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We're getting out of here.

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"What the fuck happened?" Was the first thing I heard from my best friend, Gerard, as I tried to regain my breath. Gerard was currently sitting on the floor in front of me, alongside him was Mikey, Bob, Ray, Lindsey and Jamia. We'd been together since the beginning of school; we weren't going to let this disease break us apart.

"Teacher... Trapped me in... In the corner of... the corridor" I said as best as I could, still breathing heavy.

"God dammit. Did you find anything to eat at least? Or something to drink? I'm fucking starving!" Jamia nearly yelled, obviously annoyed. Jamia had always been the moody one. Always the one that was never fully satisfied with anything.

I waited a while, still trying to regain my breath, before sighing, "No. This entire block is empty of all food now, except for the stuff we have in here. We're going to have to start leaving this part of the school. Or leave the school properly and find some outside."

"He's got a point. We can't expect to live here for the rest of our lives or something. We're going to have to leave here at some point. See what's happened to the rest of the students... To the rest of the country." Ray joined in.

Ray had always been the one to come up with some sort of plan. He'd just sit back, stay quiet and let his mind save us. We all sort of had a, what I suppose you could call, talent when it came to surviving in a time like that.

Gerard could easily lead us, he's always been in charge. Always knows what to do, and thankfully he knows his way around the country best. (A/N: Just so you know, this is based in England)

Mikey had the brains and had either a scientifical or logical explenation for everything. He was useful though, always knew how to solve something.

Lindsey and Jamia were really good at fighting, always coming up with ways to try and defeat the monsters.

Me? I was small, could easily stay hidden. I mostly went out looking for food because the teachers usually don't notice me because I can hide so easily.

I heard Jamia sigh, not bothering to fight back. Gerard stood up then and looked at me, "What do you think we should do then?" He asked.

"Probably be best to wait no more than a day, then leave. Get the fuck out of here. Go out and see if we can find our way about and find food. See whats happened to people outside the school and stuff." I replied with a small shrug of my shoulders.

Gerard nodded before turning and looking at the others. "We'll rest up tonight. Tomorrow morning we'll get everything we need. Weapons, some food, water and maps. I say we leave here and head straight for Rainham or , try and find a way to get onto the A2. That will take us to London. They'll deffinately be more food there, places to sleep." He finished his little speech with a nod, he walked over to the corner of the room, leaving the others to talk about... whatever they talked about.

I smiled slightly as my mind took in everything Gerard had just said.

We're getting out of here.
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