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Mikey and Ray go out to leave Frank and Gerard alone.

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It seemed to take forever for Ray and Mikey to leave; Gerard tried to sit as casually as he could on the sofa with his laptop, but couldn’t help glancing at the door to Frank's bunk every 20 seconds – wondering what Frank was doing behind it - or jumping when anyone mentioned either of their names, which seemed to happen way more than was necessary. Finally they called goodbye to Frank and waved themselves off the bus. Gerard watched them walk across the car park, hoping they would stay out all night long. He locked the door before walking across the living room area. He stared at the door for a few seconds then taking a long, deep breath he opened Frank's door with urge bubbling inside him.

He stopped and his mouth dropped open; Frank was lying across the bed completely naked with that seductive look that Gerard could never resist. As he stood taking in Frank's perfectly inked naked form, he could feel himself starting to go hard. Frank laughed sexily and pulled him onto the bed. Gerard lay over him, Frank gripped his t shirt so hard he thought it would rip. Frank kissed him fiercely, letting everything go as he melted into him. Gerard pushed back and traced his fingers roughly down Frank's bare body. “ah Frankie” he breathed. Frank groaned and helped Gerard take off his black skinny jeans and t-shirt, leaving him in a pair of shameful pink boxers.
“Nice boxers” Frank teased him.
“Shut up, whore” Gerard instructed him. He threw the boxers across the room with a malicious grin and wrapped his legs around Frank's waist. He leant down and pushed himself closer to Frank, his mouth devouring and massaging Frank's soft lips. He forced his tongue into Frank's mouth, licking and nibbling his lips. His hands trailed again down Frank's torso, this time stopping at his hips. His spine curved upwards, his bones bending with temptation. Frank's arms were around his neck, his hands tugging at his dark raven hair and forcing their mouths closer. He scratched his bitten nails impatiently at Gerard's skin, leaving long red scratches. Frank's groans and desperation made Gerard's urges more known. He then took Frank's member in his hand. Beneath him Frank tensed and gripped his hair tighter, biting his lip.

Gerard chuckled irresistibly, then started rubbing up and down Frank's dick. He got rougher and rougher, Frank's toes curled and his back arched away from the bed. He scratched his bitten nails impatiently at Gerard's skin, leaving long red scratches. Teasing him, Gerard stopped just as he was about to reach his climax. Slightly pissed, Frank sat up to bite at Gerard's neck. He sucked and scraped at his soft skin until he could guarantee there would be a big, sore mark. Gerard found himself being thrust backwards into the bed.
Frank was pressed against him, his hardness meeting his own. They froze for a second, their bodies relaxing and tensing at the same time. They shared a moment. Although hot and ready to explode, their eyes widened and they both knew what they wanted.
Gerard left Frank for only a few seconds to get a tube of lube out of his jacket pocket on the floor.

“Ready to go Frankie?” Gerard asked, breathing heavily.
“all the way” Frank teased, bending over in front of him “do it you fucking bitch” Gerard licked a hot line up Frank's spine, which made him shiver. He covered two of his fingers with his saliva then slowly pushed them into Frank. He pulled them in and out a couple of times to 'loosen him up' then took the lube in one hand. He made Frank lick his fingers, he bit them. Gerard leant over him and sucked at his neck for a second, before rubbing the cold slime onto his pulsing member. He grabbed Frank's hips and lined himself up. Then he pushed himself in. They moaned simultaneously at the pain and pleasure. Gerard pushed his hips forwards slowly, then backwards. His nails dug into Frank's skin as he thrusted harder and harder. Frank screwed up the bedsheets with his fists and bit his lip so hard he drew blood. He had his eyes closed, overcome with feeling.
“fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck” he groaned throatily “don't stop. Don't ever stop”
“my name” Gerard growled, his arm around Frank's chest “say it”
“louder” Gerard roared, thrusting slowly now.
“GEE!” Frank yelped.
“GEE- Gerard! FUCK ME! FUCK ME LIKE NO ONE EVER HAS” Frank screamed.
Hearing this Gerard quickened, meaning their bodies smashed together with every thrust. The skin between them grew slick with sweat. Frank kneeled up and reached backwards for Gerard's hips. He drew him deeper still each time. His entire body was pulsing, he knew he was almost there. "HARDER"

Gerard widened his legs and grabbed a fistful of Frank's hair, yanking his head backwards. He bucked forwards so his entire front was pressed against Frank's back, sealed with a layer of sweat. Frank inhaled a quick, sharp breath. With one last loud groan from Gerard and a final smash, they both came at the same time, collapsing sideways onto the now wet and dirty bedsheets.
After a long moment, once they had caught their breath and cooled, Gerard wrapped his arms around Frank's waist from behind and uttered
“I love you Frankie”
But the small, tattooed man with the inky black hair was already half asleep.
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