he felt a happier side in him and he had no voice.
John: Goooooooo Gaaaaa Gooooo Gaaaaa Gooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kuki(Laughing Triumphantly) No more legacy's now no agent sleeps he he he he he he he he heeeeeee.
Kuki went into Leone's closet and grabbed a faded pair of footies that were once green but became yellow to Kuki's touch.
Kuki: Let's see him resist being a Sanban with the family heirloom, footies that change color to the parents touch, then we'll attack the treehouse cleansing it of boys which was once Fanny's plan.
Kuki walked back to the bathroom to see newborn her in him with all the Phineas And Ferb Figures surrounding him.
Kuki(Lifting John Up) Another thing where Wally lucked out is that he's going to miss out on our bonding time Isabella, I'm naming you after your favorite Fireside girl.
John cooed and giggled as Kuki slipped the family heirloom on him and he grew a bit smaller fitting into the footies with Kuki snggling with him.
Kuki(Walking John into his nursery) Not a Bubble or a Guppy to be seen, but Phineas And Ferb Galore.
Kuki pressed the middle of an Xbox 360 controller and went to Netflix signing in and starting the first episode of Phineas And Ferb.
Kuki(Kissing John's forhead) The Best Coaster Ever now rest those sleepy eyes and dream of the KND treehouse, who knows maybe mama will find her little Izzy a platypuss you can name Perry.
John yawned and closed his eyes the events of the day taking it's toll on him and he snored softly with Kuki sneering down at him.
Kuki(Cackling) Heeeeerrrreeeeeee Perry, Perry, Perry ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haaaaaaaa.
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