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I looked at him properly for the first time. He had grown his hair, and was wearing it slightly wavy. He was wearing a pair of skinny jeans, and a blazer, shirt and tie, along with smart shoes. He wasn’t wearing any eyeliner, much to my disappointment. “Well,” he said. “Brendon Boyd Urie. I didn’t think I would ever see you again.” His tone was cold. “Um… Yeah.” I said. “This tour’s gonna be fantastically awkward isn’t it?!” I said. He smiled. “Not if we don’t make it awkward…” He said. I raised my eyebrow at him, and he grinned. I was slightly sceptical about this. Was he really suggesting that we get back together, after all of this?! “What do you…” I trailed off, as he put his finger on my lips. “Brendon. Shush. I’ve missed you!” he said, and launched at me for a hug. I gingerly hugged him back, wondering if I was mentally ready to be in a relationship with him again. “Brendon, I know what you’re thinking. But we never actually broke up. So, um…” and with that, he started kissing me. In a total moment of shock I pulled away. “Ryan, I can’t do this, not yet.” I said, and ran back onto the bus. I headed straight for my bunk, leaving a slightly disgruntled Ryan behind. I couldn’t believe what I’d just done. I’d waited all this time, just to hear his voice, and when I was given the chance to kiss him, I throw it down the drain. Great. But do I really want him back? “Brendon?” I heard a voice say. I opened the curtain of my bunk just a crack, and to my relief, saw Spencer. “Hey Spence.” I said, wearily. “Mate, we’re due on stage in like an hour, so you’d better be ready. The Young Veins are playing at the moment. You’ve been here for about three hours!” I opened my eyes in amazement, then realised that I needed to get ready for stage. “Shit! You mean… Oh man,” I said, getting out of bed at a mental speed, and grabbing a pair of skinny jeans. I pulled them on, grabbed some socks, and went to the wardrobe to locate a shirt. The shirt I’d chosen, however, belonged to Ian, so I hunted around to find one of my own. Once I’d found my shirt, I put on some converse and grabbed all the other things necessary for stage, and then followed Spencer to backstage, where we watched the last five minutes of the Young Veins’ set. I had to admit, Ryan’s voice is still fantastically beautiful. I took my ear pieces from the stage hand, and put them into my ears. Soon, we were ready to go on stage, for our first show of the tour. We all high-fived each other, and Ryan gave me a ‘good luck’ look. I smiled shyly back at him. I grabbed my guitar, and walked onto the stage, following Spencer and Ian, Dallon behind me. “What’s up Denver?” I shouted into the microphone, and we immediately went into our first song: Ready to Go…

“Okay, so now it’s that time.” Spencer said, “Time for our last song… This is Northern Downpour.” I smiled, and picked up my acoustic guitar from the rack on the side of the stage. I put the strap over my shoulder, and began the first chords. “If all our life was but a dream…” I started to sing. The second chorus had passed, and we were into the last third of the song. I’d been feeling fine, until the repetition of the line “Sugarcanes in the easy morning, weathervanes, my one and only.” The line that Ryan used to sing. I couldn’t help it, when a tear started to form in the corner of my eye. ‘No Brendon, you will NOT cry!’ I thought to myself. Well, that and the fact that Ryan was stood backstage, probably watching me. I looked at Spencer, who nodded encouragingly. I took a deep breath and motioned for the crowd to carry on singing, which they gladly did. Thank goodness. At the end of the song, Spencer screamed into his microphone, “Thank you for having us Denver. You were awesome!” “Yeah, see you guys soon!” I ended his sentence, and hurriedly left the stage, tossing my plectrum into the screaming crowd, who all rushed forward to catch it. I didn’t even stop to speak to anyone on my way to the bus with Spencer. We had decided to go there straight away, and that we were going to make amends to the set list. Like, Ian had suggested that we change the last song to Nearly Witches, which I agreed with him, because that was always our best song to do last! I grinned at Spencer as we sat down at the table, having a quick glass of water before we went to bed. Just then the door opened, and in walked Jon and Ryan….
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