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Chapter 11

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Alba's War

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"Oh," Alba danced around the newfound creatures with joy in her eyes,"you are just gorgious!"
"Alba!" The Doctor called out to the girl,"Don't play with the first eutharian mammals to exist on your planet!"
Alba looked down at the strange rodent creatures. They all had big, deep brown eyes; brown, messy fur; large ears; and..."Oh God!" Alba cried,"Doctor, they look a little like me!"
The Doctor, who was already down on his knees studying one of the creatures with his sonic screwdriver, only looked at Alba and nodded.
"What are they?" Alba asked him and waited for him to reply.
Finally he responded,"They are Eomaia, they are distant ancestors of the modern human."
"That's why they have a few of my features!" Alba exclaimed, relieved.
"Not exactly," the Doctor said,"They actually contain some of your DNA..."
"Alba, somehow, when you crossed over from Pete's World..."
"What's Pete's World?"
"Let me finish! So, somehow when you crossed over from...Your Universe...into this one, some of your DNA was sent through time and space causing the evolution that ended in the Sinodelphys and, most importantly to this conversation, the Eomaia. Alba, you are the mother of the Dawn Mother, meaning you are the one who caused the creation of all the euthariotes on earth. That means you are the creator, for lack of better words, of the human race!"
"What the hell Doctor! Are you kidding me!" Alba screamed with disbelief.
"Meaning you are your own ancestors' ancestor, at least, your human ancestors, of course..."
"...Oh! Alba! Your parents are Rose Tyler and my human clone!"
"...That means that all Euthariotic mammals have a teensy tiny bit of Gallifreyan Time Lord DNA combined with a bit of Bad Wolf, and maybe even a hint of Kaled, that may explain their love for war..."
"DOCTOR!" Alba screamed at the top of her lungs, ending his enthusiastic speach.
"Oh," The Doctor smiled sheepishly,"Yes Alba?"
"You're talking so fast," she began to cry as she fell to her knees,"What is all this Doctor? What am I?"
"Alba," The Doctor knelt in front of her, placed his hands firmly on her shoalders, and fixed her eyes with his own,"You are the most glorious of parodoxes."
Alba's face fell away and her hair hid her tear stained cheeks as she gazed down at the ground. Her shoalders shook as she cried her silent tears.
"Hey... Hey..." The Doctor cooed in an attempt to calm the girl,"This is a good parodox, I must ask you why you are so sad about being the reason for your own existance?"
"Because Doctor," She lifted her head and stared gravely into the strangely human eyes if the ancient Time Lord,"This means that I have given humanity their small talent for war."
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