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Why do you bother reading these anymore? Just read the bloody chapter thingie.

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Notes - This is too short to be considered a chapter, but up putting it up because it probably wouldn't fit in the next chapter anyway, and it would ruin the last one if I stuck it in there. I wrote the first draft on a notepad. You know, those things you write messages down on when you make the mistake of answering the phone when you know its not for you and there's nobody else home. Yep, those. Two pages worth. My mother worries for my sanity, but this is nothing new.

That Hero Business

Snippet - Apology and Affection

After making an attempt at their homework, seven heroes made their way back to their individual rooms. While everyone else moved tiredly to their beds after a long day, Archie hung back in the hall.
"Atlanta?" He stopped her just before she closed he door.
"Yeah?" she replied, looking at him over her shoulder. Archie rubbed the back of his neck awkwardly,
"Um, I'm sorry." She turned to face him, eyebrows raised curiously. "About dropping you, I mean," he replied to her look.
"Yeah, whatever," Atlanta replied, having already forgiven him and dismissed the incident. This was not, however, the message Archie received. He turned away from her, crossing his arms.
"Well, it was your fault anyway; you're the one who dropped the flashlight on my head."
Atlanta stared at his stubborn profile. That was not what she had meant at all. She opened her mouth to tell him just that, but closed it and shook her head in exasperation.
"Goodnight Archie," she said gently, closing the door quietly. Archie looked at the closed door at sighed. This was hopeless. How was he ever supposed to tell her how he felt about her if he couldn't even understand her language?
"Goodnight Atlanta," he whispered, and shuffled off to his room.


So, there you go, hope you enjoyed it and it helps to sedate the thirst over the summer. Thirst. Too many vampire movies, Scout, way too many.
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