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Tesko Suicide Dance

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Stella makes her stance against her and Anna's attacker, leading Anna to make her own stance against this nightmare.

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Chapter Forty-Seven: Tesko Suicide Dance:

Anna jerked her head upwards. "What was that?"

Stella looked around. "Stay here." She listened for the enemy. "There!" The women rolled away in time. Crash! Someone crashed through the ceiling hard. Both women looked up. A high school girl crawled to her feet with a knife in her hand. Stella recognized the face. Heated rage filled her chest.

"You!" she snapped. "You bitch!" Anna looked up at her.

"You know… her?" she asked.

"She killed my ex!" Stella yelled.


Stella stood up with her fangs out. "Bitch! I will make you pay!"

The deranged girl laughed like a jackal. "Oh yes! You. I only have one request."

The wolf demon raised an eyebrow at her. "And what would that be?"

The virus-infected girl held up her knife. "Die!" She rushed forward to kill. "Die! Die! Die! Die!"

Stella grabbed Anna out of the way in time. Both rolled to the wall. The tsukai looked at the wolf demon.

"What's going on here?" she asked. "Who is she?"

"This girl was being used by my ex to spy on me," Stella answered. "He must have pissed her off somehow and she killed him."

"Stanley was my true love!" the girl yelled.

"No, you stupid girl!" the wolf demon shouted. "That asshole had no heart! He just used women just for the hell of it!"


"It's true. Trust me! I've dated Stanley for years. If this was under normal circumstances I would congratulate you on the kill!"

The girl threw down the knife and screamed. "Lies! All lies! I will kill you! I will kill you both!" Stella looked over her shoulder.

"Run away," she told Anna.

"But what about you?" Anna asked. Stella smirked as she stretched her neck from side to side.

"I've got to settle this crap permanently," she said. The wolf demon winked. "See ya!"

"Okay then…" Anna mumbled. Stella turned back to the virus-ravished girl. This time, she had pulled out a gun from her purse. The wolf demon all but laughed.

"A gun?" she asked. "Come on, you can do better than that!" Bang! The smell of burning silver floated from the barrel of the gun. Anna's eyes shot wide open. Stella didn't make a sound as she fell backwards on the carpet. Her blood oozed out from the gaping bullet hole in her chest.

"Oh God, Stella!" Anna gasped. She turned back to the shooter. The girl's face looked paler than a corpse. Tears ran down her frail cheeks.

"Help… me…" she murmured. Then, the poor soul pointed the gun at her own head. Bang! Anna's heart welled with anger as the assassin fell backwards without a peep. The woman clenched her fists. The rest of her body didn't allow her to move to do anything else.

Fuck you, Haruka! I'm going to end this now! Anna drew in a deep breath and stormed out the front door. She didn't know where she was going, but hey! Better than sitting around and feeling useless again, you know?

Funny thing. Tsuzuki had the same thought on this current mess as well.
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