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The final..

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The end of the story.

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The next minutes passed all in a blur to Toshiya who sat on the ground, oblivious to what was going on. Akiyo got pinned down by Angie who shot him in what she thought was his head but turned out to be his shoulder. While Shinya had the upper hand, he whacked Angie over the head twice with the baseball bat. Kyo rolled up off the ground. "Thank. Fuck. For. That." The small vocalist spoke, letting out a long breath. Shinya raced back over to Toshiya and landed in a heap in his arms. "Baby, I don't ever want to risk loosing you" Toshiya wrapped hsi long arms around his boyfriend. Shinya started crying. "Kao-kun" He whispered before starting to shake uncontrollably. He cuddled closer to his lover. "Just so ya know guys, Angie's dead" Kyo clarified, kicking her limp body. "Aren't you sad?" Toshiya was trying to hold back tears because of everything that had gone on tonight but he knew he had to be strong, strong for Shinya. "She killed our guitarist, whadd'ya think Totch?" Kyo was right. Why should he miss the woman who killed his brother. None of the Dir en grey members were related but they may as well be they were that close. Shinya continued wailing into his lover's chest, soaking his costume. "I-I-m s-sowwy Toshhh-iya" Shinya managed through sobs. Toshiya gave a little smlie, taking the hands of his lover in his. "And what for?". Shinya felt almost stupid, apologizing for something so stupid. "I'm getting your costume wet". Toshiya just smiled a wide grin, showing the world his horribly crooked teeth. Shinya found this irresistably cute and suddenly kissed Toshiya so passionatley, he pushed him back and Shinya now lay on top of Toshiya, cuddling with the bassist. "It doesn't matter, Shinya- I'll get wetter with you later" Shinya laughed. Toshiya was back to his flirtatious self. Totchi pulled the drummer closer, moaning as his thing touched hsi own through their clothes. "Okay- I've seen enough sex scenes tonight to last me a life time, can you guys make this a PG-13 relationship for tonight?" Kyo exclaimed before both Toshiya and Shinya dissolved into huge fits of laughter. Toshiya did his famous snort as he laughed, making Kyo giggle too. "We should go" Kyo spoke, hearing the police's sirens go off. The couple rose up off the ground, hand in hand and the three of them walked away from the violent, erotic, deadly, romantic and most of all sad memories.

(A/N: Thanks so much for all the views everyone :3 I'm sorry but it sounded like an appropriate place to end the story. I guess in the end no one really remembered about Die >.> Poor guy, killing himself an all but still...I guess it was happily ever after for Toshiya and Shinya and well Kyo stayed his demonic-cute self c;)
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