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Chapter 5

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Uh. Yeah. Frank's really fucking confused.

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Why are you doing this, Frank? There are so many things you could be doing beside this… I mean, hell, you left your fucking bike back the fuck there…

But you always go back to the master. A good little lap dog.

I heard a small groan in the silence of the car, and I felt the scowl I was wearing deepen. The bastard, the handsome one, was up. Another groan sounded; louder this time, like he had just realized where he was and who was on top of him.

I was. I was on top of Gerard Way.

I felt myself blush at that thought, but I refused to let my scowl disappear. I did. Doesn’t mean it did. “Good morning, Party Poison,” I said, trying to sound calm, though I probably sounded forced. I was nervous, I was lying through my teeth, and I was sitting on Gerard. Damn.

Yet another groan sounded, this time with more form. It almost sounded like Gerard was chuckling. Bastard. I elbowed whatever was behind me, which turned out to be his chest, and I felt my scowl reappear. “Oh shut up you. You’ll regret chuckling later.”

Gerard shook his head behind me, and put his forehead against my back, the duct tape making me shiver. God damn it, I’m too jumpy. Maybe you’re tired, Frank. Maybe you need some sleep. I sighed and blinked, just now noticing my eyes were drooping. Fuck.

“Mmph,” I heard behind me, tickling my spine. I didn’t respond. “Mmmmm-mmm,” I heard again, and it sounded like Gerard was trying to get my attention. “Mmmph!”

“What?” I hissed, turning my head and taking note of the headache I was developing. “Need to use the restroom or something?”

His hands moved and I jumped, slamming the brake. No way he got through the duct tape without me knowing. I hopped onto the console in the middle of the Trans Am; scowling, flustered, nervous, tense. “The fuck man?!” I yelled at Gerard, who was chuckling and shaking his head. “You don’t just feel my ass!”

He looked up at me and raised an eyebrow, still chuckling quietly. “Mmmm… Mm-mmph mhh mh mh.”

I rolled my eyes and ripped the duct tape off Gerard’s mouth, scowling heavily now. “What,” I asked curtly, almost making it more of a statement than a question. “I don’t have time for your shit Gerard.”

Gerard gasped at the pain but continues grinning like a mad man. A sexy mad man… “You know you like it,” he chuckled out, shaking his head. “You’re enjoying this now. Yes, you’re tired, but you like it.” He looked up at me, losing the grin slowly, a look on innocence replacing it. “Aren’t you tired, Frankie, pet? Don’t you need your sleep so you can successfully drag me to Korse tomorrow?”

I growled and pulled out my gun, glaring at Gerard. “I don’t. Have time. For your shit,” I repeated, seething. You don’t just touch my ass then piss me off… “Say something else and see what happens.”

Gerard smirked, the innocence gone in a flash. “You don’t have the guts to take me to Korse, do you? You’ve been doubting BLI lately, been wondering what their methods are.” I growled again and hopped on Gerard, holding the gun beneath his chin, getting in his face. “But you don’t have the guts to do away with me. You can’t, Frank. You’re mentally unable to, because, deep down, you’d know that you couldn’t handle not having somebody to chase after again.”

I took the gun and shoved it against the roof of his mouth, eyes hard and cold. “Now you listen to me you stupid little shit,” I breathed, barely raising my voice above a heated whisper, “I am fucking able to pull this trigger and splatter your god damn brains all over the fucking ceiling. Korse doesn’t need you, you’d die in that fucking tower anyway. I can fucking kill you right the fuck now and not even give you a fucking fighting chance, or you can shut the fuck up and leave me the fuck alone.” I pressed the gun further into his mouth, making Gerard’s head tilt. He still looked calm, if not slightly bored. “Now tell me, what the fuck is your god damn choice.

Gerard kept his metaphorical mouth shut, his gaze never wavering from mine. He raised an eyebrow after a while, but did nothing more. I removed the gun after another while, still glaring at him.

