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Episode four

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By ImJustFine.

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Cry, my dearest darling, cry
Fly my angel, try, oh, try…
Lips as soft as the petals of roses
Stained so red
Well, redder that they should...

Squirm, my little love-bird, squirm
Toosh, toosh, baby, won't you learn?
Eyes as bright as the moon in its crescent
Cloud so fast
At the sight of your own blood

Scream, my principessa, scream!
Wish that this was all a dream!
Those putrid words like poisoned thorns
Pricked my skin
Pay, now, as you should

Look, my tiny treasure, see!
This promise of bare truth will be,
That tick-tock-tack beating heart of yours
Shall now stop
Be as dead as any heart could
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