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Chapter 15

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The Entire Story of the life of Alba Skuld

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"It all started when I was born." Alba explained to the girl in the mirror, "I've always had the worst memory before I meet the Doctor, but now I can remember the day I was born! Anyway, the nurse who delivered me was killed by a drunk driver on his way home from the Norwegian hospital where he worked and where I was born. From then on, that same destructive energy followed me everywhere I went. It became stronger as I became stronger. It was not until I was four years old that it killed again, though. That was when it took the form of a political assassin and killed my entire family, excluding my dad and me."
Lucy put her hand up to the glass and Alba placed her hand exactly over the girl-in-the-mirror's.
"Thank you for understanding my pain." Alba muttered as her cheeks reddened.
Lucy nodded as if to say, "It is alright to cry."
Alba shook her head instead and continued on with her sad tale, "My dad and I moved far far away from Norway, only to return for just one week every summer. We moved to America...Mounds, Oklahoma to be exact." Alba sighed, "Still, every person who I got close to was hurt by whatever seemed to be following me. First, in Mounds, was my best friend Sarah Hopkins's mom, her body was just found in a dumpster, she had been raped and then she was shot in the head."
Lucy was enthralled in the unhappy, horrific story now and she urged Alba to continue.
"Next was a series of men given the death penalty in response to Mrs. Hopkins's rape and murder." Alba gulped, "It was when I was twelve that The War started. The War was what had really been following me all along. Then when I was fifteen, my friend Sarah and my girlfriend Mackenzie were killed when a landmine exploded. Later that same year dad was shot and died from blood loss but only after he had told me to find the Doctor and to have a fantastic life. And so..." Alba said matter-a-factly,"here I am."
Lucy looked at Alba sympathetically.
"But, why do I feel bad about their deaths anyway?" Alba continued, "I don't feel vengeful or anything, I actually feel guilty, and rightfully so."
Lucy stared at Alba curiously.
"You see, Lucy, I killed them, I am that which follows me, I am The War."
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