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Club Foot

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Haruka's spell starts to spread and another victim pays the price.

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Chapter Thirty-Eight: Club Foot:

A blackened fog swallowed Tokyo whole. Everyone sunk into the unconscious. Haruka made the spell reach Ju-Oh-Cho as well.

But, no one noticed. Or rather, most didn’t. A few did.

Jules never really had clear feelings about Seita. Sure, she toyed with him, but nothing came of it. Until today.

She dialed his number in her phone. Come on/, she thought. /Pick up! Pick up!

“Seita’s phone. I’m not in right now. Leave a message and I’ll get back to you. Maybe…” Beep.

Jules groaned. “Hey Seita-kun, it’s me…”

She went out for the day. The streets felt dead. No one was in sight.  Jules shuddered a bit. I hate this… Jules forced herself to keep walking.

“How are you? I missed you at school.”

Her footsteps echoed through the streets. Jules swallowed hard.

Keep moving. Keep moving. Keep moving. She nearly jumped at her chattering teeth. She shook her head to herself.

This is dumb. Why am I like this? Just get to school and figure out what to do next. Right…

Suddenly, her phone rang. Jules nearly jumped at the sound. The Amuro Namie ringtone rang strong again. Jules slowly looked down and relaxed. She pulled out her phone. A puzzled look came over her face.

“4444444444?” Jules asked. “What the hell?” The call want to voice mail. Jules dialed up the number to the box to listen.

“You have one new message,” the machine said. First came a low death rattle on the other line. Followed by a long pause.

“Why?” her own voice asked. Then, the phone went click. Jules just froze.

“What… was that?” she asked.

“Anyway, I wanted to tell you this.”

Suddenly, Jules heard a low death rattle behind her. She froze as she turned her head. The girl could feel the hot breath hit her pale cheek. Her eyes widened at the soulless abyss before her. She could feel her heart pounding against her chest without touching it. She tried to move to one side in the narrow, icy alley. The big black eye followed her every move. Jules looked around for escape. /No one will hear me out here/, she thought. Her heart sped up as she broke out into a cold sweat on her back. Her life rushed by her eyes, but she couldn’t catch it in time.

“Why?” she whimpered. The claws ripped her perky chest wide open. She didn’t even get time to feel it. Silence blocked up her ears. The sound of the rip never made it to her brain. The kill took over ten seconds that seemed to drag on forever. Jules fell backwards to the black ice below. Her blood looked like split juice as it seeped out of her torn up body. Her eyes remained wide open as she drew in her last breath for her physical body.

Haruka’s beast search for more victims.

“Truth is, I really do like you. I mess with you because of it. I don’t like you sick or in trouble. Call me back when you get better. See ya.”

Outside, Seita’s body cried soft tears.
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