And then we just sat there.

“Stupid mother fucker,” I whispered after an eternity, glaring at him harder. “I’m going to fucking bed. Do what the hell you want, your hands are tied anyway.” I crawled off of Gerard’s lap again, and shifted into the passenger’s seat. “I don’t give a damn anymore.”

You were straddling Gerard Way. Congrats.

I swear I heard the damn eyebrow raise. “That’s it?” he asked quietly, voice calm. “That’s all you’re going to say?”

I curled into a ball in the seat, flicking him off before wrapping my arms around myself. “M’fuckin’ tired, ass hole.”

I heard a small chuckle before shifting began. I didn’t know what Gerard was doing until I felt weight on the seat, and his tied hands went over my head and worked their way to a comfortable place on my abdomen, the rest of his body pressed against my back. He curled into me and put his head behind my neck, nuzzling his face into my hair a bit. “Good night Frankie. Big day for you tomorrow,” he murmured, lightly toying with the bottom of my shirt. “Heavens knows you need to sleep.”

My eyes, which were just starting to close, shot open. Dafuq? What the hell is so special about tomorrow? So what if I take Gerard? He’s right, I couldn’t handle it. God damn it… “The fuck you talkin’ about, Gerard?” I asked, my voice sounding loud in the hush of the darkened car.

A shrug. “Either way, it’s a big day for you tomorrow.”

I turned my head to the look at the red haired man. “Either way? Gerard Way, you better tell me what the fuck is happening tomorrow or so help me God I will shoot you fucking dead right the fuck here.” I spat out, now glaring. “I like this shirt, Gerard, I don’t want fucking blood on it already.”

Gerard chuckled, shaking his head. “You’ll see, Frank. Promise,” he mumbled, kissing my neck. I huffed and turned my head back around, not stopping myself from backing up closer to his warm body. “You’ll see, and you’ll like it.”


Morning. The ‘big day’, according to Gerard.

Can I just say I was seven to eight different types of nervous?

I blinked and knitted my eyebrows together, wondering where the hell I was. I wasn’t in Battery City, nor was I in my hideout. I don’t think I was kidnapped…

Then I remembered. Better check your pants, idiot.

I glanced down at my waist, huffing. I still had Gerard’s arms around me. Which means I was taking him to Battery City today. Or are you? Remember what he said last night? How you couldn’t handle it? Are you sure you really can, Frank? Can you handle him being gone? I sighed and tried to shrug out from under his taped arms. Nothing. I guess I’d have to stay here for a while.

My eyes shut again and I felt myself snuggling into Gerard’s body, fitting just like a pair of puzzle pieces custom crafted for each other. Oh my god, was that poetic license, Frank? Did you really just describe Gerard and you as puzzle pieces? Why yes, yes I did. I guess I was turning into a little fangirling girl who freaked out over a kiss. I sighed and curled more, relishing in the warmth known as his arms. They were just so warm…

“Mhh, Frankie?” I heard, and my eyes shot open. He couldn’t see them, I mean, his face was halfway down my back, but I didn’t want him knowing I was awake. “Awake, pet?”

I shut my eyes and nodded slowly, trying to appear sleepy. He could probably tell if I was or not though. Hell, this man, this sexy motherfucker, could probably tell if I was even breathing right. Which I wasn’t. My breath was hitching in the back of my throat, making me take shallower and shallower breaths per heartbeat, be it slow or raging fast.

“I hope you realize it’s the day, right?” he mumbled quietly into my shirt, nuzzling his face against the fabric. “Means you have a decision.”

“What’s the options?” I questioned after a while, my breath slowly returning to normal. “Should I worry about gas? Do I need batteries? Or will this be a quick thing? I can’t ta—“

Frank,” Gerard interrupted, chuckling against my back. “Calm down. You have two options. You could either get up out of my grasp and take me to Korse, where you’ll receive your money for taking me in and never see me again,” he said quietly, sounding slightly nervous, but then taking a breath and breathing down my back, “or you could stay here a while longer and let me drive us back to the Diner.”

