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Shinya's true love

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Die and Shinya have an argument and Die says goodbye for the last time...

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"You know what I want" Die whispered lustfuly in Shinya ear. Shinya moaned and pulled Die closer before pushing him to the ground. "Do it, do it real hard baby" Die moaned as his lover put his hands down his pants and tugged them off. The little drummer started sucking him off without any warning. Die's body rippled underneath Shinya as he felt the greatest feeling rush through him. "Shinya...can you s-suck it harder?" Die asked. He really wanted it, he wanted it so bad. "I-I'm trying", Shinya tried his hardest to please his lover. "Oh Shiny-ya, harder baby" Die wanted more but Shinya wasn't very good at this. Shinya stopped. "Die, I'm sorry ok? I can't do it any harder, I fail at sex" Shinya was blushing and looked down at his feet, ashamed of his lack of skill. "I just..I just wanted to really feel it...." Die stopped as he noticed that Shinya was crying. Shinya started sobbing uncontrolably. Die wrapped his arms around the drummer. "It's okay, baby, it's okay, I'm here sugar, please don't cry, please, my beautiful darling" Die tried to soothe his boyfriend. "It wasn't good enough, right? I'm not good enough? Well maybe I should go and be Toshiya's little slut instead!" Shinya started screaming at him as he rose up and stormed off. When he was within earshot of the others, he screamed back, "WE'RE OVER, DAISUKE ANDOU! O-VER!".

Toshiya ran over to Shinya. "Shinya? What happened? What's wrong? Are you okay?" Toshiya held Shinya in his arms and slowly rocked him back and forth as Shinya's tears trickled down his arm. "I just- I just thought that I'd found the one, y'know? The perfect man for m-m-me". "What happened, Shinya?" Toshiya asked again, smoothing his golden hair. Shinya suddenly looked up at the bassist and kissed him. Toshiya kissed him back, softly, moving his arms down Shinya's back. "I- Please comfort me, I need it", Shinya begged, holding Toshiya's small hands in his own. "I will comfort you, I'll love you, I'll do whatever you want and I promise I'll never, ever hurt you. Baby, love me back. Shinya, I've loved you for...for so long and I don't ever want to lose you to someone else again", Toshiya kissed him again as Shinya tilted his head back. They were interupted by Kyo's "ahe-hem!" and they both stopped kissing. "What exactly happened back there? Something happen between you and Die?" Kyo questioned, walking over to comfort Shinya. Shinya wrapped his arms around Toshiya's waist and looked him in the eyes and smiled before turning to answer the vocalist. "Me and Die were," He paused "Having sex and I was...sucking him off a-a-and" He collapsed into an upset heap in Toshiya's arms. "It's okay, Shinya", Toshiya's voice was soft and gentle. "He said I wasn't doing it hard enough and that I could've tried harder but I'm not very good at sex", The princess continued. Toshiya cuddled into him closer and kissed him again.

"Don't leave me, Shin!", Die screamed into the black sky. He started crying and curled into the pine trees. "Sh-Shinya, I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, please forgive me, please, please, baby" Die begged. He knew he'd lost his special boy to Toshiya, forever. He spotted something shining as it was reflecting the moon light in the glass. He went over to take a close look. A knife and a rather sharp one too. "If I can't have you, Shinya, the world can't have me". He picked it up and positioned the tip at the side of his wrist. He traced a long line across the skin, drawing blood. "Goodbye, Shinya" He whispered, crying his eyes out as he dragged the blade across his wrist ina quick motion. A ripping sound came from the blade as it pierced the thin, soft skin and blood splattered everywhere. He began to feel sleepy and just then, in that moment, he fell into a deep sleep he'd never wake up from.
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