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Killers Night

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"Face it Jon, you're a sucker for blue eyes."

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Most of the bars I took Spencer to were empty, making it that much easier to get him a few drinks before it was time to go back to the pier. He was a little tipsy, but it wasn't bad. Just enough to keep him from noticing anything unusual about us. We were walking down the beach, avoiding people as he leaned on me, laughing at nothing. He was cute; his bright blue eyes shining under the light of the moon, his round cheeks tinted a slight pink from the alcohol, his cheery laugh mixing with the sound of the crashing waves. It was nice, just the two of us. He took off his shoes, walking along the shore, getting his feet wet like a child.
But it didn't last. Halfway to the pier we ran into Gabe, who seemed to be strung out on something strong, his eyes bloodshot with a stupid smile on his face. I looked around, hoping that Ryan would be nearby. He wasn't. I cursed myself for letting the two go off on their own as we came closer to him.
"Where's Ryan?" He looked at me and smiled, laughing a little.
"Hey Jonnyboy, who ya got there?" He was eyeing Spencer like a snack.
"I'm sorry, I don't think you heard me. Where the fuck is Ryan?" Gabe shrugged, looking around. The situation must have sobered up Spencer, seeing as he was hiding slightly behind me. And I knew why; when Gabe looked at him he looked like he was going to attack, it would make any human nervous.
"That way." He pointed in a direction before lowering his arm, brows knitting together in confusion before he pointed in a different direction. "No, that way. He went that way." I stared at him.
"You are so useless Saporta. When we get-" I stopped. People were rushing towards us, running away from the pier screaming. I looked at Spencer, who had a horribly terrified expression on his face before looking at Gabe's confused face. "Gabe, watch him. And don't you dare do anything stupid." Gabe nodded, and I knew he was to high to do anything he would regret even if he wanted to. I watched him sit down in the sand, Spencer sitting down next to him nervously, keeping himself at a distance, before running off in the direction the people were running from.
It took a minute of running through rows of empty carnival booths until I found Ryan. He was standing over a girl, blood on his hands and dripping down his chin and neck. I could smell it, taste the red copper dripping from her slitted neck, and temptation was right there. But Ryan wasn't alone. Right in front of him stood William's right hand man, Brendon, the one he sends out to create chaos whenever he doesn't feel like doing it himself. He was smiling at Ryan, urging him to do the worst he could do. I ran over to them, Brendon laughing as he looked at me.
"It's good to see you Walker. Come to join us?" Brendon's voice was filled with amusement, making me furious. I was positive that he was the reason why Ryan had blood stained hands at this point, even if I couldn't be sure. Ryan looked up at me, his eyes pleading for me to forgive him.
"Actually, I think I'm going to take my trouble maker here and hope to God I don't see you in public again." I glared at him.
"Is that a threat?" His voice was laughing at me, his posture as ridiculous as his fancy ass clothes.
"Yes, actually. If I see you again off of the grounds that we agreed were fair game, then I will personally kill you." He laughed, moving towards Ryan, who's eyes had drifted down to the girl he had killed. Deep red hair, bright green eyes that had deflated and gone lifeless, a crimson as dark as her hair staining the ground she had collapsed onto.
"You're boy here, it doesn't take much to turn him. To let him remember what it feels like to have a pulse under his lips. You should be more worried about him killing again than you should be worried about me." He smiled, putting his hand on Ryan's shoulder. "Or, do you just not want to believe that he's at fault for this?"
"I don't recall saying that it wasn't his fault. However, I know for a fart that he wouldn't have done this if you weren't such a fucking instigator. Now I don't want to see you, or anyone else in your group getting near Ryan again."
"And if we do?" He was still smiling at me, hand squeezing Ryan's shoulder.
"You really don't want to know the consequence for it." He gave me a devilish smirk.
"I'll take your word for it." He broke eye contact with me, whispering something in Ryan's ear. He seemed to still be in a state of shock, like he hadn't at all meant to kill the girl, which I knew wasn't true. This wasn't Ryan's first slip up, and it wouldn't be his last. That much was obvious. Brendon moved once more, looking back at me again. "I guess I'll be going then." I glared at me, and he blew me a kiss, vanishing with the girls body.
Ryan looked up at me nervously, his cloudy eyes becoming clear again. "Jon…I-I didn't mean to. It was a mistake." I stared at him for a long moment before nodding. I put my hand on his back before moving it to his neck, gripping the back of it tightly, trying hard to not let the anger in my voice shine.
"I know. Let's just get home." He looked guilty and sad and I knew I wasn't at all being what he needed, but I didn't care. I pushed him in the direction of the beach where I left Gabe and Spencer, holding onto the back of his neck tightly.
Gabe smiled up at me when we made it back to them. "I don't know where you found this boy, but well done Jon!" He was grinning, Spencer smiling lightly. I gave him a stern look and he realized that I was still pissed about what he had done. He sighed.
"Take Ryan home. We'll follow you there." He nodded, taking Ryan's hand as he walked off. Spencer looked at me, looking confused and lost.
"What was that about?" I shook my head, digging a cigarette from my pocket, sitting down in the sand as I lit it. I stared out at the ocean, reflecting the burning stars and the large waning moon. Some gulls flew overhead, touching the water lightly with their feet before going back off into the sky. In a way, I envied them. They had no responsibilities, nothing to look after, nothing holding them in this place. They were free, being completely able to fly under the moon or sun. They were more lucky than anyone would ever notice.
