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and no one knows where Maria went. Maria, Maria, Maria, where did you go?

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By the time it was brought to her attention it was too late to hide between the tall cinders as the figure, now seen as a man’s, was standing several feet ahead of her shaking form.

Upon closer inspection, the man was about her height, 5”4, wearing uniform similar to hers and dark combat boots, had midnight black hair that parted at his left eye and curled gently around the right side of his face, falling below his ear, of which both ears were tunnelled and his full bottom lip glinted with a silver hoop.

His warm hazel eyes stared intently at her bewildered chartreuse ones, drinking her in.
She spied a tattoo of a scorpion on his neck, and wondered if she still had her tattoos.

“Who are you?”

She inquired, surprised that she remembered her voice.

“Your name, it’s Maria, right?”

The male spoke softly, smiling slightly.

“What? It’s Cherry, not Maria.”

She was, by this point, beyond confused.

“You’re not Maria? I’d be in deep shit with Gee, life and death deep, that’s like, he’d send my dogs to heaven or something, or kill Pansy, can’t make mistakes like that”

He laughed nervously, small beads of perspiration gathering on his white painted face.

“Where am I?”

“Not safe, there’s a war going on y’know? Can’t let old Cyanide and his goons kill you now, can we?”

The latter answered, much to her surprise, chuckling at the joke only he understood.

He extended his fingerless skeleton gloved hand out for hers and started leading her back the way he came not long ago.

After around half an hour of seemingly endless hiking the small man called out.

“Mikey! I got a girl! Don’t hurt the dogs but I think it’s the wrong one!”

Among the seemingly harmless debris a large hole well concealed became visible, and a short dark haired man’s head poked out.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about Frank. It’s her all right, we finally got Maria back.”

all will be revealed later on in the story (review if you want the suicide note written up at some point)
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