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Pretty handsome awkward

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(I suck at summaries) franks hasn't showed up for weeks and gerard is getting on edge, if only he knew the rumors...

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Gerards .P.O.V.

Its been two weeks now and still a no show from frank. Well now I have bert, but its not the same without frank. he won't return my calls. He never replies to my texts. Have I done something wrong?
"Gerarrrrd?" Bert said in a sing songy voice whilst waving his hand in my face.
"You were staring into space everything okay?"
"Yeah...everythings fine."
"Are you sure you-"
"I SAID EVERYTHING IS FUCKING FINE, STOP PESTERING ME!" Bert stood up looking as if he were going to burst into tears and ran out of the lunch hall.
"Wait, bert I'm sorry..." Bert had sped halfway down the hallway, there was no-way I would catch him up. I lazily dropped my bag to the floor and slid down the wall to sit next to it, on the cold marble. What am I supposed to do? I didn't mean to yell at bert, he's my friend.
"Ahhhhh but in a way you did" the voices whispered.
"What do you mean?"
"Since frank has been gone you have felt less interested in the things you love, you got a detention for not working in art, you haven't been attending your guitar lessons, you haven't even sung anything lately."
"What's your point."
"My point is your angry at bert because you think he is trying to replace frank, because frank isn't here, you feel like your betraying him...your not showing interest in the things you love, because you love frank and he's not here."
God I hate it when the voices are right. Though I really don't think guitar is for me. I pulled out my scratched, dented and chipped blackberry and checked for a reply from frank. Nothing. Nadda. Zilch. I want to ask why he hasn't been here but I don't want to impose, should I ask? No I won't, in case its something really personal. I felt my phone vibrate and I fumbled excitedly to get it back out of my pocket, did frank text me back?
From Mikey: " I SEEEEE YOOOOU!!! :)"
I sighed in disappointment...what does he mean he see's me?
"HEY GERARD!" Mikey started yelling from the far side of the corridor. I looked up briefly then hung my head, hiding in my naturally raven black hair. I don't have the energy for him right now.
"Everything okay bro?"
"I'm fine mikes, and don't call me bro again."
"What's wrong?" He said sympathetically. Should I tell mikey?
"Well..." I started.
"Well what? if anything is bothering you, you know you can tell me...right?" I suppose I could...
"...franks not here and I'm getting really worried..."
"So the rumours are true..." Mikey muttered under his breath.
"WHAT? What rumours? Is frank okay?" Mikey stared into space, totally blanking what I just said.
"MIKES? Is frank okay?" His mouth was moving but no words came out.
"...I think its best if he tells you."
"So frank is okay?"
"Psyichally, yes." Mikey leaned over and gave me an awakward hug, stood up and walked away.
What was that about? And what did he mean by pysichally? My phone started vibrating again, I ignored it. Probably just mikes again. The bell went and I started making my way to math class, great, not only is it math, but its a double period. Fucking hell. I sat in my normal spot, tucked away in the back corner of the classroom, next to franks seat. Franks empty, unoccupied, lonely, seat. I stared at it for a few minutes until miss asked me a question.
"Mr. Way, what is 17 squared?"
"Frank..." I said. The whole class burst into fits of laughter and miss wasn't impressed.
"Mr. Way that wasn't very amusing. Please do answer questions properly in the future." I continued to stare at the seat, it was like franks presence still lingered here, it made me feel like I wasn't alone. Suddenly my view of the blue, plastic, chewing gum dotted chair was blocked by the lap of a nervous looking student. Bert. Suddenly I no longer felt franks presence. The voices were right, I did feel like bert was trying to replace frank. But even worse, I was letting it happen...
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