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A story about jealousy...

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It all began 22 years ago.
Your father parked the car in the driveway of your new house and said "We're finally here!!"
Looking out of the window from the back seat, you saw a boy. He looked older then you, but you felt like you wanted to get to know him. He was standing all alone in the garden of the next door house.

Your father climbed out of the car, and started to get your sister out of her seat. Your mother was blabbering on about something that you didn't really hear. You loosened your seatbelt and got out. He was still standing there, looking at you. You waved, and started walking towards him. Your mothers blabbering had stopped, but you didn't notice.
You had a new friend.
A friend for life.

Do you remember now?
Remember the years there?
You called him "Jay" and he called you "Sunny". You had a secret place. That’s where you got your first kiss.
You were best friends.

But then the day came when he was leaving.
He was going away.
All alone.
You wanted so much to go with him, but you were too young.

You saw each other again some weekends, but it wasn't the same. 1 year later, you and your family moved.
You and "Jay" lost contact completly.

Do you remember?
Remember opening a newspaper years later and seeing his face again?
You felt like you had been betrayed.
He had not contacted you in all those years, and now he was famous.
He was Jared Leto.
And you were just "Sunny".

You went to London just to see him again at a premiere.
Remember how he didn't even notice you?
Remember how much it hurt?

You became obsessed.
You started following all his moves and going to all the premieres just so that he could maybe, maybe remember you.
Remember that he came up to you one day?
He asked if you were following him, he had seen you everywhere.

Remember how good it felt to slap him on the face?

Remember how your picture was all over the newspapers the next day?

You are famous now....
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