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Both sides now

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The Doctor has seen this from more than one vantage point. (Unspecified Doctor & companion. Prequel to 'Resisting a rest'.)

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A/N: Originally posted to LiveJournal's dw100 community, 27 Sept 2004.

I. Wildcow then wrote a prequel, which can be found here:
WARNING: Prequel contains torture scenes.


'You okay?'

'I'm fine. Been through worse.'

'Oh, I didn't need to know that.' Her voice was almost level.

'Did they hurt you?' he rasped, and coughed weakly. They'd made him scream until all he could do was gasp and retch.

'Nah, they just made me watch.'

He flinched, reached out to her impulsively; she saw the wounds the shackles had left on his wrists, and burst into tears. He held her as she bawled into the front of his shirt.

Eventually, she pulled away, sniffling. 'Um. Sorry.'

He shook his head and whispered: 'I know what that's like too.'


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