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Look Out, Frank Iero is in town.

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::FRERARD:: Frank is the emo freak who moved school because of bullies. He moves to Canem Academy, a boarding school in the country where he meets a certain Mr Way and his younger brother, Mikey.

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A/N: HEY GUIZ, so i have a little extra time. I have written half of the final chapter for 'Timetables and rude receptionist' and i had an idea when i was making a sandwich. So here it is. i hope you enjoy it because I actually like writing this and i have a pretty good idea of where i'm going with it. So please R&R and tell me what you think? Should i continue it? Thanks for reading :)

-LatherTheBlood xo

Giant metal gates toward over me like a giant. They were at least nine feet tall and they badly needed a new coat of black paint. Canem academy. My new school and home. My mother thinks this will be good for me, she thinks because it costs a lot of money that this school will have no bullies. How silly, Mother, can’t you tell? Rich bullies are the worst. They won’t get in trouble, they all have bribes on the headmaster.

My mother retrieved my case from the trunk of her beaten down old car and placed it by my side. We shuffled through the large metal gate and I immediately felt intimidated, just by the large, red building.

“Come on Frankie, we don’t want you to be late” my mother said, hurrying along the thin, grey path that lead to the reception desk.

This school looked like it had a lot to offer. It had a separate art block for all the artistically inclined students, a separate physical education block, for all the athletic assholes and a separate music block, for all the musically gifted.

Everything had a place here, even the pens had a special holder. There was one thing that doesn’t belong here however, and that thing is me. Frank Iero, music lover and emo freak. I don’t belong in this school, I belong in my old school, which is more like a safe haven compared to this shit hole and I haven’t even made it passed the front desk yet.

“May I help you madam?” the lady said, eyes glued to her magazine, glasses hanging at the very tip of her nose. She was well past her best.

“Yes, this is my son Frank Iero, he is to enrol in your school today” my mother stated, how I was going to miss her calming voice.

“Oh yes, the new boy. Mr Finch will be a moment, let me just notify him” she replied, picking up the very old looking telephone by the computer.

“It’s okay Frankie, I have a good feeling about this” My mother whispered to me, bending down to do so.

“Mom, bending down to talk to me doesn’t exactly boost my self-confidence, you know I hate it when people criticise my height” I replied, looking her dead in the eyes so she understood I was being serious.

She didn’t get a chance to reply, a tall man with a moustache and big, bulky glasses appeared at the door to our left.

“Ah, you must be Mrs Iero I presume? And this must be little Frank?” Mr Finch asked, looking down at me.

“I’m seventeen, don’t call me little” I stated, giving him the famous Frank Iero death stare.

“Frank! Apologise to Mr Finch for being so rude!” My mother said angrily.

“I’m sorry” I mumbled.

“It’s quite alright, please, would you care to come in” Mr Finch motioned us with his hand to come into his office.

We sat there for what felt like hours, just discussing where I would be sleeping, what I was to wear and what I was not allowed to do. I have yet to hear the list of things I can do.
So far I’m not allowed to:

Skip class.
Take Drugs.
Get a C on a test; the school has a reputation.
Dress inappropriately for school.
Sleep in the girls dorm.
Enter the girls dorm.

Okay, I am allowed to breathe, but with the amount of rules this place has, that should be on the list of ‘don’t’s’

“Now Frank, this place won’t be so bad, you have your phone so you can call or text if you want a chat, okay?” my mother asked me, she was getting ready to leave.

“Yeah, whatever” I replied, turning back to Mr Finch.

My mother opened the car door, entered it and shut it with a loud bang. The car started with a jolt and before I could even whisper a goodbye, she was off. Already over the horizon line, gone.

It’s funny how you don’t realise how much you actually need someone, until they’re gone.

“Now boy, you are too sleep in Harchdale house, You will be in room 23, there are already students in the room. You will get to know them and make friends. You are to keep your nose clean in this place, boy. We do not tolerate badly behaved boys here at Canem Academy, don’t let me catch you getting into any bother.” Mr Finch walked away after spitting that into my face, he’s a charmer.

I made my way to Harchdale house,following the signs. I didn’t dare ask for any directions, the students here didn’t look the helpful type. I made it, after lots of turning around and staring up at useless signs. It was huge, each floor had twenty rows of large circular windows. Room 23 here I come. I prepared myself for a beating, i was sure i was sharing a room with the sport loving idiots.
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