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7, New Update!

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Sorry for the lateness


Been doing rock challenge xD and if we come first or second we get to go to England!!

So my updates may be a little further apart :P

We are performing on 19th April. Fingers crossed we get first or second!!!


Gerard :

"Ready?" Hollie smiled decending the stairs that led down to my basement.

"Yeah are you and Mikey?" I asked pulling an Iron maiden shirt over my head.

"I am" She smiled blanking out Mikey. I shook my head. Imagine yourself being in my position. Both your siblings HATE eachother. It's unfair on me because when i talk to one of them the other automatically thinks i love them more. Fuck sake its like Frank and his love for dogs. When a cat strays in... MURDER.

"Cool" She smiled then headed back upstairs. After fixing my hair i went up my steps too. Mikey and Hollie were standing in complete silence as if the other wasn't there.

"Ready?" Mikey smiled. I nodded and we made our way to Jude's in silence until me and Hollie began to discuss Avenged Sevenfold and how they were going to NY.

"I WANT TO GO!" Hollie whined.

"Maybe" I said

"Sneak in" Hollie plotted. We arrived at Jude's house and everyone else including Bob was there too.

"Hey!" I smiled approaching Bob and Ray.

"Hey man" Bob smiled.

"Well how are you?" Ray smiled

"The usual" I said taking a cigartette and inhaling it.

"Alright, nwo that everyone has arrived i think we should play Truth or Dare to get things started in here" Jude smiled.

"This is going to be interesting" Ray laughed

"Lets see what the game holds" I said to Bob and we made direct eyecontact before he looked away a few seconds later. Even his eyes were mesmorizing.

"Gerard" Frank called. I snapped out of my trance with everyone looking at me quizically and confusingly.

"What?" I said

"Come on" Hollie smiled

"Oh" I laughed then sat between Frank and Hollie. Frank automatically entwined his fingers with my own. Oddly it felt like nothing was there anymore.

"Alright now since Frank and Gerard is in relationships here, do you give your partner permission to do stuff with the other members of the game?" Jude asked. Hollie laughed

"Yes, i give Gerard permission" Frank laughed

"I give you permnission as well" I said. Frank then kissed my lips and then the game began.

"I'll spin first" Hollie volunteered and lifted the empty coke bottle and spun it. Landing on Bob.

"Bob" Jude, Mikey, Ray and Frank smiled

"Truth, dare, double dare, love, kiss, command, cucumber" Hollie said really fast.

"... What?" Bob said confused

"Truth, dare, double dare, love, kiss, command, cucumber" Hollie said a little slower.

"Be brave" Ray joked.

"I dont even know what the fuck cucumber is" Bob said

"Cucumber is when you have to take a piece of clothing off" Hollie explained. Strangely a part of my heart did backflips. Is that normal when your in a relationship with someone you love dearly?

"Oh. I pick Double Dare" Bob said

"Awesome. Gerard" Hollie faced me

"Yeah?" I asked

"Your doing a double dare with Bob okay?" Hollie smiled

"Alright" I said. Hollie thought for a minute.

"Who can turn on Jude the most" Hollie said.

"What?" Bob said. Frank, Mikey and Ray laughed and Jude's face was expressionless.

"Whoever can turn on Jude the most so basically it involves alot of sexual" She tried to find the right word "Preferences" She ended the sentance a few minutes later.

"Be careful you dont turn me on instead" I heard Frank whisper into my ear.

"Bob first!" Hollie smiled. Jude facepalmed but being the fearless bitch she is Bob crawled onto her lap and tried his best. Wolf whisteles came from Frank, Mikey and Ray. Jude just laughed and Bob ended up laughing at the end aswell.

"Get in there" Frank shouted. Jude winked at Bob and oddly i felt sort of Jealous.

"Alright Gerard, your go!" Hollie announced feeling in total power you could just tell.

"Alright" I said. Mikey handed me a shot of voldka first and i downed it.

After that it's all a blurring image
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