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A Son??

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This chapter is told through Troy"s view as he sees Jayliisa son who looks around three.

Category: High School Musical - Rating: G - Genres: Angst,Drama - Warnings: [V] - Published: 2012-04-02 - Updated: 2012-04-02 - 398 words

I just bumped into Jayliisa on the street and then I saw a little boy call her mama and they walked away, now im at my housethinking. Her son looks around three, I remember that we had a drunken one night stand three years sgo. I cheated on Gabriella because I thought she was the one but after Jay left I found out Gabriella was screwing Toni Finch a damn freshman. I hurt Jayliisa and now she has a son, wait her son I said aloud. I jumped off my couch running in my attic grabbing my toddler years scrapbook, I took a picture of her son as they walked away. Opening my scrapbook to when I was three her son looked just like me his brown hair, blue eyes, and his dimples his skin just a couple shades darker then mine. I looked at my baby p icture and I looked exactly like him, I picked up a glass vase throwing it at the wall next to the door as Chad walked in. Aye what's wrong T he asked, you remember your sister Jayliisa I asked. Yeah my twin why Chad asked, ok three years ago we slept together I said. You were with B Gabriella Chad said, I know I said. Chad tackled me punching me in the face repeatedly at first I didn't hit back until he almost broke my nose, I brought my right elbow up hitting him in the jaw. Ahh Chad yelled, as he was distracted I punched him in his stomach beford placing my knees on him pushing him off me his back hit the wall. You used my sister Chad yelled groaning, I know now shut up and look at this I said sliding my phone and scrapbook over to him. Ok why are you showing me you as a baby and your son with a black woman Chad said. It isn't just an African-American woman that is your sister's son I said. You didn't use protection Chad yelled, we were drunk I shouted back. Where did you see them Chad asked, here in L.A. I think they live here I said. Let's go find them Chad said opening the door fixing his clothes, I did the sam and walked out to his car. Im glad we didn't loose our friendship I thought to myself as we drove off.
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