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Chapter 2

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The long, rocky road to love. Sorry, another rubish summary. :)

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Gerards P.O.V

I had another 3 lessons with Frank before it was lunch, throughout the day nothing much had happened, Frank had shown me to my locker and his had
coincidentally been right next to mine. I couldn't stop stealing glances at him as we walked down the corridor to the caferetia. Everytime he smiles my
heart skips a beat, i really like him! All of a sudden a group of 5 jocks came up and started taking the piss out of me and Frank.

'Hey Loser, got yourself a new boyfriend, have ya!' One of the jocks laughed, talking to Frank, almost ignoring my existence.

'Shut it, Mark' Frank replied defensively.

'What, is your boyfriend not giving you want you want, in the bedroom.' mark replied in an irritating voice.

I was getting annoyed myself, i was older than Frank, i should be standing up for myself not him standing up for me.

'I am not his boyfriend, we are just friends actually.' I said matter-of-factly.

'Shut it, you faggot' Mark replied.

Next thing i knew Mark was lying on the floor and not moving, apart from the rise and fall of his chest as he breathed, Frank had punched him, hard, for
calling me a 'faggot'.

'Don't you dare call him that!' Frank growled and grabbed my arm.

'Run!' he tugged at my jacket to urge me to run with him, i just wanted to hug him for what he said, also he was really sexy when he ran, even more that
normal. We ran for what seemed like hours, but when we stopped i noticed that he had taken me off of the school grounds and into the quiet town not far
from the school. We stopped and my sides were killing, i breathed hard trying to get my breath back. Franks hands were resting on his knees as he also
tried to regain his breath back to a steady pace. He looked at me and smiled sweetly, he stood up nervously rubbing his neck.

'Sorry', he mumbled.

'What for?' i asked smiling, trying to hold back my urge to give him a bear hug.

'For putting you in that position' he said with sadness in his voice.

'It's not your fault, i made the situation worse, and thankyou for sticking up for me like that, it was nice to have someone do that for a change' i sighed.

'Of course i'll stick up for you, your my best friend' he replied, embarrassed. I couldn't help myself any longer. I threw my arms around him in a hug. He
didn't pull back, and held me tight, i was so happy. We awkwardly broke apart, but it was a good awkward. I looked at the ground, trying to hide the fact
that i was blushing a deep shade of red. He giggled at my rubbish attempt to hide it from him. 'what do you wanna do now? My house is only around the corner
and my parents have gone away for the week, so do you wanna come to mine?'. 'yh, sure, okay!' i was just so happy to be with Frank, i felt so lucky!
All of a sudden i realised that this was the first time in months that i hadn't been miserable and thought happy thoughts, because all i could think was
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