"It's stunning out here tonight." I whispered the words, glancing over at Spencer as I put the cigarette in-between my lips. He had been looking at me, but after I said the words he looked out at the crashing waves, a smile graced his lips, and I looked back out at the sea as well. I blew out smoke slowly, watching it rise high in the sky, wishing that I could be bathed in the suns warmth once more. I felt his warmth move closer to me as I brought the cigarette back up to my lips.
"It really is." I nodded, finishing off my cigarette before standing. He stood as well and I walked in the direction of my bike. When we were there, he gave me a look of complete disbelief. "I am not riding on that." I laughed.
"Of course you are." We were home in no time. Spencer stayed out for a moment, staring at our decrepit living space as I walked up the steps, opening the door for him. Pete was waiting in the kitchen, disappointment apparent in his features.
"Glad to see you're back." He kept a stoic face, his words emotionless. He smiled at Spencer. "You must be our new resident. Spencer, right?" I looked over at Spencer who nodded. "I'm Pete, owner of this household. It's a pleasure to meet you. Jon will take you upstairs to a washroom so you can clean yourself off." He nodded.
"Thank you." Pete smiled at him. As soon as Spencer had his back turned to him, he scowled at me, his eyes telling me that I had to come back as soon as I was finished. I looked away, ashamed. It wasn't a good idea, and I hadn't really thought everything all the way through, but it happened. I led Spencer up the stairs and to a tiny washroom. He sat on the counter, watching me dig around for supplies. "He seems nice." He paused for a moment. "How many people live here." I looked up at him.
"There's Pete, and Gabe, both of which you've already met, but other than that there's Ryan, and Patrick, and Andy, and Joe. You'll meet them all soon. Just don't worry about it." He nodded. I put some rubbing alcohol and bandaids on the counter next to him, looking at the blood that still covered part of his face. I couldn't. I wanted so badly to clean him up, but I just couldn't. "Patrick will be here in a moment to make sure you have everything you need, I'll be downstairs." He nodded, giving me a smile.
"Thank you, for everything." I bit my lip, walking out of the room with my head down, staring at the floor as I shut the door. When I looked up I was greeted with a disapproving look on Pete's face.
"It's his eyes, isn't it?" I stared at him, waiting for a lecture. But he didn't say anything else. Just stood still staring at me.
"I don't know what you're talking about." He sighed, uncrossing his arms in an exasperated movement.
"Face it Jon, you're a sucker for blue eyes. You always have been. I remember that back in the day, the only way we managed to get you to come to our side was because we had Patrick; it took one look in his eyes to have you hooked." I stared at him.
"So what?" He sighed, shaking his head.
"I don't want you to get hurt, and I don't want you to hurt him. Look, he can stay, just not for long. Okay? He can stay for..I don't know, a month. Any longer and we're either killing him or kicking him out." He smiled. "Just, be careful, all right." He paused, looking as if he were trying to remember the last thing he was going to say. "The sun comes up in five, make sure you're in your room." I nodded, watching as he left down the hall towards Patricks room, walking in and closing the door before I headed downstairs.
Our rooms all lined the wall in the basement. It was one of the safest places for Pete and I, we were the two who couldn't go in the sun no matter what. Which was a shame, because Gabe and Ryan could easily walk out in the sun as long as they were wearing glasses for their eyes. Everyone down here but me has a coffin to sleep in. I hate sleeping in them, they make me feel claustrophobic, and so much less than a human than I want to be. I like pretending, if nothing more, that I can sleep in a bed and have everything be fine. I know that Pete has a bed in his room for when he and Patrick have some 'alone time', but he prefers to sleep in a coffin, Gabe never even once showed interest in beds, something that I found somewhat odd. Sometimes Ryan will come in my room in the middle of the night after having nightmares of the past and some of the things he's done, and if he does, he always sleeps in my bed with me. But other than that, nothing.
I walked into my room, closing and locking the door, collapsing on my bed.
I didn't want to think about him, but I did. He was stunning. Maybe Pete was right, and I did have a thing for blue eyes. I'm not sure why, though I'm sure it has to do something with the sky. At night, all you see is a curtain of black, but during the day, there are so many shades of blue. I miss it. And when I look in his eyes, I really do just see the sky. Something beautiful and deep and expansive. His eyes were like nothing I could see on my own, and that made them all the more beautiful.


New chapter of UTO tonight! Hopefully!

PartyPoison: I'm glad that it's not a disappointment and that you're excited. I'm hoping to put in a few different vampire themes in this story, so hopefully it won't read too badly.
I know! When do I ever right a joyful Ryan? Like, never. (I think it's because he's my favorite, so I like keeping him sad.)
Let's just hope that the vampire thing won't go in a gross Twilight direction. I have this story mostly planned out, and hopefully it'll be closer to like The Lost Boys and Blade. Yay! Good movies!

TheAnonymous: That's kind of funny, I wasn't even going to write another vampire fic, but I got the Lost Boys box set (because I love that movie so damn much) and I started watching it while writing, and…this kind of came out. So it'll be good! Hopefully.
I've never really seen Jon as a badass, more of the calm bass player type. (Is that weird?) I don't know, just, most of the time I feel like bass players are the relaxed people who work shit out when the other people in the band get into a scuffle.
Yes! It will be a Joncer. With some other pairings that will be shocking and whatnot later on. So be prepared.

-xoxo Pansy.
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