I thought for a moment. “What’s at the Diner?” I questioned lightly, turning my head to look at his red hair out of the corner of my eye.

He chuckled slightly, and I could feel the grin against my back. “You’d see if you picked that,” he whispered, nuzzling further into my back. “’s your choice. You do what you want to do.”

I sighed. Korse. Diner. Korse. Diner. Korse… fuck. I looked at Gerard once more before shutting my eyes and shaking my head. “Let me out, Gerard,” I mumbled, already trying to worm my way out of his grasp. “I need to get out.”

He sighed and nodded slowly, raising his hands over my face and off my head. I was free. I smiled gently at him and shifted into the driver’s seat, noting he looked glum now. Maybe he actually doesn’t want to be taken to Korse. I turned the car and shrugged the world’s tiniest shrug. Oh well. I put the car in drive and began rolling down the road, restarting my path down to Battery City. He’s captured. My calls.

We travelled in silence for a few hours, the only sound breaking the heavy silence being the car’s low growl of its engine. Eventually, a road came by. A road away from Battery City and closer to Zone 5. I grinned and turned, peeking a glance at Gerard. He perked up as we turned, getting off the well worn road used by Dracs and Korse alike and onto the side road. We weren’t heading towards Battery City. We were heading north.

“I thought you wanted to take me to Battery City,” he mumbled, looking rather confused for Gerard standards. “Don’t you want your reward?’

I shrugged, speeding down the side road. “Just tell me when we get close to the Diner.” I shrugged again. “A change of mind never hurt anyone.”

I heard the smile crack his dry lips as we continued down the road, dust flying behind the Trans Am in a massive cloud. I can’t say I was anything less than excited. What could he have? A present? Wow, Frank, Gerard having a present for you. Fucktard. He probably has an electric chair waiting for you. Noo… He’s gotta have something good. Otherwise you’d be knocked out now, and he’d be driving. I began humming quietly as the road progressed, the scrub on the side of the road growing closer to said road. We were nearing the Diner.

“Left up ahead,” Gerard said, grinning like himself again. I must have made him happy. And that made me grin right back, not in the sexy mad man way he had going. I grinned in the happy way, like most people. “Then it’ll be on your right.”

I nodded, taking the left. “So what exactly do you have planned, Gerard?” I asked calmly, despite my thudding heart and my quick breathing. I was excited for this surprise at the Diner. I never got surprises. This had to be amazing, either way. “Anything good?”

He nodded as I rolled into the dusty parking lot for the Diner. “Oh, it’s perfect,” he said, turning to look at me as I looked right back. “I need my hands undone though.”

I let out a small ‘oh’ as I cut the tape with my razor blade, smiling once it was done. “There,” I breathed, looking up to get a faceful of Party Poison. “That works?”

He nodded, his breath tickling my face. “Thanks, pet,” he whispered, kissing my cheek. “Or, should I say, fellow killjoy.”

I knitted my eyebrows together then realized what the surprise was. I was going to be a killjoy. Oh my god. Oh my god. I was going to be a killjoy.

“Frank?” he asked calmly when I didn’t respond. “You okay in there?”

I would have nodded, had I not attacked Gerard with a massive hug and a kiss right back. “Oh my god, I’m going to be a killjoy,/]” I whispered, grinning excitedly. I then let go of Gerard, realizing it. “I’m going to be a killjoy.” My eyebrows knit together once again. “What? How? Korse’ll kill me…” I turned back to the steering wheel, gripping it with white knuckles. “He’s going to kill me…”

A hand laid itself on my shoulder, and a chin accompanied it. “No, he won’t, Frankie. Not if you’re smart. And you’re very smart. Hell, you’ve been on my trail for two years now. He won’t get you,” a voice breathed into my ear, tickling it with the slightly minty smell. “I promise.”

