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Brendon’s POV:
“Ryan, do you think we could get back together?” I said, stroking his head. “We ARE back together Bren, what do you think we’re doing right now?” “No, I mean the band…” I said. “I dunno, maybe… But what’d we tell the others? And we need to practise… but anything’s possible. Maybe we should talk to Jon and Spence…” I nodded, and said, “I’ll speak to…” “You speak to Jon, I’ll speak to Spence…” Ryan said, kissing me on the cheek, teasing me. I nodded. “okay, you’ve got 20 minutes.” I said, and raced down the steps of the bus, to find Jon and Spencer having a make out session. I cleared my throat, causing them to look round at me and smile at me sheepishly. “Oh, um, hey Bren…” “Shut up Spence,” I said, flashing him a grin, which he returned. “Jon, can I have a word?” he nodded, and wordlessly followed me outside, doing up the buttons of his shirt. We’d just pulled up outside the hotel we were staying at, so I’d decided that I’d do this conversation before we went into the hotel and checked into our rooms. “Okay, Jon. Ryan and I have a proposition. What would you say if we said we wanted to get back together? Collectively as a band.” Jon’s mouth dropped. “Are you sure Bren?” I nodded, “Yep, we’re so sure! We’ve been discussing it a lot this morning and…” “Before or after the sex?” Jon cut me off. I smiled, “What sex, Jonny Boy?” He returned the smile, and said, “You know what I mean, motioning to my messy hair, miss-buttoned shirt, and undone jeans. “Oh, that sex… Um…” He smiled, “don’t worry, Spence and I have been at it. We were last night.” And that’s when I remembered what I love about Jon. He’s so open, he talks about anything, and you can trust him with anything, and most of all, he always listens. Always. “You know, Bren, this sounds like a good idea. Has anyone spoken to Spencer yet?” I nodded, “Ryan’s going to, in fact, I think he is right now. We should go and find out.” He nodded, and followed me up the steps of the bus. “Guys, we’re at the hotel…” I opened the door to find Spencer and Ryan hugging. “So, you guys discussed it yet?” Ryan nodded, “And…” I said, willing him to finish his sentence. “he said yes!” “Oh my gosh yay! Group hug!” Jon said, and we grabbed each other, and hugged. Suddenly, Dallon came through the door, “guys, has anyone seen my blue- Holy crap, what is going on?!” He said, dropping the pants currently in his hand. “Dude, you just walked across the car park, holding them!?” I was laughing so much by now. “Well, man, you missed massive news. Panic! is getting back together!” Spencer yelled, kissing Jon. “Oh, I’d better go and tell Ian…” he said, awkwardly, and left to get his bag from his bunk and go into the hotel. “umm…” I said, and Ryan said, “Yeah, we’d better go and tell the others, and get our rooms.“ I nodded, and so did Jon and Spence. “Well, you and Jon can tell the rest of your band,” They nodded, and grabbed their stuff, then proceeded to do the ‘walk of shame’ to the hotel. Spencer and I hugged quickly, and collected our belongings and followed them.

Ryan’s POV:
I was so glad to be back with Brendon. When I kissed him, all the memories came flooding back, and I immediately felt so much happier. It’s totally crazy how one person cam make me feel like this. But, my mood was about to be dampened. We had to go and tell Nick, Nick and Andy that we were splitting up the Young Veins to recreate Panic!, but with less arguing. “Ready Ry?” Jon said, grabbing my shoulder, and pulling me into the lift to go down into the hotel restaurant where the other members of The Young Veins were eating breakfast, and trying to avoid fan girls. “Yeah, ready as I’ll ever be,” I nodded, and he smiled. “Come on then.” We approached them, pulling the hoods of our hoodies up, just to protect our identities. “Guys, can we have a word?” Jon said, and they nodded, Andy bringing his toast with him. “We’ve got some bad news.” Jon said. “Yeah, us too…” Nick M said. “Really? You go first?” said Jon. “Okay. Basically, we’re gonna have to leave tour. Because we’re not really enjoying being in this band, and y’know, there are other things we could be doing, and…” “Guys, we understand, we were going to tell you the same thing. That we want to split from the band.” “Oh my god, thank goodness!” said Andy, and we shared a quick group hug, before the others went to grab their stuff from the bus. “We’re gonna go to Chicago, because we’ve got some mates there, and my girlfriend and I are moving in together, cos she’s having a baby.” said Andy. “Aw, that’s cute, when did you find out?” I asked. “I got a text last night!” I smiled. “Well, I have some…erm…stuff to do, and yeah, I’ll catch up with you guys soon, text me when you get back to Chicago!” I said, and left the room with a wave. Now… Where were we Brendon?

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