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What the title says. Have a look, please?

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  • Auditions

    (#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-03-24 03:05:03 PM

    Amazing idea for your story!! :D I'm in love :D

    Name: Dana, but everyone calls her Dani California (she's like the only one of her friends that's from California)

    Part: Maybe basist or rhythm guitarist in Bandit's band :)

    Age: (18+) 24

    Gender: Female (last time I checked)

    Instrument: Like I said bassist r rhythm guitarist

    Appearance is split for detail
    Hair: shoulder lenght dyed red hair. Not Gerard Way kind of red it's more of a black kind of red but I guess you get the idea. The tips on the other hand are dyed bright Gerard Way tomato red (I hope you understand that little rant :))
    Eyes: Bright green eyes (kinda like Billie Jor Armstrong's eyes. Yeah, that shade of green)
    Skin tone: Vampire pale, so pale it's not even funny
    Clothes/jewelry/shoes: I year mostly skinny jeans and a bunch of band tees. But she's really into crop tops and shit. She loves anything in leather. Shoes, jackets, vests, pants, anything. Her favourite leather accessory is her punk black leather vest that says "Gos save the Queen" on the back (Sex Pistols reference, I love the Sex Pistols
  • Auditions

    (#) XCherrikidXD 2012-03-24 03:08:32 PM

    Name: Lucy May Stevens
    Part: Either Guitarist in bandits band or natalies band i dont mind (If you have enough guitarists this i can play keyboard)
    Age: (18+)whatever fits, maybe 19
    Gender: Feamale
    Instrument: Guitar or keyboard
    Appearance is split for detail
    Hair: Long black hair with blue full side fringe which covers her right eye and purple highlights through it.
    Eyes: Sea Green
    Skin tone: Pale
    Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Band T-shirts (30STM P!ATD YM@6, BVB Blink 182 that sortta stuf), Black or purple skinnys, musical note necklace, lots and lots of wrist bands which covers her for arms, knee high converse.
    Tattoos/piercings: Both ears twice and a tattoo of carttoon shooting stars on the right side of her torso.
    Anything else involving appearance: scar on right ear due to a opperation
    Backstory: Shy at first but shows her true colours once you get to know her, bubbly, funny, talkative, level hedded, bright.
    Anything else: when at gigs shes like Jared Leto she jumps into the crowd all the time and climbs the stage and she is like Frank, is like one big ball of hair.

    Hoped you liked it =)
  • Auditions

    (#) ElectricBlackOut 2012-03-24 03:48:33 PM

    It cut it I don't know why, but here's the other part

    Tattoos/piercings: Arms covered in tattoos, spiderweb tatto on the right side of my neck, word "whatever" tattooed on my knuckled. A septum, a lip ring on the left side and size 7 gauges.

    Anything else involving appearance: thin and tall about 5'8''
    Backstory: She used to live in San Francisco, California with he rparents. But then she moved out when she was only 16 and moved to live in Malibu. She then became a part of her current band
    Anything else: She is fucking full of energy, whenever she's on stage she's like as crazy as frank. She's just as hyper off stage as well. She's pretty much a badass, with a careless atitude. She doesn't care what other people think of her or say of her. When she does care is when other people talk shit about her friends or someone she cares. She is not afraid to get in a fist fight. She sucks at love and refuses to fall in love ever again from her last experience with an ex. She's the life of the party. But she has a slight drinking problem

    Hope you liked it, and good luck with your story :)

  • Auditions

    (#) Mikeys_Glasses 2012-03-24 04:00:58 PM

    Name: Anna Carlisle (Stage name is Scarlet September)

    Part: Uh, the singer of the band that she auditions for? haha. 

    Age: (18+) 22
    Gender: Female

    Instrument: Front man!! No instrumental talent except for piano XD

    Appearance is split for detail
    Hair: Dark red, like burgundy (dyed), wavy, down to shoulders, long bangs pushed to side. 
    Eyes: Light blue, sometimes grey.
    Skin tone: Pale, but has slight tan in summer. Hates it, though. 

    Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Oversized Tee-Shirts and hoodies, paired with random colored leggings, tights, or fishnets. Never takes off Black Plaid converse with red laces, or her fingerless mesh gloves.
    Tattoos/piercings: None whatsoever. HATES needles. Wears a fake nosering, though :3

    Anything else involving appearance: Wears black eye makeup and the same color lipstick as her tights. Whatever color, pink, blue, green, anything. 

    Personality: Stage persona is different than her real self. Preforming, she is outgoing, flirtatious, loud, and particularly badass. In real life, she's a complete dork. She loves 90's music and idolizes Freddie Mercury. Usually reading or writing, but when it comes to other work, she's hella-lazy. Wears the same clothes as she does on stage, and loves going out in public to scare the shit out of people. Oh, that's also her specialty - Public trolling :D

    Backstory: Uh, not much. She wasn't exactly bullied in school, she just kinda passed as another ignored underachiever. Her parents thought she wouldn't ever amount to anything- and she wanted to prove them wrong. 

    Anything else: Not really :3
  • Auditions

    (#) thegirlwhowasonfire 2012-03-24 09:48:02 PM

    Name: Matthew Whitman
    Part: One of Natalia's band members
    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Instrument: Bass
    Appearance is split for detail
    Hair: Dark blond.
    Eyes: Brown, wears glasses.
    Skin tone: Pale-ish.
    Clothes/jewelry/shoes: Straight leg jeans, band shirts, hoodies, vans or converses.
    Tattoos/piercings: None.
    Anything else involving appearance: He's about 5'6" and really skinny and kinda scrawny.
    Personality: People think that since he's in a band, he's really outgoing and stuff, but he's actually very quiet and painfully shy. Also a good listener, secretly quite witty.
    Backstory: Matthew's mom died when he was six months old. His dad tried to take care of him as well as he could, but had to work a lot of hours and wasn't home often. Matthew grew up with issues, since he didn't get much time with his dad, never had a mom, and was bullied at school. He suffered from depression, and was prepared to kill himself, but then he met a boy named Alexander. They started dating, (He's gay.) and live in wherever the story takes place because Alex got a job there.
    Anything else: Not that I can think of.
  • Auditions

    (#) SadPhantom 2012-03-25 06:58:59 AM

    Uhhhh...hi. So my girlfriend auditioned, and she told me to audition. And her username is Gerardwayiscute. Okay, enough of my babbling. Here is my audition.

    Name- Richard Stevens

    Part- someone in Natalia's band.

    Age- 24

    Gender- Male

    Instrument- no instrument. He's the singer.

    Appearance is split for detail

    Hair- shaggy black hair that almost touches his shoulders. His bangs are either swept to the side or they just cover up his eyes.

    Eyes- light blue.

    Skin tone- pale but not like snow white pale.

    Clothes/jewlery/shoes- ripped skinnys, random band shirts, fingerless gloves, hoodies, his dog tags, and black converses.

    Tattoos/piercings- he has no tattoos or piercings because he is afraid of needles

    Anything else involving appearance- 5'8, he is skinny, he is muscular but not to buff.

    Personality- nice, funny, dirty minded, creatie wth words, a really good singer, gets jealous easily if he sees some other guy with his girl, protective, brave, mean when pissed off, hyper on coffee, not a chicken, and strange.

    Backstory- He moved out of his house at age 21 because life was horrible for him. He was bullied, and his parents didn't accept for who he is. The only thing that made him happy was his girlfriend, who could have died on the bathroom floor if he didn't save her. He doesn't trust anyone with sharp objects, at all, which is why he is so protective. Later he got in a band with his girlfriend and became the singer because he has a great voice.

    Anything else- his favorite band is Black Veil Brides, he likes squirrls for some strange reason, he calls Taco Bell, Bell Taco, just to be funny, and he likes chocolate.

    Hope you liked my audition

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