I looked at Gerard.” How? He’s gotten me before, what makes him not get me now?” I asked quietly, still gripping the steering wheel. I was scared as all hell. Korse was going to kill me. And this time for not having Gerard. Fuck man, I don’t wanna die… I like life…

A kiss on the cheek in return met me. “I don’t know how, pet. I just know I promise,” he whispered, taking his chin off my shoulder, leaving me feeling empty. “Come on. You have an initiation.”

I sighed and followed Gerard’s lead, getting out of the car with a heavy heart. Korse is going to kill me. He’s going to murder my family, wherever they are, he’s going to kill any dogs I still have left… And then he’s going to kill me. In the slowest way possible. Probably by making me eat meat. I shivered and shut the car door, walking up behind the red haired one. Either way, you’re going to die at the hands of Korse. And that’s not something you want. I raised my head from looking at the dirty ground. You won’t let it happen.

“Earth to Frankie pet, I see the confidence you have, love,” Gerard said, chuckling and grabbing my hand. “Come.” He started dragging me inside, my steps confident but light, weary. It could always be a set up. You’ve been lead into something before at the hands of a killjoy…

He chuckled and turned around to face me, raising an eyebrow. “You talk out loud a lot, don’t you, pet?” he asked quietly, putting a hand on my cheek, by my little jaw that had just dropped. “You’ll break out of that. And no, it’s not a set up. Mikey might not like it, but it’s not a set up.”

I nodded and continued walking with Gerard, into the Diner’s main eating area. “Initiation doesn’t require pain, does it?” I asked meekly, suddenly feeling very shy and very nervous. “What if I fail, Gerard? Will you kick me to Korse?”

A guffaw sounded through the room as I realized the one with the afro, Jet Star, was right behind me, sitting in a chair. “So this is the famous Frank Iero when he’s scared. I wonder what he’s like when we break a bone or two…” he nearly growled, sneering at me and cracking his knuckles. “You break easy, I know that.”

I heard a small growl emanate from the man currently clutching my hand. “We are not breaking any bones, Ray,” Gerard murmured, barely above a whisper but ringing out in the room. “Frank is allowed to be nervous. If he doesn’t make it, he’s killed. If he does, he can be killed. Either way, there’s death involved.”

Jet Star laughed again, standing up out of his seat and grinning at Gerard and I. “Because that makes it soo much different from the rest of the killjoys already dead out there in the fucking Zones, Gerard,” he said loudly, slowly losing the grin. “Because if one little thing that you’ve taken a liking to is out here in trouble you have to help them, never minding the others or the consequences. Because you don’t even think about Death or me or Mikey. You think about yourself, Gerard, and those who benefit you the most at that second.” Jet turned and walked outside, cracking his knuckles again. “Think for others, Gerard.”

I watched as the afro disappeared out of sight, then turned to the head of red. He was tense, his hold on my hand still strong with an iron will. “Gerard?” I asked quietly, moving my free hand in front of my face. “Gee?”

Quick as lightning Gerard caught my hand and gripped it, so both my hands were in his. “Listen to me,” he said quietly, still glaring at the door. “You are an experiment. If you are successful, you may just save the killjoys. If you don’t, then we’re all fucking toast.” Here he looked at me, his eyes hard, his face stoic. “You are not going to fail this, Frank. You are not.”

I nodded, slowly trying to back up from the man in front of me. “Okay, I won’t,” I said, yanking my hand out of his and pulling my gun out, holding it to his chest. “But try any shit, pretty boy, and I pop a cap up yo ass.”

An eyebrow raised, and the Gerard I’ve been chasing for two years now came back. “A ‘cap in my ass’?” he asked, chuckling and letting my hand go. “Fine. But you are not going to fail this, Frank. If you do, I will personally kill you.”

Oh hai.
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