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Leahs Diary of Awkwardness and Shizzle

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When Leah and her six friends have to move to California in America for a year with their two crazy amazing dance/art teachers, she keeps a diary of everthing that happens, including the hot guys f...

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14th January 2013

Dear diary,
It's two more days until we have to get on the plane for California.
I'm going to miss Cornwall, the beaches, the pasties (oh my fuck, the pasties alone!), my family. I hope it's not two bad living in America for a whole year.
And I hope I don't end up acting like a complete moron (as usual...) but I don't think it'll work (true that...)
Especially infront of the Young Americans (especially the guys...)
Anyways...few things I wanna write down...

People who are going:
Leah (moi, the moronic hyper kid)
Mira (awesome calm dude)bestie.
Lola (S-L-U-T) bestie.
Paisley (Hyper dirty-minded funny gal)bestie.
Kelli-Rose (girly quiet girl...until you play against her on Mario Karts she turns into a monster) bestie.
Tina (fiesty midgit who does judo and makes me laugh) bestie.
Ally (One Direction/JLS obsessed kid) bestie.
Georgie (dance teacher who's friends with the Young 1)
Ollie (art teacher who's awesome, guardian 2)
Both are young and funny, and I'm actually so happy they're gonna be with us on this trip.

Well, gotta go, Mum wants to start packing early...
See ya, Leah.
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