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Chapter two

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Chapter three:

I slept so peacefully. I knew why. Knowing that he was there, so near, ready at any moment to protect me helped me to sleep through the night. I didn’t think it was possible to sleep in an unknown place without any kind of disturbance but his nearby presence helped me. He was even in my dreams. That beautiful face, those intense eyes. Everything about him followed me around even when I awoke in the morning.

I sat up on the bed in the tent and looked around. It was a modest place but there were several personal touches. A small chest, a bag that had a slip of parchment sticking out of it and a scent…That scent I had smelled when he had carried me away from that monstrous man. That scent I smelled in my dreams, that scent that I wanted to take with me everywhere.

I cautiously slipped out of the tent, unsure of where I would go but not wanting to leave. How could I leave with that man still here? What would I do here though amongst these savages that seemed like a whole other world? And who said that they would want me here?

Standing at the tents opening I looked about the small place where these people had gathered. It looked like a town with grouped people and even closer families. I didn’t care about any of that, my eyes were only looking for one person. I didn’t want to see or hear anyone else. And there Tomo was as if the heavens above had heard my thoughts.

He stood near a horse, his hand brushing through the long mane. The sun fell in delicate rays on his bare back accentuating every muscle that was so perfectly sculpted. His hair blew about easily in the cool breeze that whipped around us. He was beautiful standing there, handsome and perfect. If only the men back home looked the way he did, if only life was as perfect as it felt whenever I let my gaze fall on him.

He looked towards me, those dark eyes finding me like he had felt my presence the same way I felt his. He handed the horses reins to a man nearby and then made his way slowly towards me.

My heart pounded, every part of me weakened as he walked in strong strides. His hair blew past his face, his eyes were downcast and every part of him emanated manly perfection.

“Did you sleep well?” He asked once he reached me. His warmth descended on me, his presence filled me.

“I did.” I had to look away or I would have fallen apart there in front of him. “Thank you.”

“Where do you come from?” He questioned, his eyes searched mine like he was truly curious about me.

I wasn’t sure what to say. I didn’t want to say the truth because then he might wish to take me back.

“I don’t know…I can’t remember…” I whispered my lie with hopes that he wouldn’t see through it.

He nodded and then looked off. “Will you stay?”

I prayed that it was hopefulness that I heard in his deep voice. What else could it be when his eyes came back to mine with such a delicacy I could almost cry.

“If I”m welcome.”

He didn’t answer he only looked away and then brushed his hand through his hair. I watched the strands fall away from his fingertips and sighed. I couldn’t suppress the way I was falling for him. I couldn’t hold back the way my heart stopped inside of me.

“I must go…I have work to do.” And then he walked away. Those large strides taking him away and everything inside of me made me miss him, wish he would just come back.

I had to thank him. There had to be some way I could thank him. I looked back inside the tent and the idea that came to mind caused a flush to rise to my cheeks and it made my heart race.
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